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Blackstar Foot Controller FS-10

114.00 € Blackstar Foot Controller FS-10, Multifunktionsfußschalter for Blackstar ID:15 ID:30 ID:60TVP, ID:60TVP-H, ID:260TVP, ID:100TVP, This multi function footcontroller allows you to access all patches... Loe edasi

Blackstar Foot Controller FS-11

59.29 € Blackstar Foot Controller FS-11, original footswitch for Blackstar ID:Core series, FS-11 offers two modes of operation, Mode 1 allows the user to switch between two channels and turn the effects on... Loe edasi

Blackstar Foot Controller FS-12

120.00 € Blackstar Foot Controller FS-12, original footswitch for Blackstar ID: CORE 100 and ID: CORE 150, switch for modulation, delay and reverb on / off, modulation and delay tap tempo, looper functions,... Loe edasi

Blackstar HTV MkII Foot Controller FS-14

120.00 € Blackstar HTV MkII Foot Controller FS-14, footswitchable volume boost across all channels, reverb on and off, low profile switches, rugged housing, weight 0.47 kg, dimensions WHD 155x30x115mm, conn... Loe edasi

Blackstar SA-1 Super FLY Adapter

15.61 € Blackstar SA-1 Super FLY Tophat PA Stand Adaptor; Cylindrical adapter for installation on a loudspeaker stand

Clearsonic A1824x3 Amp Shield

202.00 € Clearsonic A1824x3 Panel, 3-section Panel provide acoustic separation between instruments on stage or in the studio. Panel systems feature full-length hinge, cable cut-outs, and a design that allow... Loe edasi

Clearsonic JB-4

466.00 € Clearsonic JB-4, Joe Bonamassa Signature Model Amp Shield. This shield was built to Joe's specifications. It is the perfect size for cabinets and combos with 4 x 12' or 4 x 10" speakers. Hight: 0,8... Loe edasi

Deeflexx H!1 Aura V2.0

275.00 € Sound diffuser system for speakers; improved V2.0 Basic model, prevents the harsh sound beam (BEAM effect) from speakers and improves projection; plug & play all-rounder for consistent 3D sound... Loe edasi

Deeflexx H!1 Edition V2.0

382.00 € Deeflexx H!1 Edition V2.0; Sound diffuser system for speakers; improved V2.0 Basic model, prevents the harsh sound beam (BEAM effect) from speakers and improves projection; plug & play all-roun... Loe edasi

DV Mark Rack Mount for Little 250GH/M

36.18 € DV Mark Rack Mount, suitable for DV Mark Litte 250 GH and M.

Engl Caster

18.03 € Engl replacement caster GF0006 for Engl cabinets, 1 pcs

Engl Z4 Cable

22.87 € Engl Z4 Cable, replacement for Z4 footswitch, lenght: 7 m

Engl Z5 Cable

22.87 € Engl Z5 Cable, Replacement for Z5 Footswitch, Lenght: 7 Meters

Fryette Power Station Rack Mount Kit

120.00 € Fryette Power Station Basic Rack Mount Kit, 2-space rack mount kit with steel support brackets and high grade mounting hardware, Black Anodized Brushed Aluminum Front Panel with powder Coated steel... Loe edasi

Harley Benton Amp Iso 1

39.93 € Harley Benton Amp Iso 1; decoupling noise elimination podium for guitar/bass amplifiers and cabinets; carpet covered wooden platform with an aluminum edge mounted on a high-density foam base; dimen... Loe edasi

Harley Benton Parts Amp Potiknob Set

18.03 € Harley Benton Parts Amp Potiknob Set Black, controll knops for amps, set of 12 pcs, suitable for potentiometer with corrugated axis or grooved axis.

Hughes&Kettner Rack Mounts BS 200 H

54.45 € Hughes&Kettner Rack Mounts BS 200 H; rack-mount; easy mountable; RM-BS rack mount;

Hughes&Kettner WMI-1 Wireless Midi Interface

193.00 € Hughes&Kettner WMI-1 Wireless Midi Interface, 2x MIDI In & 1x MIDI Out, use all GrandMeister remote app features wirelessly, the WMI-1 generates it's own network, connected between GrandMei... Loe edasi

Joyo Meteor Power Supply

31.34 € Joyo power supply 18V, 2000mA for Meteor, Bluejay, Zombie

Line6 RJ-45 Cable

36.30 € LINE6 RJ-45 Cable; original back-up cable for all LINE 6 Boards, Length: about 5 m

Omnilux 6V/3W Bayonet

2.34 € Omnilux 6V/3W Bayonet Base: BA9s; Lamp life: 1000 h; Luminous flux: 33 lm; Nominal wattage: 3 W; Voltage: 6 V; Dimmable;


20.45 € Palmer MI CAB CASTORS; castor set incl. screws for bass or guitar cabinets; 2 x swivel castor; 2 x swivel castor with brake; wheel diameter: 50 mm, Height: 72 mm, tread width: 16 mm, rated load per... Loe edasi

Quilter Tilt Back Leg Kit

95.60 € Quilter Tilt Back v Leg Kit; add tilt back capability to your Quilter Open Back Amplifier for better audibility without much hassle & weight; Material: Black Powder Coated Aluminum; The overall... Loe edasi

RM BePhaser Candyred

152.00 € RM BePhaser Candyred; sound diffusioner and beam-blocker all in one; open sound proportion through steady acoustic field; unique sound enjoyment; warm and clear sound; preservation of desired tone ... Loe edasi

RockNRoller R10RT (Max)

232.00 € RockNRoller R10RT (Max) Carriage, lenght 86cm - 132cm, Width (frame bed): 35cm, width (rear wheels): 50cm, height (folded): 28cm, height (unfolded): 103cm, stored front wheels: 5"x1.25", rear wheel... Loe edasi

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