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Allparts Pickup Tubing

4.19 € Allparts Pickup Tubing, Surgical tubing made of silicone, To replace pickup spacer springs, Length: 30 cm

Daddario UNR-01 Universal Neck Rest

22.76 € D'Addario UNR-01 Universal Neck Rest, Neck Rest, Converts any flat surface into a guitar stand, Anywhere and without damaging the surface of your instrument, The unique design also makes the Unive... Loe edasi

Dunlop Guitar String Change Kit

60.28 € Dunlop Guitar String Change Kit, String change toolkit for electric guitar *Kit Contents:*@+@+, 1 x DGT07 string cutter, 1 x 114SI string winder, 1 x DGT02 multi-tool, 1 x 6567 Superlube Gel Pen, ... Loe edasi

Ernie Ball Peg Winder 4119

4.30 € Ernie Ball Peg Winder 4119, Peg Winder, For electric or acoustic guitar, With built-in bridge pin puller for acoustic guitars, Fits easily into most cases, Colour: Black

Ernie Ball TechMat

19.56 € Ernie Ball TechMat, Work Support for Guitar Technicians, Pad for any adjustment, repair and polishing work, Made of durable, non-slip, anti-static rubber, The soft and shock-absorbing surface offe... Loe edasi

Ernie Ball Tool Kit

47.98 € Ernie Ball Tool Kit, Accessory Kit@+*Consisting of:*@+@+, String cutter, Polishing cloth, 6-in-1 Screwdriver, Ruler, Winder, WonderWipes, Hexagon socket wrench set (inch)

Floyd Rose "RGKEYIT ""The Key"" Tool"

35.68 € " Floyd Rose RGKEYIT ""The Key"" Tool, Tuning Tool, For original Floyd Rose tremolo, Allows exact positioning of the tailpiece for perfect intonation"

Floyd Rose HexHider Magnetic 3 mm

28.30 € Floyd Rose HexHider Magnetic 3 mm, Set of Allen Keys, Allen key for fine tuner and locking nut screws, Size: 3 mm, A powerful neodymium magnet holds the spanner to any metal tuning mechanism, No a... Loe edasi

Fodera Custom Adjustment Tool Kit

60.28 € " Fodera Custom Adjustment Tool Kit, Custom Adjustment Tool Kit*Consists of:*@+@+, 1/8"" Steel rod adjustment hex wrench, Steel rod puller, Bridge adjustment allen key"

Göldo Guitar Nut Cube Minitool

30.63 € " Göldo Guitar Nut Cube Minitool, Multitool for electric guitar and bass, 5 tools in a tiny tin cube, 10 mm, 11 mm and 1/2"" open-end spanners for common potentiometer nuts, 16 mm socket spanner... Loe edasi

GrooveTech Tools Acoustic Guitar Tech Kit

72.58 € GrooveTech Tools Acoustic Guitar Tech Kit, Tool Kit for Acoustic Guitar, Offers everything you need to set up your guitar optimally as well as a simple setup guide (in English), Professional quali... Loe edasi

GrooveTech Tools Majesty Guitar Mini Tool

24.48 € GrooveTech Tools Majesty Guitar Mini Tool, Mini-Tool for Guitar, Developed by Dunlop with John Petrucci and his long-time technician Maddi, All-in-one tool offers everything you need to set up a M... Loe edasi

Guitarworkbench Guitar Neck Holder

84.89 € Guitarworkbench Guitar Neck Holder, Holder for Guitar Neck, Ideal for repairs, new stringing, neck adjustments, cleaning, etc., Contact surfaces to the instrument made of natural wool felt (also s... Loe edasi

Guitarworkbench Guitar Tech Box 2.0

224.00 € Guitarworkbench Guitar Tech Box 2.0, Repair Assistant for Guitars@+With the Guitar Tech Box 2.0 all maintenance jobs (repairs, re-stringing, neck adjustments, cleaning, etc.) are easily performed ... Loe edasi

Höfner Truss Rod Wrench H65/39

8.49 € Höfner Truss Rod Wrench H65/39, Truss Rod Wrench, Original Höfner accessory, Colour: Black

Harley Benton Feeler Gauges

6.07 € " Harley Benton Feeler Gauges, Guitar Assembly Tool, An indispensable universal tool, Suitable for precision guitar set-up and saddle slot making, 32-Piece blade feeler gauges with metric and imper... Loe edasi

Harley Benton Fret File

8.49 € Harley Benton Fret File, Fret File, An indispensable universal tool for the precise adjustment of fretted instruments, Fret file for medium and wide frets (guitar & bass), Double cutting edge ... Loe edasi

Harley Benton Fret Rocker

6.07 € Harley Benton Fret Rocker; a must-have universal tool suitable for precision setup of fretted instruments; precise measure and compare the heights of frets before fret leveling and truss rod adjus... Loe edasi

Harley Benton Guitar & Bass Toolkit

24.48 € " Harley Benton Guitar & Bass Toolkit, Tool Set for Guitar and Bass, Complete set with all basic tools for smaller adjustments, Suitable for almost all types of guitars or basses, Carry bag inc... Loe edasi

Harley Benton GuitarTech Neck Rest

13.53 € Harley Benton GuitarTech Neck Rest, Neck Rest, Work station providing supporst during repairs, new strings, neck adjustments, cleaning work, etc, Made of soft natural cork wood, Two different heig... Loe edasi

Harley Benton GuitarTech Service Station

28.17 € Harley Benton Guitartech Service Station, Workstation for Guitar Technicians, Workstation for safe guitars and basses handling during repairs and maintenance, 120 x 40 cm Mat with 3 mm padding, Ne... Loe edasi

Harley Benton Knob & Bushing Puller

30.63 € Harley Benton Knob & Bushing Puller; 2-1 tool for easy and safe pulling of pot knobs and bridge/tailpiece threaded Studs of electric guitars and electric basses; clear acrylic case with soft r... Loe edasi

Harley Benton Luthier Repair Care Kit

24.48 € Harley Benton Luthier Repair Care Kit, Repair Care Kit for Guitars, An indispensable universal tool set, Suitable for precision adjustment of fretted instruments, 15-piece kit for repair and maint... Loe edasi

Harley Benton Multi Spanner

6.07 € Harley Benton Multi Spanner, Guitar Making Tool, An indispensable universal tool for precise guitar and bass adjustment, Ridged steel wrench in pocket size that fits in any guitar case or gig bag,... Loe edasi

Harley Benton Notched Straightedge Bass

30.63 € " Harley Benton Notched Straightedge Bass, Bass Building Tool, An indispensable universal tool for bass setup, Precise adjustment and control of neck straightness, fretboard flatness & fret ali... Loe edasi

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