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Digitech SDRUM Strummable Drums

163.00 € Digitech SDRUM Strummable Drums, drum machine in stomp box format, creates drum patterns based on scatches and strums across muted strings, 5 studio quality drumkit sounds, 12 different hats/rides ... Loe edasi

Digitech Trio+ Band Creator

202.00 € Digitech Trio+ Band Creator, Band-creator and looper in a bo x, Learns your songs and generates fitting drum and bass lin es, Integrated looper, 12 Music Genres with 12 selectable st yles each to c... Loe edasi

Electro Harmonix Super Space Drum

149.00 € Electro Harmonix Super Space Drum, Analog drum synthesizer with vintage sound and vibe, creates an array of percussive sounds ranging from really deep kicks to high toms to scifi drums, triggers vi... Loe edasi

Mooer Micro Drummer

83.50 € Mooer Micro Drummer digital drum machine, drum machine effects pedal, digital, 11 genres of drum rhythms with 11 drum patterns each, controls for volume, tone and speed, tap tempo button, true bypa... Loe edasi

Ortega ANNAlog Stomp Box

93.18 € Ortega ANNAlog Stomp Box with analog bass sound, comfortable ergonomical design, massive cherry wood housing, non-slip, built-in piezo pickup, variable volume control for the percussion sound, jack... Loe edasi

Ortega Horse Kick Pro Stomp Box

178.00 € Ortega Horse Kick Pro Stomp Box pedal with 5 digital percussion soundvariations, sounds tambourine, cabasa, cowbell, kick drum, cajon bass, housing solid sapele, comfortable and ergonomic design, n... Loe edasi

Ortega HorsekickV2

120.00 € Ortega HorsekickV2, stomp box with digital cajon bass sound, massiver ash housing, comfortable and ergonomic design, non-slip, dynamic attack, variable volume control for the percussion sound, true... Loe edasi

Ortega QUANTUMexp

83.50 € Ortega QUANTUMexp Stomp Box, extension to exert possibilities the QUANTUMloop, expression pedal for Ortega Quantumloop, case solid mahogany, trigger input 1/4" jack, incl. 9V battery (works only wi... Loe edasi

Ortega QUANTUMloop Stomp Box

303.00 € Ortega QUANTUMloop Stomp Box effect pedal, Stomp Box, case solid mahogany, comfortable ergonomic design with non slip bottom, incl footrest (removable), sounds: 16 pre installed sounds + 4 free mem... Loe edasi

Schlagwerk SamJam Guitar Snare -Ma.

68.13 € Schlagwerk SJ110M SamJam Guitar Snare Makassar,playing surface: makassar design veneer, attached in seconds - removable without a trace, adhesive material 100% solvent-free, suitable for all popula... Loe edasi

Shadow Stompin´ Bass

120.00 € Shadow Stompin' Bass - percussion instrument for acoustic guitar players and acoustic bands. Wood enclosure, ergonomic slanted top, built-in NanoMAG pickup and active electronics for a deep, warm a... Loe edasi

Shadow Stompin´ Bass Bundle

120.00 € Shadow Stompin' Bass Bundle containing SHADOW STOMPIN´ BASS (order code 209277), THE SSSNAKE GKP6 (order code 157996)

Singular Sound BeatBuddy

371.00 € Singular Sound BeatBuddy, Drum Pedal, floorpedal with drum beats, 200 songs (that can be changed, 10 different drum kits, lot of different styles, tap tempo, offers intro, fills, 2nd style while pl... Loe edasi

TAP SB-2W Stomp Box

163.00 € TAP SB-2W Stomp Box, two Contact-sensors and a wedge-shaped housing made of laminated ash-wood create a powerful bass-sound, comes with one volume control for each of the sensors, 6,3mm line-output... Loe edasi

TAP SB-HF Stomp Box

95.60 € TAP SB-HF Stomp Box, a versatile stomp box with flat top that can be played by using feet, hands or sticks, compact and flat design, housing made of ash-plywood, 6,3mm line output, rubber feet, erg... Loe edasi

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