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Allparts Pickup Tubing

3.65 € Allparts GS-0330-000 Pickup Tubing; silicone surgical tubing for replacing pickup distance springs, length: 30 cm (1 foot)

Ernie Ball Tool Kit

47.19 € Ernie Ball Tool Kit Includes: String Cutter, Polishing Cloth, 6-in-1 Screwdriver, Ruler, Crank, WonderWipes, Allen Wrench Set (Inches)

GrooveTech Tools Acoustic Guitar Tech Kit

71.39 € GrooveTech Tools (formerly Cruztools) Acoustic Guitar Tech K it, GTATC1, provides everything you need to adjust your guit ar perfectly plus an easy set-up guide: 4 mm and 5 mm hex wr enches, lockin... Loe edasi

Guitarworkbench Guitar Neck Holder

83.50 € Guitarworkbench Guitar Neck Holder, perfect for repairs, restringing, neck adjustments, cleaning etc, Contact areas covered with felt ( suitable for nitro finish ), height and angle can be adjusted... Loe edasi

Harley Benton Guitar & Bass Toolkit

27.71 € Harley Benton Guitar & Bass Toolkit, complete set-up kit with all the basic tools for minor adjustments for most types of guitars or basses, 1-pce 6-in-1 screwdriver with reverse function incl.... Loe edasi

Harley Benton GuitarTech Neck Rest

11.98 € Harley Benton GuitarTech Neck Rest; workstation neck rest for safe handling of instruments during setup, maintenance and repair; made of soft natural cork wood; two diffrent heights (100 mm or 65 m... Loe edasi

Harley Benton T-Tool Jack/Pot Tightening

11.98 € Harley Benton Tightening tool for most common jack inputs and potis. 3 in 1 wrench tool with the following sizes : 1/12 ", 7/16 ", 12mm.

Höfner Truss Rod Wrench H65/39

7.26 € Höfner Truss Rod Wrench H65/39 Original Höfner Truss Rod Wrench

Ibanez 4449AC6X Nut File Set

152.00 € Ibanez 4449AC6X Nut File Set, for Acoustic Guitar, .012/.016/.024/.032/.042/.053

Rockbag Fingerboard Saver Set

10.77 € Rockbag Fingerboard Saver Set for narrow, Fingerboard guard set for narrow, medium and jumbo frets, Protects the fretboard during crowning, filing or polishing of the frets, Fit most commercially a... Loe edasi

Rockbag Rock`n Ruler

9.68 € Rockbag Rock`n Ruler string action gauge, stainless steel, scales in metric and imperial units, gauge for setting string action, neck relief and string spacing, setup recommendations on the backsid... Loe edasi

Rockboard PatchWorks Cable Cutter

5.24 € Rockboard PatchWorks Cable Cutter; cable cutter for PatchWorks solderless patch cable system; easy to use, makes precise and smooth cuts; 4 mm inlet specifically designed for PatchWorks Solderess C... Loe edasi

Rockcare NeckTech

15.13 € Rockcare NeckTech; neck rest for stringed instruments; fits most guitar and bass neck shapes; suitable for electric and acoustic instruments; non-reactive rubber padding for soft Contact with the i... Loe edasi

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