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Artino PM-02 Practice Mute Cello

15.61 € Artino PM-02 Practice Mute Cello, practice mute for cello, metal with rubber-sheathing, protects the bridge and preserves the sound.

Gewa Mute Metal Cello

16.82 € Gewa Mute Metal Cello, chrome-plated metal, extreme muting.

Gewa Mute Metal Cello

18.03 € Gewa Mute Metal Cello, gold-plated metal, extreme muting.

Gewa Mute Tourte Cello

5.15 € Gewa Mute Tourte Cello, round, the mute stays mounted on the cello.

Gewa Roth-Sihon Cello Mute

27.83 € Gewa Roth-Sihon Cello Mute, tube made of translucent synthetic material, mute is supposed to rest on the instrument.

Roth & Junius Cello Mute Curved Ebony

10.77 € Roth & Junius Cello Mute Curved, made of ebony (Diospyros melanoxylon).

Roth & Junius Cello Mute Flat Ebony

10.77 € Roth & Junius Cello Mute Flat, made of ebony (Diospyros melanoxylon).

Ultra Cello Mute

10.77 € Ultra Cello Mute, made of rubber.

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