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LP 281 Pro Maracas

20.45 € Latin Percussion L281 Pro Maracas - wood grip, plastic body, pair. Colour: Yellow

LP 281F Foot Maracas

66.55 € Latin Percussion LP281F Foot Maracas - lets drummers and percussionists play the soft shaker sound of a maraca with their feet, played using standard bass drum pedal via LP388N or LP388M Gajate foo... Loe edasi

LP 281R Refillable Maracas

22.99 € Latin Percussion LP281R, Refillable Maracas, Wood Grip, Plastic Body, colour: black, Pair, Allow players to customize their sounds, Twist off the handles to add, remove, or change the type of fill ... Loe edasi

LP 389 Fiber Maracas

37.51 € Latin Percussion LP389, Fiber Maracas, Wood Grip, Fiberglass Body, black, Pair,

LP 393-RH Salsa Maracas

78.66 € Latin Percussion L393-RH Salsa Maracas - wooden grip, leather body. Finish: Natural (pair)

LP 394 Macho Maracas

66.55 € Latin Percussion LP394, Macho Maracas, Wood Grip, Leather Body, Pair,

LP 395 Maracas Rawhide

60.38 € Latin Percussion LP395 Maracas Rawhide

Meinl MSM2 Skin Maracas M

24.08 € Meinl MSM2 - skin maracas with wooden handles. (Pair).

Meinl MSM3 Traditional Maracas

59.29 € Meinl MSM3, Skin Maracas, Traditional, Pair, wooden handle,

Meinl MSM4 Jumbo Maracas

70.18 € Meinl MSM4, Skin Maracas, Jumbo, Pair, wooden handle

Meinl MWM1MC Maracas

30.86 € Meinl MWM1MC; a pair of Multicoloured wooden maracas

Meinl MWM2AM Maracas

30.25 € Meinl MWM2AM Maracas Wood, Pair, Colour: Amber

Meinl PEMBK Egg Maracas

8.35 € Meinl PEMBK Egg Maracas - ABS plastic, pair. colour: black

Meinl PM1BK Maracas

33.76 € Meinl PM1BK Maracas pair, colour: black, material: plastic, ergonomically shaped wooden handles, length: 24cm,

Meinl PM2BK Maracas

21.54 € Meinl PM2BK Maracas pair in black

Meinl PM3BK Maracas

13.92 € Meinl PM3BK Maracas pair, colour: black, material: plastic, ergonomically shaped plastic handles, length: 27cm,

Millenium MA9P Maracas

7.14 € Millenium MA9P Maracas - plastic, (sold as a pair). lenght 23cm, diameter 7,5cm, different colours (green, blue, red), unsorted delivery

Pearl PFM-20 Beaded Maracas

33.88 € Pearl PFM-20 Beaded Maracas, Fiberglass cords with outside beads offer an excellent sound with greater control.

Pearl PRM-20 Maracas Large

95.60 € Pearl PRM-20, Maracas Large, Sonically paired at our factory, the Natural Hide Maracas offer the classic sound of traditional Latin music. The dry sound yields the player easy rhythmic syncopations... Loe edasi

Sonor GMP Maracas BK

15.61 € Sonor GMP Maracas - plastic body. Dimensions: 25 x 9cm (Length x Diameter). Colour: Black. (Pair)

Sonor GMWS Maracas Small

40.17 € Sonor GMWS, Maracas, Design: wood, small, Colour: red with coloured themes, Length: 22 cm, Diameter: 7 cm, 1 pair

Sonor L2693 Maracas

32.31 € Sonor L 2693 Mexican Style Wood Maracas - among the best known percussion instruments, allows for many different ways of rhythmic accentuation and playing styles. Available in wood, plastic or cala... Loe edasi

Studio 49 MA21 Maracas

26.62 € Studio 49 MA21 Maracas, Mexican original, additional refinished by STUDIO 49, about 21 cm long, 1 pair,

Studio 49 MA26 Maracas

30.25 € Studio 49 MA26 Maracas, Mexican original, additional refinished by STUDIO 49, about 26 cm long, 1 pair,

Terre Maracas Coconut Pair

16.34 € Terre Maracas, Model -463, Maracas made of Coconut, Pair, steelballs filling

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