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Bergerault B1014 Orchestra Chair

286.00 € Bergerault B1014 Orchestra Chair, Orchestra Chair, Padded, Stable, firm frame, Stackable up to 5 pcs., Weight: 5.5 kg, Height: 48 cm, Colour: Black

Bergerault B1025

543.00 € Bergerault B1025, Kettle Drum/ Conductor's Chair, Height adjustable: 56 - 82 cm, Adjustable backrest: approx.11 cm in depth and 14 cm in height, Seat inclination: -4° to 10 °, Soft, padded s... Loe edasi

Bergerault Chair Double Bass Player 1125F

702.00 € Bergerault Chair Double Bass Player 1125F, Chair, For double bass players, Height adjustable, Adjustable backrest, Padded, Black aluminium feet, Round seat Ø: 38 cm, Max. seat height: 85 cm, We... Loe edasi

Bergerault Chair DoubleBass Player 1025/F

702.00 € Bergerault Chair DoubleBass Player 1025/F, Chair for Double Bass Player, Adjustable height, Adjustable backrest, Padded, Black aluminium feet, Square seat: 45 x 45 cm, Colour: Black

Bergerault Conductor´s Podium BCFN

1306.00 € Bergerault Conductor´s Podium BCFN, Conductor's Podium, Removable rail, Mounting surface with non-slip coating, 4 Individually height adjustable feet, With handles for easy transport, The rail ... Loe edasi

Bergerault Orchestra Chair B2012

441.00 € Bergerault Orchestra Chair B2012, Orchestra chair, Adjustable backrest, Adjustable seat inclination, Height: 50 cm, Padded, Stackable (max 5 pieces), Successor of model B1012, Colour: Black

Bergerault Percussion Chair B1024

546.00 € Bergerault Conductor Chair B1024, Conductor Chair, Adjustable height: 45 - 65 cm, Adjustable backrest, Soft upholstery, Black aluminium feet ensuring excellent stability (Diametre: 65 cm), Footres... Loe edasi

K&M 13405 Stackable Chair

165.00 € K&M 13405 Stackable Chair, Stackable Chair, Stable, stackable chair, Seat shell made of beech laminated wood, High-gloss chromed 4-foot steel frame, Height: 450 mm, Seat area: 420 x 420 mm, We... Loe edasi

K&M 13420 Musicians Chair

223.00 € K&M 13420 Musicians Chair, Musicians Chair, Padded seat and backrest, Stable 4-foot steel frame, Stacking and stacking protection, Height: 480 mm, Seat area: 440 x 440 mm, Weight: 6 kg, Colour... Loe edasi

K&M 13460 Bass Stuhl

606.00 € K&M 13460 Bass Stuhl, Stool, For bassists, With padded seat and backrest, Infinitely height-adjustable footrest, 5-Foot under-frame, Material: Steel, Height adjustable from 595 - 850 mm, Seat ... Loe edasi

K&M 14044

186.00 € K&M 14044, Standing Aid with Ergonomically Shaped Seat, Relief for the back, Fabric coated seat, Height adjustable from 600 to 900 mm, Height adjustable footrest, Seat surface: 380 x 350 mm, W... Loe edasi

K&M 14045 Stool

189.00 € K&M 14045 Stool, Sit-Stand, Made of profile steel, Seat adjustable in height and inclination, Height adjustable footrest, Integrated end caps for stabilising the stool on uneven floors, Spring... Loe edasi

K&M 14047 Multi Purpose Stool

215.00 € K&M 14047 Multi Purpose Stool, Standing Aid, Profile steel, Seat adjustable in height and inclination, New pneumatic mechanism with 10 kg press capacity for comfortable height adjustment witho... Loe edasi

K&M 14050 Multi Purpose Stool

275.00 € K&M 14050 Multi Purpose Stool - Standing aid with integrated backrest, ergonomically shaped seat, seat surface adjustable in height and inclination, height-adjustable footrest, snap-in clampin... Loe edasi

K&M 14060 Multi Purpose Stool

176.00 € K&M 14060 Multi Purpose Stool, Standing Aid, With 3-foot base, Made of profiled steel, Height adjustable, Collapsible, Round seat with padding and hard-wearing artificial leather cover, Seat a... Loe edasi

K&M 14061

196.00 € K&M 14061, Stool with Gas Pressure Spring, Seat surface: Artificial leather, Seat surface diameter: 325 mm, Material: Steel, Seat height and inclination can be adjusted, Equalizer for easy sta... Loe edasi

K&M 14091

367.00 € K&M 14091, Stage Stool, Ergonomic seat, High seating comfort, Ring-shaped footrest, Infinitely height-adjustable, Large plate base for stability, Height adjustable between 590 and 840 mm, Weig... Loe edasi

K&M 14094

186.00 € " K&M 14094, Stage Stool, With ""Stop and Go"" casters, Height adjustment by a pneumatic spring, Braking function of the casters can be turned on or off, 5-Leg base, Height adjustment via gas p... Loe edasi

K&M Stool 14046

221.00 € K&M Stool 14046, Standing Aid, Profile steel, Seat adjustable in height and tilt, New pneumatic mechanism for comfortable height adjustment without effort, Height adjustable footrest, Adjustab... Loe edasi

meychair A12-H-KL-FR5k Black

206.00 € meychair A12-H-KL-FR5k Black, Standing Support / Stool, Seat made of faux leather, Seat diameter: 350 mm, Height adjustment via gas spring, Adjustment range: 610 - 860 mm, Chrome-plated steel trum... Loe edasi

meychair A18-H-KL-FR5/11-34 White

247.00 € meychair A18-H-KL-FR5/11-34 WH, Stool, Seat cover: Artificial leather, Seat dimensions: 360 x 220 mm, Seat is infinitely height adjustable from approx. 640 to 890 mm, With height adjustable footre... Loe edasi

meychair A23-TG-KL Black

165.00 € meychair A23-TG-KL Drum Throne, Foldable Drum Throne, Seat made of faux leather, Diameter: 350 mm, Detachable via quick-release system, Continuously adjustable seat height, Adjust via 360° ring... Loe edasi

meychair A4-TR-Comfort KL4/11-38 Black

235.00 € meychair A4-TR-Comfort KL4/11-38 Black , Standing Aid / Stool, Comfortable saddle-style seat, Height adjustable from 480 - 555 mm by means of a gas spring with lever, Elegant, chrome-plated steel ... Loe edasi

meychair A4-TR-Comfort ST4/11-38 Black

250.00 € meychair AF4-TR-Comfort ST4 /11-38 Black, Standing Aid / Stool, With comfortable saddle-style seat, Height adjustable from 480 - 555 mm by means of a gas spring with lever, Elegant, chrome-plated ... Loe edasi

meychair A8-M-KL Black

155.00 € meychair Stool A8-M-KL Black, Stool, Seat made of faux leather, Seat diameter: 350 mm, Continuously adjustable seat height, Adjustment range: approx. 530 - 670 mm, Well-designed base for more legr... Loe edasi

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