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RockNRoller R16RT (Ground Glider Max)

249.00 € RockNRoller R16RT (Ground Glider Max) Carriage, lenght 86cm - 132cm, Width (frame bed): 36cm, width (rear wheels): 51cm, height (folded): 28cm, height (unfolded): 103cm, stored front wheels: wide 6... Loe edasi

RockNRoller R18RT (Ground Glider Mega)

303.00 € RockNRoller R18RT (Ground Glider Mega) Carriage, lenght 107cm - 152cm, Width (frame bed): 35cm, width (rear wheels): 56cm, height (folded): 35,6cm, height (unfolded): 109cm, stored front wheels: wi... Loe edasi

RockNRoller RRK1 Cargo Extension Rack

42.35 € RockNRoller RRK1 Cargo Extension Rack (RRK1), instantly attaches/detaches to either end of Multi-Cart increasing cubic cargo capacity by approximately 20%. Great for carrying odd shaped, hard-to-st... Loe edasi

RockNRoller RSD14 Solid Deck R14, R18

88.34 € RockNRoller RSD14 Solid Deck R14, R18, suitable for R14G (Me ga) & R18RT (Ground Glider Mega) Multi-Carts, two-piece carp eted wood ply deck, attaches/detaches easily, prevents small items from... Loe edasi

RockNRoller RSHM2T Multi-Media Shelf

120.00 € RockNRoller RSHM2T Multi-Media Shelf; fits Cart models R8RT, R10RT, R11G, R12RT & R12STEALTH; transform your Rock N Roller cart into a fully functional mobile Workstation; The Large main shelf ... Loe edasi

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