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Allen & Heath AB168-RK 10 Rackkit

108.00 € Allen & Heath AB168-RK 10 Rackkit for Allen & Heath DX168/X and AB168

Allen & Heath Rackmount for DX -Hub

119.00 € Allen & Heath Rackmount for Allen & Heath DX-Hub, FULLU RK19X - Rack mounting kit, for 1 or 2 Hubs, 1 U

Allen & Heath SQ Bracket

95.60 € Allen & Heath SQ Bracket, for SQ5 and SQ6, detachable metal bracket for iPads/tablets

Allen & Heath W4-USB

424.00 € Allen & Heath W4-USB, optional USB Card for alle Modells of the MixWizard 4 Series, Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 compatible, OS X 10.5 to 10.8, 44.1 to 96kHz sample rate


11.98 € ANT MS-68, Microphone stand mount for ANTMIX 6FX, ANTMIX 8 FX und ANTMIX 12 FX

Avid Fader for D-Show-System

93.18 € Avid/Digidesign Motor- Alps-Fader Master or Input for D-Show-System

Avid Fader for Profile

58.08 € Avid/Digidesign Profile Fader Master or Input for Profile

Behringer Motör Motor-Fader MF60T

88.34 € Behringer Motör Motor-Fader MF60, Spare Motor Fader for MOTÖR Keyboards Series, price per 5 pcs.

Behringer Powerplay P16-MB Mount

59.29 € Behringer Powerplay P16-MB Mounting Bracket, suitable for the Personal Mixer P16-M, for mounting on a standard microphone, music or drums stand

Behringer PSU11-EU

12.10 € Behringer PSU11-EU, 230V EU Replacement Power Supply for NOX101

Behringer PSU12-EU

11.50 € Behringer PSU12-EU, 230V EU Replacement Power Supply for CMD MM-1 and CMD STUDIO 4A

Behringer PSU3-EU

12.10 € Behringer PSU3-EU - power supply for UB502; UB802; XENYX502; XENYX802; Xenyx Q802 USB, DX100, DX500, 2x 18.5V (AC), 2x 250mA, 230V input.

Behringer PSU4-EU

12.10 € Behringer PSU4-EU, 230V EU Replacement Power Supply for MXB1002, UBB1002 and 1002B

Behringer PSU5-EU

12.10 € Behringer PSU5-EU, 230V EU Replacement Power Supply for UB1202, XENYX 1202 and Q1202USB

Behringer PSU6-EU

12.10 € Behringer PSU6-EU, 230V EU Replacement Power Supply for UB1002FX, UB1202FX, XENYX (1002FX, 1202FX), QX1002USB and QX1202USB

Behringer PSU7-EU

14.52 € Behringer PSU7-EU, 230V EU Replacement Power Supply for MIC100 and MIC200

Behringer X-Touch Motor-Fader MF100T

89.55 € Behringer X-Touch Motor-Fader MF100, Spare Motor Fader for X-TOUCH and X-TOUCH COMPAC, price per 5 pcs.

Behringer X32 Fader Knobs

20.57 € Behringer X32 Fader Knobs, knob for Behringer X32, 20 pcs. per Pack

Behringer X32 Motor Fader

103.00 € Behringer X32 Motor-Fader, Spare Motor Fader for Behringer X32, price per 5 pcs.

Bose T1 Power Supply

38.72 € Bose T1 Power Supply, Power Supply for Bose ToneMatch with L 1 Compact, fits also T4S and T8S

D&R Airence Studio Remote

286.00 € D&R Airence Studio Remote for Ext., activates the CUE switch of the EXTENDER unit to communicate with the engineer., the Cough button deactivates the ON button of the EXTENDER

DiGiCo Little Box Rack

62.92 € DiGiCo Little Box Rack, 19" rack mount Module for up to 2 Little Boxes

DiGiCo UB Madi

829.00 € DiGiCo UB Madi, 48 channel MADI-USB Recording-Interface, hot -pluggable, only the USB cable is required to power UB MADI, operating system required Windows XP, Vista, 7, Apple OS X Lion, OS X Mount... Loe edasi

Dynacord FS-11 Footswitch

120.00 € Dynacord FS-11 - on/off footswitch with status LED for effects units. Suitable for PM 600/1000 and 1600.

Dynacord Handle Powermate 600-2 Left

18.03 € Dynacord Powermate 600-2 handle Left for sidepart of housing, for series/generation 2, colour: grey

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