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Allen & Heath AB168-RK 10 Rackkit

108.00 € Allen & Heath AB168-RK 10 Rackkit for Allen & Heath DX168/X and AB168

Allen & Heath Rackmount for DX -Hub

120.00 € Allen & Heath Rackmount for Allen & Heath DX-Hub, FULLU RK19X - Rack mounting kit, for 1 or 2 Hubs, 1 U

Allen & Heath SQ Bracket

95.60 € Allen & Heath SQ Bracket, for SQ5 and SQ6, detachable metal bracket for iPads/tablets

Allen & Heath W4-USB

424.00 € Allen & Heath W4-USB, optional USB Card for alle Modells of the MixWizard 4 Series, Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 compatible, OS X 10.5 to 10.8, 44.1 to 96kHz sample rate


11.98 € ANT MS-68, Microphone stand mount for ANTMIX 6FX, ANTMIX 8 FX und ANTMIX 12 FX

Avid Fader for D-Show-System

95.60 € Avid/Digidesign Motor- Alps-Fader Master or Input for D-Show-System

Avid Fader for Profile

59.29 € Avid/Digidesign Profile Fader Master or Input for Profile

Behringer Motör Motor-Fader MF60T

88.34 € Behringer Motör Motor-Fader MF60, Spare Motor Fader for MOTÖR Keyboards Series, price per 5 pcs.

Behringer Powerplay P16-MB Mount

59.29 € Behringer Powerplay P16-MB Mounting Bracket, suitable for the Personal Mixer P16-M, for mounting on a standard microphone, music or drums stand

Behringer PSU11-EU

12.10 € Behringer PSU11-EU, 230V EU Replacement Power Supply for NOX101

Behringer PSU12-EU

12.10 € Behringer PSU12-EU, 230V EU Replacement Power Supply for CMD MM-1 and CMD STUDIO 4A

Behringer PSU3-EU

12.10 € Behringer PSU3-EU - power supply for UB502; UB802; XENYX502; XENYX802; Xenyx Q802 USB, DX100, DX500, 2x 18.5V (AC), 2x 250mA, 230V input.

Behringer PSU4-EU

12.10 € Behringer PSU4-EU, 230V EU Replacement Power Supply for MXB1002, UBB1002 and 1002B

Behringer PSU5-EU

12.10 € Behringer PSU5-EU, 230V EU Replacement Power Supply for UB1202, XENYX 1202 and Q1202USB

Behringer PSU6-EU

12.10 € Behringer PSU6-EU, 230V EU Replacement Power Supply for UB1002FX, UB1202FX, XENYX (1002FX, 1202FX), QX1002USB and QX1202USB

Behringer PSU7-EU

12.10 € Behringer PSU7-EU, 230V EU Replacement Power Supply for MIC100 and MIC200

Behringer X-Touch Motor-Fader MF100T

83.50 € Behringer X-Touch Motor-Fader MF100, Spare Motor Fader for X-TOUCH and X-TOUCH COMPAC, price per 5 pcs.

Behringer X32 Fader Knobs

22.99 € Behringer X32 Fader Knobs, knob for Behringer X32, 20 pcs. per Pack

Behringer X32 Motor Fader

95.60 € Behringer X32 Motor-Fader, Spare Motor Fader for Behringer X32, price per 5 pcs.

Bose Cable Assy

47.19 € Bose Cable Assy, Ethernet cable for ToneMatch, 6m Length

Bose T1 Power Supply

38.72 € Bose T1 Power Supply, Power Supply for Bose ToneMatch with L 1 Compact, fits also T4S and T8S

D&R Airence Studio Remote

286.00 € D&R Airence Studio Remote for Ext., activates the CUE switch of the EXTENDER unit to communicate with the engineer., the Cough button deactivates the ON button of the EXTENDER

DiGiCo D-Rack Blank

18.15 € DiGiCo D-Rack Blank, blanking plate for D Rack Slot

DiGiCo Little Box Rack

62.92 € DiGiCo Little Box Rack, 19" rack mount Module for up to 2 Little Boxes

DiGiCo UB Madi

829.00 € DiGiCo UB Madi, 48 channel MADI-USB Recording-Interface, hot -pluggable, only the USB cable is required to power UB MADI, operating system required Windows XP, Vista, 7, Apple OS X Lion, OS X Mount... Loe edasi

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