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AKG B 48 L

241.00 € AKG B 48, battery supply device for wired condenser microhones, up to 100h Battery power with 2x 1,5V AA batteries, very low noise, LED for battery and phantom pwer, on/off switch, XLR out, TQG out... Loe edasi


470.00 € AKG C480 B ULS - phantom power unit for AKG CK-capsules, internal pad (-10dB/+6dB), bass pad (12dB/oct @ 70/150Hz, 48V phantom power, 150 Ohms, includes clip. Weight: 140g


58.08 € AKG MPA VL Male - phantom power adapter with mini XLR male plug for MicroMic connectors (L-plug). Bass roll-off switch. Cable length 50 cm

ART Phantom II Pro

79.87 € ART Phantom II Pro, 2-Channel Phantom Power Supply with Battery Support, for up two Condenser Microphones, XLR connectors for balanced inputs and outputs, Low power, high efficiency CMOS circuitry ... Loe edasi

Audio-Technica AT8539

145.00 € Audio-Technica AT8539, Phantomadapter for Audio-Technica wireless microphones with 4pin connection, incl. beltclip

Audix APS 2

131.00 € Audix APS 2, 2 channel phantompower adapter, 2x XLR female Input, 2x XLR male Output

Audix APS-910

38.72 € Audix APS-910, phantomadapter for condenser-microphones, Mini-XLR 3-Pin to XLR-male, suitable ADX40, ADX60, MicroD, HT5

Behringer PS400

28.32 € Behringer PS 400 - 1 channel +48V phantom power supply. Includes 12volt DC power supply.

beyerdynamic MA-PVA

45.98 € beyerdynamic MA-PVA, phantompower adaptor to use microphones of the der TG-Series with 48V Phantompower, 4-pin Mini XLR male - 3-pol XLR male


105.00 € DPA DAD4099-BC, phantom power adapter with fixed 80 Hz LowCut Filter for DPA 4099 Instrument Series, incl. belt clip


108.00 € DPA DAD6001-BC - XLR connector with 48V phantom power adapter for DAD 4060, includes belt clip.


585.00 € DPA VIMMA-A, digital HIGH END Mobile Audio Interface for all DPA microphones with Microdot-connector, 2x Microdot-connector, 1x Micro-USB connector, frequency range 20 - 22.000 Hz, dynamic-range Ty... Loe edasi

IMG Stageline EMA-1

41.14 € IMG Stageline EMA-1; Phantom power supply adapter for electret microphones; Internal power supply via 1.5 V battery AA size; 3-pole mini XLR input; 3-pole XLR output; Diameter 22 mm; Length 170 mm;... Loe edasi

JTS MA-500

35.09 € JTS MA-500; Phantom power supply adapter for electret microphone with 4-pole mini XLR connection; 10 dB attenuator; 2 switchable low cut filters; Metal body with belt clip, Phantom power DC 12-48 V... Loe edasi

Mackie M48

61.71 € Mackie M48, 48 V Phantom Power Supply, with XLR in- and output, transparent and low-noise operation, powered by the supplied power supply or (optional) 9V-battery, display of power and battery stat... Loe edasi

Millenium Pocket Phantom

29.53 € Millenium Pocket Phantom, 2 channel +48 V Phantom power supply for condenser microphones, 2x XLR Input, 2x XLR Output, switch for +12 V oder +48 V, incl. power supply

Millenium PP2B Phantom Power Supply

33.88 € Millenium PP2B - 2-channel phantom power supply (+48V), powered via 2x 9V batteries or via 12V DC power supply (centre negative, included). Dimensions: 143 x 93 x 45mm. Weight: 485g

Millenium PP4

93.18 € Millenium PP4 - 4 channel phantom power supply, XLR in/out, dimensions: 19" x 1U, incl. powersupply

Neumann KM A nx

640.00 € Neumann KM A nx; Miniature Microphone System for passive capsules; XLR-3F; 48V Phantompower; Color: black

Oktava Mk 012 Preamplifier Black

120.00 € Oktava MK 012 Black preamplifier with Clip, Preamplifier for the Oktava 012 series capsules, color: black, inkl. Mic Clip - made in Russia -

Oktava Mk 012 Preamplifier Silver

120.00 € Oktava Mk 012 Preamplifier Silver with mit Clip, Preamplifier for the Oktava 012 series capsules, color: silver, inkl. Mic Clip - made in Russia -

Palmer PAN 48

149.00 € Palmer PAN 48, 2 channel phanompower for condenser microphones and active direct box, XLR in/out, fixed power cable, LED, On/Off switch, dimensions 110mm x 110mm x 45mm

Rolls PB 223

134.00 € Rolls PB 223, Mic Power II, Phantompower-Adapter, Phantompower for 2 Condenser Microphone, 48-V-Phantompower, XLR IN-Outputs,Powered by external power supply included

Rolls PB 224 B

165.00 € Rolls PB 224, Mic Power II B, Phantompower-Adapter, Phantompower for 2 Condenser Microphone, 48-V-Phantompower, XLR In- and Outputs, Powered by external power supply included or from battery power ... Loe edasi

Rolls PB 23

100.00 € Rolls PB 23, Mic Power I, Phantompower-Adapter, Phantompower for 1 Condenser Microphone, 48-V-Phantompower, In/Output XLR, Powered by external power supply included

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