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Adam Hall SDMSB 190 Stereo Bar

10.46 € " Adam Hall SDMSB 190 Stereo Bar, Stereo Bar, For 2 microphones with 3/8 "" thread, Material: Aluminium, Range: 60 - 170 mm, Length: 190 mm, Colour: Black"


35.68 € ANT BBM-SA 80 , Speaker stand adapter, 35 mm, For BBM 8

Daddario PW-MSASCH-01 Cub Holder

12.18 € Daddario PW-MSASCH-01 Cup Holder, Drink holder for microphone stand, Provides secure support for glasses, bottles, cans or mugs, Easily attaches to the Universal Hub (PW-MSASH-01) or Tray (PW-MSAS... Loe edasi

Daddario PW-MSASH-01 Universal Hub

22.02 € D'Addarío PW-MSASH-01 Universal Hub, D'Addarío PW-MSASH-01 Universal Hub, Attaches to most standard microphone stands, Combines with separately available accessories such as a tray (PW-MSAST... Loe edasi

Daddario PW-MSASSK-01 Starter Kit

86.12 € D'Addario PW-MSASSK-01 Starter Kit, Accessory System Starter Kit for Microphone Stands, Everything for the performance always ready to hand, This handy system can be customised and fits most conve... Loe edasi

Daddario PW-MSAST-01 Gear Tray

43.06 € Daddario PW-MSAST-01 Gear Tray, Tray for microphone stands, Attaches to the Universal Hub (PW-MSASH-01), sold separately, and holds items securely in place with a non-slip surface and raised edges... Loe edasi

Dolfinos miniput Pen Holder Add-On

10.33 € Dolfinos miniput Pen Holder Add-On, self-adhesive, easy to install, keeps your pencil within reach and saves time, accommodates any pencil size for convenience, sleek and modern design.

Flyht Pro Gorilla Bag Autopole 032

88.58 € Flyht Pro Gorilla Bag Autopole 032, BagSuitable for two Manfrotto Autopoles 032@+@+, Sewn-in divider, Accessory compartment, Inner dimensions (length x width per compartment x height): 210 x 9 x 9 cm

Flyht Pro Gorilla Sand Bag

12.18 € Flyht Pro Gorilla Sand Bag; sand bag; for filling with sand or gravel (not included); counterweight for tripods; two sturdy zippers on the back; with practical carrying handle and ring eyelet to s... Loe edasi

Fun Generation CL 105 A Stand Adaptor

4.28 € " Fun Generation CL 105 A Stand Adaptor, Stand Adapter, Adapter for microphone stand (3/8"") to the flange on the bottom of the Fun Generation CL 105 A (art. 437402), Also suitable for Mackie SRM 1... Loe edasi

Fun Generation Speaker Stand Bag

12.18 € Fun Generation Speaker Stand Bag, Carrying Case, For 2 Fun Generation Speaker Stands, Measurements (LxWxH): 104 x 23 x 13 cm

Fun Generation Stand Clip L

2.94 € Fun Generation Stand Clip L, Cable Clip, Size: L, Suitable for tripods with 20 mm diameter, Shipping quantity: 10 Pieces

Gator Speaker Stand Bag GPA-50

25.84 € " Gator Speaker Stand Bag GPA-50, Tripod bag, Suitable for 2 speaker stands or 6 microphone stands, Big 50 "" interior, Water resistant, Reinforced carrying handles, Inner dimensions (L x W x H): 1... Loe edasi

Gator Frameworks Mic Multimount

20.79 € " Gator Frameworks Mic Multimount, Holder for Accessories, Four 5/8"" (27 tpi) external threads allow flexible mounting of accessories, For mounting on tripod base tubes from 15 to 22 mm in diamete... Loe edasi

Gator Frameworks Single Cup

12.18 € Single Cup, Drink Holder, For mounting to microphone stands or drum hardware, Clamping range: approx. 35 mm, Material: Steel, Weight: 200 g, Colour: Black

Gator Frameworks Tripod Scrim B

109.00 € Gator Frameworks Tripod Scrim B, 360° Cover for Tripods, Suitable for most common speaker and light stands (tripods), Lightweight, thin stretch fabric, Completely covers the tripod, Includes tr... Loe edasi

Gibraltar SC-DSDH Soft Drink Holder

39.37 € Gibraltar SC-DSDH Soft Drink Holder, Drink holder, With multi-clamp, Suitable for all cymbal stands, Clamping range: 12.7 - 32 mm

Gravity BG DBLS 331

47.98 € Gravity BG DBLS 331, Transport bag for 2 spacer bars, Suitable for the spacer bars of Gravity LS 331 B and LS 431 B (not included), 10 mm Padding, Padded partition, Double zipper, Material: Nylon,... Loe edasi

Gravity BG WB 123

21.53 € Gravity BG WB 123, Travel Bag, For 450 mm base plate, Suitable for Gravity WB 123 SET 1 B or Gravity WB 123 B, Made of durable 1680D nylon, With zipper, 5 mm thick padding, Diameter: 480 mm, Weigh... Loe edasi

Gravity BGMS 6 B

54.13 € Gravity BGMS 6 B, Transport Case, For up to 6 microphone stands, 5 mm padding, Material: nylon, Zipper, Dimensions: 1050 x 330 x 330 mm

Gravity BGSS 1 XLB

40.60 € Gravity BGSS 1 XLB, Carrying bag for 1 large speaker stand, Material: Nylon, 10 mm Padding, Double zipper, Dimensions: 1490 x 170 x 150 mm, Colour: Black

Gravity BGSS 2 B

55.36 € Gravity BGSS 2 B, Travel Bag, For 2 speaker stands, 15 mm Padding, Material: Nylon, Double zipper, Dimensions: 1070 x 290 x 190 mm

Gravity BGSS 2 XLB

60.28 € Gravity BGSS 2 XLB, Carrying bag for 2 large speaker stands, Material: Nylon, 10 mm Padding, Double zipper, Dimensions: 1450 x 180 x 280 mm, Colour: Black

Gravity GWB123WPB

35.68 € Gravity GWB123WPB, Weight disc, Weight disc for the WB 123 disc base, With additional 5 kg weight, Easy installation without tools

Gravity KS Varifoot 1

5.76 € Gravity KS VARI-FOOT 1, Levelling Foot, KS VARI-FOOT 1, Compensates for uneven ground, Suitable for bars with diameters of 28 mm such as the KSX1 and KSX2, Stepless height adjustment up to 10 mm b... Loe edasi

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