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Alesis AHB-1

221.00 € Alesis AHB-1, Accessory Set for Digital Pianos, Set consisting of piano stand, 3-pedal unit and piano bench, Mountable wooden piano stand, Compatible with Alesis Prestige (art. #520499#) and Prest... Loe edasi

Alesis ASP-1

18.15 € Alesis ASP-1 MKII, Sustain Pedal, Switchable polarity, Cable length: 1.5 m

Boss FS-5U

54.45 € Boss FS-5U, Foot Switch@+A robust foot switch with many areas of application. Many keyboard players will use it as a sustain pedal, but since most effects pedals these days can be used more effect... Loe edasi

Casio SP-20 Sustain Pedal

59.29 € Casio SP-20 Sustain Pedal, Sustain Pedal, For keyboards and stage pianos, Dimensions (W x D x H): 70 x 250 x 52 mm, Cable length: 170 cm, Weight: 660 g

Casio SP-3 Sustain Pedal

26.62 € Casio SP-3 Sustain Pedal, Sustain pedal, Pedal for keyboards and stage pianos, Dimensions ( W x D x H): 76 x 96 x 33 mm, Cable length: 170 cm, Weight: 130 g

Clavia Nord Single Pedal 2

173.00 € Clavia Nord Single Pedal 2, Sustain Pedal, 6.3 mm jack, Fixed polarity, Compatible with Clavia Nord Stage 4 series

Clavia Nord Single Sustain Pedal

66.55 € Clavia Nord Single Sustain Pedal, Single Sustain Pedal, Compatible with all Nord instruments, Connection: 6.3 mm jack, Fixed polarity

Clavia Nord Triple Pedal

242.00 € Clavia Triple Pedal, Pedal, 3-Way pedal for Clavia Nord Stage 2 Nord Stage 3, Nord Stage 4, Nord Piano 88 and Nord Piano2 HA88@+*Assignment:*@+@+, Left pedal - una corda, Middle pedal - sostenuto,... Loe edasi

Clavia Nord Triple Pedal 2

382.00 € Clavia Nord Triple Pedal 2, Triple Pedal, For Clavia Nord Stage 4 73, Stage 4 88 and Stage 4 Compact, Assignment: left pedal Una Corda, middle pedal Sostenuto, right pedal Sustain

Dexibell DX CP1

59.29 € Dexibell DX CP1, Sustain Pedal, Suitable for Dexibell Stage and Portable Vivo models, On/Off mode, With non-slip base

Dexibell DX SP1

59.29 € Dexibell DX SP1, Sustain Pedal, With NC and NO contact, With anti-slip bottom

Fatar VFP-3-10

71.39 € Fatar VFP-3-10, Sustain pedal, 1 x Mono jack and 1x stereo jack, Polarity: N/C contact, Cable length: 2 m

Fatar VFP1-25

30.13 € Fatar VFP1-25, Sustain Pedal, Piano style, For universal applications, as the pedal is equipped with a polarity switch on the underside, Either N/C contact or N/O contact

Fatar VFP2-10

59.29 € Fatar VFP2-10, Double Pedal for Piano, NO (Normally Open) contact, Connections: 2 x mono 6.3 mm jack plug, Cable length: 200 cm

Fatar VFP2-10 Stereo

58.08 € Fatar VFP2-10 Stereo, Double Pedal for Stereo Piano, No (Normally Open) contact, Stereo 6.3 mm jack plug, Cable length 200 cm, For Casio, Ensoniq, Fatar, Korg

Fatar VFP2-15M

59.29 € Fatar VFP2-15M, Piano Double Pedal, NC function, Wired, 2 x mono connectors, Cable length: 200 cm

Fatar VFP3-15

71.39 € Fatar VFP3-15, Triple Sustain Pedal, 1 x mono jack and 1 x stereo jack, Polarity: Opener, Cable length: 200

Korg DS1 H

83.50 € Korg DS1 H, Sustain Pedal, For SGproX piano, Enables half-damping with the SGproX, Infinitely adjustable (without fixed increments), Cable length: 160 cm, Connector: 6.3 mm stereo jack

Korg PS-3

18.76 € Korg PS-3, Switch, With sustain/damper and assign switch functions (with Korg keyboard settings), Plastic casing with anti-slip rubber bottom, Colour: Black, 1.5 m cable with angled mono 6.3 mm jack

Korg PU-2

90.76 € Korg PU-2, Triple Pedal, For Korg SP 280, P-170 DX and XE20 (replacement), Soft-, Sostenuto- and sustain pedal

Kurzweil KP-1

42.35 € Kurzweil KP-1, Sustain Pedal, With 6.3 mm mono jack cable (normally open)

Kurzweil KP-1H

83.50 € Kurzweil KP-1H, Half-Damper Sustain Pedal, Connection: 6.3 mm Stereo jack with cable (normally open)

Kurzweil KP-2

42.35 € Kurzweil KP-2, Sustain Pedal, 6.3 mm mono jack with cable (normally closed), Rubberised base

Kurzweil KP-3

66.55 € Kurzweil KP-3, Sustain Pedal, Switchable, Compatible with Kurzweil KP-3, and also for other manufacturers

Lead Foot LFD-1 MKII

10.77 € Lead Foot LFD-1 MKII, Foot Switch, 6.3 mm mono jack connector, Switchable polarity, Cable length: 3.5 m

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