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Nux B3 microphone wireless system

202.00 € Nux B3, microphone wireless system, 2.4 GHz wireless plug-on microphone system for dynamic mics, without phantom power, plug-n-play XLR transmitter & receiver, 2.4 GHz band, 32 bi t / 48 kHz hi... Loe edasi

Sony UWP-D16 / K21

905.00 € Sony UWP-D16 / K21, UHF Wireless ENG camera system with Hybrid Digital Processing" Technology for excellent audio quality, set consists of URX-P03 Diversity camera receiver, plug on Transmitter UTX... Loe edasi

XVive U3 Microphone Wireless System

221.00 € XVive U3 Microphone Wireless System, digital wireless microp hone transceiver system, operates without battery or externa l power supply, for use with dynamic microphones, built-in r echargeable li... Loe edasi

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