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Acus AFS-1 Footswitch

27.07 € Acus AFS-1 Footswitch, Footswitch, On/Off foot switch, Made of metal, With rubber base for better grip, Connection: 6.3 mm mono jack, Cable length: 1.5 m

Boss GA-FC

133.00 € Boss GA-FC, 6-Way Footswitch, Connectors for 2 expression pedals, Different functions depending on the amplifier model, Dimensions (W x D x H): 392 x 81 x 49 mm, Weight: 1 kg, Cable included@+*Com... Loe edasi


173.00 € " Boss GA-FC EX, 6-Pedal Foot Switch, Extended GA-FC pedal with improved functionality for selected BOSS amplifiers, Robust metal housing, 6 High-performance footswitches, Control Channel Selection... Loe edasi

Darkglass Alpha·Omega SI Footswitch

122.00 € " Darkglass Alpha·Omega SI Footswitch, 4-Way Footswitch, ""Super intelligent"" model, For the Darkglass Alpha · Omega 900 amplifier, 3 Programmable foot switch for assigning the channels (cle... Loe edasi

Darkglass Intelligent Footswitch

47.98 € Darkglass Intelligent Footswitch, Footswitch, For the Darkglass Microtubes 500 and 900 amplifiers, Easy access to the Microtubes and Mute, Dimensions: 68 x 73 x 48 mm, Weight: 180 g

Darkglass Super Intelligent Footsw. BK

122.00 € Darkglass Super Intelligent Footsw. BK, 4-Way Footswitch, For the Darkglass Microtubes 500 & Microtubes 900 amplifier, For easy access to the Clean channel, Vintage Microtubes and Microtubes B... Loe edasi

Diezel FS7-HA Footswitch

196.00 € Diezel FS7-HA Footswitch, Footswitch, For Diezel Hagen, Direct switching function: Channel 1 to 4, Master, Send and Mute, Can be used with any jack cable

Diezel FS7-HE Footswitch

215.00 € Diezel FS7-HE Footswitch, Footswitch, For Diezel Herbert MK II and Diezel D Minor, Direct switching function: Channel 1 to 3, Mid Cut, Master, Send and Mute, Can be used with any mono jack cable (... Loe edasi

DryBell F-1L3 Footswitch

43.06 € DryBell F-1L3 Footswitch, Simple Footswitch, Specially designed to control several functions of the Vibe Machine V-2/V-3: Tap Tempo, Leslie Fast / Slow mode, Two Speed mode or to switch on the Can... Loe edasi

Engl Z1 Single Button Footswitch

12.18 € Z1 Single Button Footswitch, Foot Switch for Guitar Amplifier, 1-Way switch without LED, For switching channels and effects, Suitable for amplifiers with mono switch sockets, Connection: 6.3 mm mo... Loe edasi

Engl Z4

97.19 € Engl Z4, Footswitch, Very stable metal housing, 2 Switches with LED indicator, Incl. 8 m cable, W: 14cm, D: 14cm, H: 4cm

Fishman Dual Foot Switch

92.27 € Fishman Pro-LBX-600 Footswitch, Footswitch, For Fishman Pro-LBX-600 Loudbox, Switches: Channel/Mute and Effect B/On

Hotone FS-1 Ampero Switch

24.48 € Hotone FS-1 Ampero Switch, 2-Way Foot Switch Controller, Very compact and lightweight, Suitable for Hotone Ampero and for many other devices with support for foot switch controllers, Dimensions (W... Loe edasi

Hughes&Kettner FS-2

46.75 € Hughes&Kettner FS-2, Double Foot Switch, With 2 phantom-powered LEDs, Material: Steel, Line input: 6.3 mm Stereo jack, Incl. 3 m cable

Hughes&Kettner FSM 432 MK IV

224.00 € " Hughes&Kettner FSM 432 MK IV, Footswitch for Guitar Amplifier, Suitable for Hughes&Kettner Grandmeister 36/40,Tubemeister 36/40 and Black Spirit 200 Head/Combo, 128 Memory locations, Tap ... Loe edasi

Joyo Footswitch BSK-60-EXP

28.17 € Joyo Footswitch BSK-60-EXP, footswitch for BSK-60

Kemper Profiler Remote

463.00 € Kemper Profiler Remote, Footswitch Remote Control, For the Kemper Profiler Rack & Head, Large backlit display, Sturdy metal housing, Five buttons for direct rig selection, Direct access to tun... Loe edasi

Kemper Profiler Remote Case Bundle

630.00 € Kemper Profiler Remote Case Bundle@+*Bundle offer comprising*, Kemper Profiler Remote, Footswitch Remote Control, For the Kemper Profiler Rack & Head, Large backlit display, Sturdy metal housi... Loe edasi

Lead Foot FS-1

12.18 € Lead Foot FS-1, Footswitch, 1-way switch, Without LED, Length of cable: 3.5 m

Lead Foot FS-2

15.87 € Lead Foot FS-2, Footswitch, FS-2, 2-way switch, Length of cable: 3.5 m, Dimensions: 13.5 x 11 x 4.8 cm

Line6 FBV Express MKII

144.00 € Line6 FBV Express MKII, Original Footswitch, For Vetta, HD147, XT series, Flextone III, Spider IV / III, X3 series, POD II, POD HD, Amplifiers, Incl. RJ-45 cable

Line6 FBV2

47.98 € Line6 FBV2, 2-Way Footswitch, For Spider II, Spider III, Spider IV, Flextone III, Vetta, Vetta II, HD147, Duoverb, PODxt, PODxt Pro, Bass PODxt, Bass PODxt Pro and PODII 2006, Incl. RJ-45 cable

Line6 FBV3

323.00 € Line6 FBV3, Footswitch Controller, 13 Footswitches with LED rings, Volume/wah pedal, Tap switch for setting the delay time, Built-in chromatic tuner, Stable housing, Dimensions: 46.0 x 23.0 x 7.0 ... Loe edasi

Line6 Helix Control

420.00 € Line6 Helix Control, Footswitch for Line6 Helix Rack, Touch foot switch with LED rings and custom display, 3 Expression pedal inputs allow maximum adaptability, Data and power transmission via inc... Loe edasi

Line6 LFS2 Catalyst Footswitch

47.98 € Line6 LFS2 Catalyst Footswitch, 2-Way Footswitch, For Line6 Catalyst amplifier, For switching channels and effects, The effect switch can be reassigned via the Catalyst Edit app, Includes 3 m TRS ... Loe edasi

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