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Boss FS-5U

35.09 € Boss FS-5U momentary footswitch - 6.3mm mono jack plug, switchable polarity. LxBxH: 95x89x50

Casio SP-20 Sustain Pedal

47.19 € Casio SP-20 Sustain Pedal for keyboards and stage pianos

Clavia Nord Single Sustain Pedal

47.19 € Clavia Nord Single Sustain Pedal, 6,3mm jack, fixed polarity, suitable for all Nord instruments

Clavia Nord Triple Pedal

202.00 € Clavia Nord Triple Pedal, Pedal for the Clavia Nord Stage 2, Nord Piano 88 and Nord Piano2 HA88, left Pedal: Una Corda, middle Pedal: Sostenuto, right Pedal: Sustain.

Dexibell DX CP1

59.29 € Dexibell DX CP1 - sustain pedal with selectable ‘standard on-off mode’ switch. The continuous pedal is essential for full control of the damper modelling available on VIVO, includes non-slip rubb... Loe edasi

Dexibell DX SP1

59.29 € Dexibell DX SP1 - sustain pedal with switch for standard close or standard open, includes non-slip rubber base.

Fatar VFP-3-10

66.55 € Fatar VFP-3-10 sustain foot pedal, 3 pedals, with one mono and one stereo jack connector, momentary open switch, cable lenght 200 cm

Fatar VFP1-25

24.08 € Fatar VFP1-25 - piano-style sustain pedal with switchable polarity. Cable length: 200cm.

Fatar VFP2-15M

54.45 € Fatar VFP2-15M Double Piano-Style sustain pedal (closed momentary switch), 2 mono jack connector, cable lenght 200cm

Fatar VFP3-15

71.39 € Fatar VFP-3-15 sustainpedal, 3 pedals, with one mono and one stereo jack connector, momentary closed switch, cable lenght 200 cm

Korg DS1 H

66.55 € Korg DS1H Piano Pedal - half pedal function, infinitely variable, 1/4" stereo connector. Cable length: 160cm

Korg PS-3

18.15 € Korg PS-3 Single Momentary Footswitch, sustain/damper and assignable switch ( Korg keyboard settings ) plastic body with non-slip rubber base, colour black angled 6,3 mm jackblug cable 1,5 m

Korg PU-2

83.50 € Korg PU-2, Pedalboard for Korg SP 280 und SP-170 DX (Spare Part), 3 Pedals for Soft-, Sostenuto- and Hold Function

Kurzweil KP-1

35.09 € Kurzweil KP-1 Sustain Pedal, 6,3 mm mono (TS) connector, wired, normally open

Kurzweil KP-2

35.09 € Kurzweil KP-2 Sustain Pedal, 6,3 mm mono (TS) connector, wired, normally closed

Kurzweil KP-3

53.24 € Kurzweil KP-3 switchable Sustain Pedal, compatible with other keyboards

Lead Foot LFD-1 MKII

9.56 € Lead Foot LFD-1 MKII sustain pedal - 6,3 mm mono jack plug with switchable polarity. Cable length: 3,5 m.

Lead Foot LFD-10

7.14 € Lead Foot LFD-10 Sustain Pedal - 6,3 mm jack, switchable polarity, Cable length: 2m

Lead Foot LFD-2

24.08 € Lead Foot LFD-2 deluxe keyboard/digital piano sustain pedal, 2m cable, jack plug, polarity switch (compatible with all keyboards).

M-Audio SP-1

30.13 € M-Audio SP-1 Sustain Pedal - switchable. Length: 1.8m

M-Audio SP-2

30.24 € M-Audio SP-2 - piano-style sustain pedal, switchable polarity. Cable length: 1.8m

Miditech MP-1

24.08 € Miditech MP-1; sustain pedal; switchable polarity; Cable length: 1.8m

Roland DP 2

18.15 € Roland DP 2 footpedal, 300 cm cable, mono-jack

Roland DP-10

44.77 € Roland DP-10 - half-damping sustain pedal for portable digital pianos, stage pianos and synthesizers, non-slip rubber plate, includes 190cm cable with stereo jack connection.

Roland KPD-70 Bk

108.00 € Roland KPD-70 BK, 3 pedal unit for Roland FP-30-BK, only in combination with Roland KSC-70 BK, supports Page-Turn feature, color: black

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