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173.00 € AKG D-7 Dynamic Vocal Microphone - supercardioid, 70Hz-20kHz, 80Hz hi-pass filter, 156dB max SPL, 600ohm, laminated Varimotion diaphragm, shockmounted low-noise capsule, black housing. Includes bag... Loe edasi


183.00 € AKG D-7S - dynamic vocal microphone with switch, super-cardioid polar pattern, 70Hz-20kHz, hi-pass filter (80hz), 156dB maximum SPL, 600ohm impedance, shock mounted capsule for low noise, black hou... Loe edasi

Audio-Technica AE2300

296.00 € Audio-Technica AE2300, dynamic instrument mirophone for guit ar amps, brass, drums and percussion, cardioid, 60 - 20.000 Hz, switchable High-Cut-Filter @ 6 KHz, sensitivity: -57dB ( 1,3 mV/Pascal),... Loe edasi

Audio-Technica MB 2k

59.29 € Audio-Technica MB2K Dynamic Instrument Microphone, hypercardioid, 60Hz-14kHz, 600ohm, on/off switch, includes clip and bag, great for snare and guitar amps.

Audix F50

59.29 € Audix F50, dynamic speach and vocal microphone, cardioid, 50 - 16.000 Hz, 250 Ohms, 138 dB SPL max, strong metall basket, very low feedback, low handling noise, low cost entry to the Audix micropho... Loe edasi

Audix OM6

221.00 € Audix OM6 - professional dynamic vocal microphone, hypercardioid, high SPL, high gain before feedback.supplied with soft carry bag and microphone clip

Beyerdynamic M 130

507.00 € Beyerdynamic M 130, Double ribbon microphone, figure eight pattern, 40 - 18.000 Hz, 200 Ohms, strong messing housing, length 128 mm, weight 150 g

Beyerdynamic TG D50

183.00 € Beyerdynamic TG D50, dynamic Bass-Drum-Microphone, cardioid, switchable EQ-Settings, 50 - 17.000 Hz (nearfield linear), 20 - 15.000 Hz nearfield with EQ-Setting), 600 Ohms linear, 200 Ohms EQ, inte... Loe edasi

Beyerdynamic TG V35 s

53.24 € Beyerdynamic TG V35 s, dynamic vocal and speach microphone, supercardioid, 30 - 18.000 Hz, 600 Ohms, with on/off switch,dimensions: length 182mm, diameter 24/38mm, head diameter 50mm, weight 305g, ... Loe edasi

Beyerdynamic TG V50

100.00 € Beyerdynamic TG V50, dynamic vocal and speach microphone, cardioid, 50 - 17.000 Hz, 600 Ohms, dimensions: length 167mm, diameter 23/35mm, head diameter 54mm, weight 270g, incl. clamp, replacement o... Loe edasi

Beyerdynamic TG V70

202.00 € Beyerdynamic TG V70, dynamic vocal and speach microphone, hypercardioid, 25 - 18.000 Hz, 280 Ohms, considerably improved sound and feedback rejection, weight 270g, incl. clamp, replacement of the T... Loe edasi

Beyerdynamic TG V70 s

193.00 € Beyerdynamic TG V70 s, dynamic vocal and speach microphone with lockable on/off switch, hypercardioid, 25 - 18.000 Hz, 280 Ohms, considerably improved sound and feedback rejection, weight 270g, inc... Loe edasi

Blue enCORE 100i

129.00 € Blue enCORE 100i - dynamic Studio Instrument Microphone with cardioid polar pattern, frequency response: 50Hz-16kHz, output impedance: 150 Ohms, maximum SPL: 154 dB. Length: 175mm. Diameter: 23,3 -... Loe edasi


35.09 € EV CO7, dynamic vocal and speech microphone, 50 - 18.000 Hz, Sensitivity 3.2 mV/Pa (-50dBV) re 1 Pa, die cast zink housing, dimensions: 170 x 53 x 22 mm, weight 332g, incl. stand adaptor and gig bag

EV N/D267A N/DYM-Series Bundle

71.39 € EV N/D267A N/DYM-Series Bundle containing EV N/D267A N/DYM-SERIES (order code 129326), MILLENIUM MS-2003 (order code 133136), PRO SNAKE TPM 10 (order code 213367)

EV RE20 RE-Series Bundle

586.00 € EV RE20 RE-Series Bundle containing EV RE20 RE-SERIES (order code 128926), MILLENIUM MS-2005 (order code 158894), PRO SNAKE TPM 10 (order code 213367)

Finhol Cajomic Kit Installation Kit

120.00 € Finhol Cajomic Kit, patented Cajomic sound-converter system for fixed installations, Sound conversion: dynamic moving coil, cardioid polar pattern, Signal: symetric - balanced, Impedance: 600 Ohms,... Loe edasi

Finhol Cajomic Pro

163.00 € Finhol Cajomic Pro, patented Cajomic sound conversion system,The low-impedance passive system can be via an XLR Plug connected to an audio amplifier, or a standard mixing unit, frequency range cove... Loe edasi

Heil Sound PR40

476.00 € Heil Sound PR40, Dynamic Large Diaphragm Microphone, Polar Pattern: Cardioid, Frequency Response: 28 Hz - 18 kHz, max. SPL: 148dB, Impedance: 600 Ohms balanced, incl. Mic holder and Case

Lewitt Authentica MTP 840 DM

275.00 € Lewitt Authentica MTP 840 DM, dynamic mic, proprietary dynamic capsule tuned specifically for vocal applications, with brightened range and extended low end, uniform supercardioid pickup pattern fo... Loe edasi

Samson Q1U

53.24 € Samson Q1U - dynamic vocal microphone with USB-connection direct connection to computer, supercardioid, internal 16bit/48kHz AD converter, r USB status LED. Includes USB cable, desk stand,.

Sennheiser E835

120.00 € Sennheiser E835 - dynamic microphone with cardioid polar pattern, 40 - 16.000 Hz, 350 Ohms, includes clamp and bag, suitable for vocals and percussion

Sennheiser E835 3Pack

286.00 € Sennheiser E835 3Pack - 3 pc dynamic microphone with cardioid polar pattern, no switch, includes clamp and bag, suitable for vocals and percussion

Shure 545 SD

183.00 € Shure 545 SD, dynamic allroundmicrophone, cardioid, 50 - 15.000 Hz, 250 Ohms, switch, silver housing, for instruments and speach

Shure 5575 LE Unidyne

381.00 € Shure 5575 LE Unidyne, limited 55 "Elvis" microphone for the 75. anniversary, limited quantity worldwide 5575 pieces, dynamic capsule, cardioid, 50 Hz - 16.000 Hz, -58 dBV/1,58 mV/Pa, especially fo... Loe edasi

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