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137.00 € CME UF DP-1 piano/strings expansion board - for CME UF5/6/7/8 keyboards, 3x acoustic pianos, 1x electric piano and strings, 80x voices, reverb and chorus effects, 2x 6.3mm TRS outputs, 1x headphone... Loe edasi

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet Rev2-8 Expander Kit

660.00 € Dave Smith Prophet Rev2-8 Expander Kit; 8 Voice expansion kit for the Prophet Rev2-8 to 16 voices polyphony total

Doepfer CTM 64

115.00 € Doepfer CTM 64 - contact to MIDI, universal MIDI out, includes power supply. Dimensions: 90 x 105mm

Doepfer MTC 64

119.00 € Doepfer MTC 64 - MIDI to contact Interface. Dimensions: 70 x 102mm. Includes power supply.

Doepfer MTC 64 Cable Set

18.15 € Doepfer MTC 64,Cable-Set for Midi to Contact Interface

Doepfer Pocket Electronics

89.55 € Doepfer Pocket Electronics / MIDI-Ctr.Interface, incl. power supply, universal electronics DIY kit to built your own MIDI control box. up to 16 controlling elements can be connected, delivered as a... Loe edasi

GSi DMC-122 Expansion

720.00 € GSi DMC-122 Expansion; virtual analog organ expansion for GSi DMC-122 (item 449117); 15 Synthesis Engines (Organs, String Machines, Electric Pianos); 2 independent DSP Processors; 11 effect generat... Loe edasi

Hypersynth Hcard-750

173.00 € Hypersynth Hcard-750; multi-bank cartridge for Roland D50; up to 4096 preset slots on 64 banks; display and button for navigation; no battery required; includes all factory presets (Bank 0) and 63 ... Loe edasi

Kurzweil German D Grand Exp 128

329.00 € Kurzweil German D Grand Exp 128, Expansion ROM option injects the acclaimed PC3K Series with all new acoustic piano samples derived from the Artis Stage Piano series, sampled and voiced by industry... Loe edasi

Kurzweil Kore 64

193.00 € Kurzweil Kore 64, Expansion ROM Board for Kurzweil PC3 / PC3K Series, more than 300 Programms like Synthesizer, Guitars, Woodbrass and Drums, 50 Setups, 200 Drum Grooves, Dance and Hip Hop setups f... Loe edasi

Teenage Engineering OPlab Module

183.00 € Teenage Engineering OPlab Module; module for OP-Z (item 449280); enables connection to external hardware; easy installation; MIDI / Trigger - In & Out; 3 CV & 1 Gate-Out; PO-Sync mode for s... Loe edasi

Teenage Engineering Rumble Module

95.60 € Teenage Engineering Rumble Module; extension module for Teenage Engineering OP-Z (item 449280); frequency dependent vibration for bass frequencies; the lower the bass, the stronger the module vibra... Loe edasi

Waldorf Nano Synth für CME UF Keyboard

142.00 € Waldorf NANO SYNTH PLUG IN BOARD FÜR CME UF midikeyboards, synthesizerboard with 1000 sound, 24 voice polyphony, 16x MIDI multi mode.

Waldorf Ram Card

36.30 € Waldorf Memory RAM CARD for Q und Q Rack, for 100 Single Sounds, 20 Multi Sounds and 20 Drum Maps

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