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Helbling Verlag Alle Lieder sind schon da

43.44 € Helbling Verlag Alle Lieder sind schon da, All songs are already there, handbook for the daily singing in the Kita, 500 songs to the song organization, a handbook full of tips and suggestions for a... Loe edasi

Helbling Verlag Boom Boom Whack

37.51 € Helbling Verlag Boom Boom Whack. Boomwhacker basics from the first school year, by Elmar Rinderer. Boom Boom Whack teaches all music teachers how to use it with the help of a variety of building ma... Loe edasi

Helbling Verlag Liederhits mit Dackel Fritz

24.81 € Helbling Verlag Liederhits mit Dackel Fritz. 55 songs for singing, making music, moving and shaping, by Renate and Walter Kern, Doris Kraiger. Songs from the life-world of the children from the sch... Loe edasi

Helbling Verlag Musikspiele 1

27.23 € Helbling Verlag Musikspiele 1. 99 Games for music lessons, by Wolfgang Junge, Micaëla Grohé, Karin Müller. The games train perception and listening, musical expression, body coordination and the... Loe edasi

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