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Pearl PAS-100 Ago-Shaker Double

58.08 € Pearl PAS-100 Ago-Shaker, Version Hi, Double Version Bell-Shaker-Kombination, It's a combination of a Ganza and an Agogo, Come with a striker built into the Agogo, Can be played using both elements... Loe edasi

Pearl PGA-50SF Groove Shaker

29.53 € Pearl PGA-50SF Groove Shaker, Material: plastic, unique instrument has a dual function as it can be a shaker or fit into a drumstick to produce a shaker sound when playing

Pearl PSK-5 Shekere Small

100.00 € Pearl PSK-5 Shekere Small, Material: Fiberglass, Pearl's natural gourd shekeres have three distinct tones accentuated by a fiberglass gel that coats the interior for strength, added volume and rich... Loe edasi

Pearl PSK-60 FC Shekere

149.00 € Pearl PSK-60 FC Shekere, Material: Fiberglass, Diameter ca. 23,5cm, High: ca. 26cm

Pearl PTG-20 Tang-Tang Set

58.08 € Pearl PTG-20 Tang-Tang Set, These innovative instruments will take you just minutes to learn, yet the playing possibilities are virtually endless. Packaged as a set, the high and low pitched models... Loe edasi

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