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Behringer FCV100

29.04 € Behringer FCV100 stereo-volume-pedal for keyboards, expression pedal function,adjustable minimal volume, attention: pedal works only with 9V batterie or 12V DC power supply ! (batterie and power su... Loe edasi

Boss EV-30

117.00 € Boss EV-30 Dual Expression Pedal - works with 6,3 mm TRS expression inputs on stompbox pedals, multi-effects, keyboards, MIDI controllers, and more, polarity switch provides compatibility with most... Loe edasi

Boss FV-30L

108.00 € Boss FV-30L - volume pedal with low impedance and stereo In-/Output for effect pedals and keyboards, aluminum housing, dimensions in mm (WxDxH): 80 x 192 x 58, weight: 840 g

Boss FV-500-L

115.00 € Boss FV-500-L Stereo Volume Pedal - aluminium housing, low impedance, front mounted input and output jacks, expression pedal jack (volume and expression pedal), minimum volume control. Suitable for... Loe edasi

Boss FV-50L

95.60 € Boss FV-50L Volume Foot Pedal - stereo.

Crumar EXP-10 Expression Pedal

152.00 € Crumar EXP-10 Long throw expression pedal; suitable for Crumar Mojo CL; material: sturdy plastic on a metal base and rubber feet; 10 kOhm potentiometer; detachable connection cable 6.3 mm jack TRS

Crumar Expression Pedal MJ61-EXP2

189.00 € Crumar Long throw expression pedal MJ61-EXP2 with side switches; for the Crumar Mojo 61; 10 Kohm potentiometer; integrated switches allows to control rotary speed; solid construction; rubber feet; ... Loe edasi

Crumar Expression Pedal With Switches

193.00 € Crumar Long throw expression pedal with side switches EXP2, fits Crumar Mojo, integrated switches allows to control rotary speed, solid construction, rubber feet, 2x attached TRS cable

Doepfer FP 5

83.50 € Doepfer FP5 - foot controller (LMK2/4/A-177).

Dunlop Volume Pedal GCB80

136.00 € Dunlop GCB80 - professional volume pedal, passive, no spring (pedal stays in position).

Fatar VP-25

58.08 € Fatar (Studiologic) VP-25 volume pedal,cord lenght 2m with 6,3mm stereo jack

Hammond EXP100F

286.00 € Hammond EXP100F, footpedal with footswitch, Connection: 8-Pin DIN for XE-1 and XK-3

Hammond EXP20

142.00 € Hammond EXP20, Expression Pedal for Hammond SK1, SK2, XK1 & XM2

Hammond EXP50J

190.00 € Hammond EXP50J, Expression Pedal for SK1, SK2, XK-1, XM-2 and XK-3c, can be unplugged in J-Version at the Pedal

Ketron VP

78.66 € Ketron VP volume foot pedal for MS serie / X -serie / SD serie and XD serie, new modell

Korg EXP2

79.87 € Korg EXP2 - expression and volume pedal for Korg keyboards and synths, includes cable.

Korg XVP-20

183.00 € Korg XVP-20 expression/volume pedal - rubberized surface, individual adjustment of pedal mechanism and volume, stereo in and out connection, material aluminum, dimensions 90 x 268 x 62 mm, weight 1... Loe edasi

Kurzweil CC-1

93.18 € Kurzweil CC-1 Continuous Control Pedal with single 1/4", stereo (TRS) connector

Lead Foot LFV-2

21.66 € Lead Foot LFV-2 keyboard volume pedal - stereo inputs/outputs. Dimensions HxDxW 7 x 9 x 20.5cm

M-Audio EX-P Expression Pedal

22.87 € M-Audio EX-P, switchable expression pedal. Cable length: 1.8m

Moog EP-3

59.29 € Moog Moogerfooger EP-3 - expression pedal with external output and level control which adjusts the range of the pedal effect (sweep the full or limited spectrum). Weight: 2.55lbs.

Roland EV 5

78.66 € Roland EV 5 expression pedal, minimum volume knob, cable lenght 2m with 1/4" stereo plug, dimensions B x H x T in mm: 86 x 54 x 200, weight: 400g

Studiologic VP-27

58.08 € Studiologic VP-27 volume/ expression pedal, TRS plug (sym. 6,3 mm)

Viscount Volume Pedal

78.66 € Viscount Volume Pedal for Cantorum keyboards

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