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Blackstar Foot Controller FS-10

95.60 € Blackstar Foot Controller FS-10, Multifunktionsfußschalter for Blackstar ID:15 ID:30 ID:60TVP, ID:60TVP-H, ID:260TVP, ID:100TVP, This multi function footcontroller allows you to access all patches... Loe edasi

Blackstar Foot Controller FS-11

47.19 € Blackstar Foot Controller FS-11, original footswitch for Blackstar ID:Core series, FS-11 offers two modes of operation, Mode 1 allows the user to switch between two channels and turn the effects on... Loe edasi

Blackstar Foot Controller FS-12

108.00 € Blackstar Foot Controller FS-12, original footswitch for Blackstar ID: CORE 100 and ID: CORE 150, switch for modulation, delay and reverb on / off, modulation and delay tap tempo, looper functions,... Loe edasi

Blackstar HTV MkII Foot Controller FS-14

108.00 € Blackstar HTV MkII Foot Controller FS-14, footswitchable volume boost across all channels, reverb on and off, low profile switches, rugged housing, weight 0.47 kg, dimensions WHD 155x30x115mm, conn... Loe edasi

Clearsonic A1824x3 (A18-3) Amp Shield

137.00 € Clearsonic A1824x3 (A18-3) Panel, 3-section Panel provide acoustic separation between instruments on stage or in the studio. Panel systems feature full-length hinge, cable cut-outs, and a design th... Loe edasi

Clearsonic JB-4

382.00 € Clearsonic JB-4, Joe Bonamassa Signature Model Amp Shield. This shield was built to Joe's specifications. It is the perfect size for cabinets and combos with 4 x 12' or 4 x 10" speakers. Hight: 0,8... Loe edasi

Deeflexx H!1 Aura

296.00 € Deeflexx H!1 Aura, High-end Sound Deflection System, BASIC model, avoid sound beam effect of speakers, for perfect sound on and in front of the stage for artist and audience, enhanced zones for per... Loe edasi

Deeflexx H!1 CORA Beam Blocker

221.00 € Deeflexx H!1 CORA Beam Blocker System, upwards-facing sound field provides a significantly improved audibility, extra wide sound distribution, dampens the shrill ice-pick beam of the speaker, no ch... Loe edasi

Deeflexx H!1 Edition

392.00 € Deeflexx H!1 Edition, Deeflexx - high-end sound-deflection system, ENDORSER model with addtional sound diffusor, avoid sound beam effect of speakers, for perfect sound on and in front of the stage ... Loe edasi

DV Mark Rack Mount for Little 250GH/M

24.08 € DV Mark Rack Mount, suitable for DV Mark Litte 250 GH and M.

Engl Caster

17.55 € Engl replacement caster GF0006 for Engl cabinets, 1 pcs

Engl Z-16 Sound Wizard Module

264.00 € Engl Z-16 Sound Wizard Module, optional sound module, this module is a tone hunters dream come true, inserted in the back of the amp, the modules offers 12 sound options for all 16 basic sounds of ... Loe edasi

Engl Z4 Cable

22.87 € Engl Z4 Cable, replacement for Z4 footswitch, lenght: 7 m

Engl Z5 Cable

19.24 € Engl Z5 Cable, Replacement for Z5 Footswitch, Lenght: 7 Meters

Gallien Krueger Caster for RB Combos

14.40 € Gallien Krueger 106-0089, Caster for 700RB-II/ 115 und 210, 1001RB-II/115 und 210, 135°angle

Gallien Krueger Castor Socket

4.86 € Gallien Krueger Castor Socket

Harley Benton Amp Iso 1

35.09 € Harley Benton Amp Iso 1; decoupling noise elimination podium for guitar/bass amplifiers and cabinets; carpet covered wooden platform with an aluminum edge mounted on a high-density foam base; dimen... Loe edasi

Harley Benton Parts Amp Potiknob Set

14.40 € Harley Benton Parts Amp Potiknob Set Black, controll knops for amps, set of 12 pcs, suitable for potentiometer with corrugated axis or grooved axis.

Hughes&Kettner MSM-1

193.00 € Hughes & Kettner MSM-1 - MIDI switching module for Tri-amp and Tube series amps.

Hughes&Kettner Rack Mounts BS 200 H

53.24 € Hughes&Kettner Rack Mounts BS 200 H; rack-mount; easy mountable; RM-BS rack mount;

Hughes&Kettner WMI-1 Wireless Midi Interface

193.00 € Hughes&Kettner WMI-1 Wireless Midi Interface, 2x MIDI In & 1x MIDI Out, use all GrandMeister remote app features wirelessly, the WMI-1 generates it's own network, connected between GrandMei... Loe edasi

Joyo Meteor Power Supply

33.76 € Joyo power supply 18V, 2000mA for Meteor, Bluejay, Zombie

Kustom Wheel for KGA412A

11.98 € Kustom replacement wheel with no breaks for KGA412A, diameter 50mm

Line6 RJ-45 Cable

30.25 € LINE6 RJ-45 Cable; original back-up cable for all LINE 6 Boards, Length: about 5 m


18.57 € Palmer MI CAB CASTORS, castor set incl. screws for bass or guitar cabinets, 2x swivel castor, 2x swivel castor with brake, wheel diameter: 50 mm, Height: 72 mm, rated load per set: 120 kg, mounting... Loe edasi

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