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Optima 1747EL

21.18 € Optima 1747EL strings for acoustic guitasr steel, 010-47, Gold Strings, Strengthen 010-013-023w-030w-039w-047w, made in germany

Optima 1760.EL Vintage Flex

15.13 € Optima 1760.EL Vintage Flex; string set for acoustic steel guitar; Low Tension Acoustics, very low and very even tension; round core string, phosphor bronce; gauges 010p, 013p, 017w, 023, 032, 043,... Loe edasi

Optima Lenzner Silver Acoustic SLight

14.40 € Optima Lenzner Silver Acoustic Super Light steelstring for acousticguitar, with hexagonal core (excluding silk), wound with silver plated copper wire. a real alternative for bronze strings, gauge .... Loe edasi

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