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117.00 € CME UF DP-1 piano/strings expansion board - for CME UF5/6/7/8 keyboards, 3x acoustic pianos, 1x electric piano and strings, 80x voices, reverb and chorus effects, 2x 6.3mm TRS outputs, 1x headphone... Loe edasi

Crumar Eleven

217.00 € Crumar Eleven; Crumar adapter module to connect all kinds of instruments to an 11-pin output; Connectors: 1x Line-Input 6.3 mm Jack, 1x Pedal-Input 6.3 mm Jack (switchable Sustain/Foot Switch/Halfm... Loe edasi

Crumar Mojo WiFi Dongle

12.46 € Crumar Mojo WiFi Dongle; Expansion for Crumar Mojo Classic and Mojo 61 for connecting a Smartphone/Tablet/PC and accessing the editor Web-App

Doepfer CTM 64

113.00 € Doepfer CTM 64 - contact to MIDI, universal MIDI out, includes power supply. Dimensions: 90 x 105mm

Doepfer MTC 64

116.00 € Doepfer MTC 64 - MIDI to contact Interface. Dimensions: 70 x 102mm. Includes power supply.

Doepfer MTC 64 Cable Set

17.79 € Doepfer MTC 64,Cable-Set for Midi to Contact Interface

Doepfer Pocket Electronics

87.13 € Doepfer Pocket Electronics / MIDI-Ctr.Interface, incl. power supply, universal electronics DIY kit to built your own MIDI control box. up to 16 controlling elements can be connected, delivered as a... Loe edasi

GSi DMC-122 Expansion

703.00 € GSi DMC-122 Expansion; virtual analog organ expansion for GSi DMC-122 (item 449117); 15 Synthesis Engines (Organs, String Machines, Electric Pianos); 2 independent DSP Processors; 11 effect generat... Loe edasi

Sequential Prophet Rev2-8 Expander Kit

726.00 € Sequential Prophet Rev2-8 Expander Kit; 8 Voice expansion kit for the Prophet Rev2-8 to 16 voices polyphony total

Teenage Engineering OPlab Module

172.00 € Teenage Engineering OPlab Module; module for OP-Z (item 449280); enables connection to external hardware; easy installation; MIDI / Trigger - In & Out; 3 CV & 1 Gate-Out; PO-Sync mode for s... Loe edasi

Teenage Engineering Rumble Module

93.18 € Teenage Engineering Rumble Module; extension module for Teenage Engineering OP-Z (item 449280); frequency dependent vibration for bass frequencies; the lower the bass, the stronger the module vibra... Loe edasi

Viscount Legend `70s Acoustic Piano Mod

317.00 € Viscount Legend `70s Acoustic Piano Module; Sound Module for Viscount Legend `70s Compact, Artist and Artist W; contains 8 Acoustic Piano Sounds; max. 128 voices Polyphony; High Definition Sampling... Loe edasi

Viscount Legend `70s Clavinet Module

173.00 € Viscount Legend `70s Clavi Module; Sound Module for Viscount Legend `70s Compact, Artist and Artist W; contains 2 Clavinet Sounds; Physical Modeling (PM); Controls: On/Off, Volume, Clavi 1, Clavi 2... Loe edasi

Viscount Legend `70s Expanded Master

179.00 € Viscount Legend `70s Expanded Master Kyboard Module; Expansion for Viscount Legend `70s Compact, Artist and Artist W; extend the control of external devices like an expander or a computer; Controls... Loe edasi

Waldorf Nano Synth für CME UF Keyboard

138.00 € Waldorf NANO SYNTH PLUG IN BOARD FÜR CME UF midikeyboards, synthesizerboard with 1000 sound, 24 voice polyphony, 16x MIDI multi mode.

Waldorf Ram Card

35.09 € Waldorf Memory RAM CARD for Q und Q Rack, for 100 Single Sounds, 20 Multi Sounds and 20 Drum Maps

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