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Daddario EJ10

7.50 € Daddario EJ10 strings set forAcoustic Steel Guitar, 80/20 bronze (brass), Round Wound, clear tone with large brilliance, strengths 010-014-w023-w030-w039-w047

Daddario EJ15

9.08 € D'Addario EJ15 - phosphor bronze roundwound strings set for acoustic guitar. Clear transparent tone. Gauges: 010-014-w023-w030-w039-w047.

Daddario EJ15-3D

24.08 € D'addario EJ15-3D - phosphor bronze acoustic guitar strings set. Gauges: 010-014-023-030-039-047. Pack of 3.

Daddario EZ900

6.29 € D'Addario EZ900 – 85/15 bronze steel strings set for acoustic guitar. Roundwound, balanced tone. Gauges: 010-014-w022-w030-w040-w050.

Daddario NB1047 Nickel Bronze Set

12.95 € Daddario NB1047 nickel bronce Set,Western Guitar strings, non Coated premium strings, nickel bronce roundwound, string core and treble strings are made from "NY Steel" for better tuning stability a... Loe edasi

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