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DW 3900 Double TomTom Stand

173.00 € Drum Workshop 3900 Double Tom Stand, 3000 Series, doublebraced Legs, for Mounting of two Tom Toms, double 2-ball joint memory clamp Tom Tom arm, lightweight Version,

DW 3991 Tom/Accessory Stand

179.00 € Drum Workshop 3991 Tom/Accessory stand, DW 3000 Series, single telescopic, including memory lcok, double braced, lightweight version

DW 9900 Double TomTom Stand

221.00 € DW 9900 Standard Double Tom Stand - double 2-ball joint memory clamp Tom Tom arm.

DW 9900AL Air Lift Tom Stand

275.00 € Drum Workshop 9900AL Air Lift Doubletom Stand, revolutionary new Airlift hardware is a pneumatic shock that effortlessly allows drums to float on a cushion of air for quick, effortless and exact ad... Loe edasi

DW 9991 Single Tom Stand

193.00 € DW 9991 Single Tom Stand, DW Tom Stands feature ball-in-socket half-inch diameter arms, integrated auxiliary clamp and heavy-gauge tubing,

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