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Saz 110AS-KL Saz Long Neck

537.00 € Saz 110AS-KL Saz Long Neck, Turkish Saz With Long Neck, 7 Strings in 3 choirs, Spruce top, Maple body, Neck made of beech, Scale: approx. 86 cm, Nut width: approx. 2.8 cm, Fretboard with inlays, P... Loe edasi

Saz 120A-CE Saz Long Neck

258.00 € Saz 120A-CE Saz Long Neck, Turkish Saz with Long Neck, Long scale length: Approximately 83 cm, Spruce top, Walnut body, Beech neck, Polyester varnish, Beech pegs, Boxwood upper and lower nut, Tuni... Loe edasi

Saz 150B-MK Cura

121.00 € 150B-MK Cura, Cura, Body: Chestnut, Matte polyester lacquer finish, Top: Spruce, Neck: Hornbeam, Upper nut: Boxwood, Hornbeam tuning pegs

Saz 150BM Cura

108.00 € Saz 150BM Cura, Saz, Body: Hornbeam, Top: Spruce, Neck: Hornbeam, Upper saddle: Boxwood, Pegs made of hornbeam, Matt polyester lacquer, Incl. Plectrum (Mizrap)

Saz 150F Cura

323.00 € Saz 150F Cura, Cura, Chestnut body, Spruce top with inlays, Fingerboard with inlays, Hornbeam neck, Upper saddle in boxwood, Pegs made of hornbeam, Body length: 24 - 28 cm, Matte polyester lacquer

Saz 160C-FP Electro Acoustic Saz

620.00 € Saz 160C-FP Electro Acoustic Saz, Electro-Acoustic Saz, Solid top, black varnish, Maple body, Body length: approx. 38 cm, Body width: approx. 22.8 cm, Total length: 106 cm, Neck made of hornbeam, ... Loe edasi

Saz 162A-RD Juniper Electro Saz

702.00 € Saz 162A-RD Juniper Electro Saz, Electric Saz, Body made of juniper, Top covered with red pearloid, Hornbeam neck, Back of the neck made of bird's-eye juniper, Red pearloid fretboard, Polyester hi... Loe edasi

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