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BluGuitar Remote 1

319.00 € BluGuitar Remote 1, multifunctional footswitch for the BluGuitar AMP1 (#350860), modes: direct-access-mode, preset-mode, switching: clean, vintage, classic, modern, boost on/off, reverb on/off, FX-... Loe edasi

Boss GA-FC

113.00 € Roland GA-FC, 6 pedal footswitch, 2 x expression pedal in, different functions depending on the amplifier model, compatible products: Blues Cube Artist, Blues Cube Artist212, Blues Cube Tour, CUBE-... Loe edasi

Bugera FSB106A

59.29 € Bugera FSB106A, Footswitch for Bugera TRIREC Amps, 6 Buttons, Channel 1 & 2 & 3, Boost, Reverb, FX Loop, metal case, incl. 6 meter cable

Darkglass Super Intelligent Footswitch

120.00 € Darkglass Super Intelligent Footswitch, for the Darkglass Microtubes 900 Amplifier, easy access to the Clean channel, Vintage Microtubes and Microtubes B3K overdrives and Mute, dimensions: 220x45x4... Loe edasi

Diezel FS7-HA Footswitch

208.00 € Diezel FS7-HA Footswitch, footswitch for Diezel Hagenl, direct switching function for: channel 1, 2, 3 and 4, Master, Send and Mute, works with standard jack cables

Diezel FS7-HE Footswitch

217.00 € Diezel FS7-HE Footswitch, footswitch for Diezel Herbert Diezel D-Moll, direct switching function for: channel 1, 2 and 3, Mid Cut, Master, Send and Mute, works with standard mono cable (not include... Loe edasi

Engl Z4

108.00 € Engl Z4 metal foot switch - 2x switches with LEDs, incl. 8 m cable!

Engl Z5

171.00 € Engl Z5 footswitch for Power Ball / Screamer - very sturdy construction, includes cable.

Evh Footswitch 5150 EVH III

131.00 € Replacement footswitch for Evh 5150 III, Fits all EVH 50watt models, 4 buttons with LED indicators (ONE, TWO, THREE, EFFECTS), including 6 m, 6.3 mm mono cable, not suitable for Peavey!

Fishman Pro-LBX-600 Footswitch

59.29 € Fishman Pro-LBX-600 Footswitch, for Fishman Pro-LBX-600 Loudbox, Channel / Mute & Effect B / On, 49.05.99

Hughes&Kettner FS-1

30.25 € Hughes & Kettner FS-1 Footswitch - for Tube 20, Edition Series, Warp Series, Vortex Series. included 5m cable

Hughes&Kettner FS-2

36.30 € Hughes&Kettner FS-2 - 2-button footswitch.

Hughes&Kettner FS3N

68.97 € Hughes&Kettner FS3N foot switch

Hughes&Kettner FSM 432 MKIII

188.00 € Hughes&Kettner FSM 432 MKIII, footswitch for Grandmeister 36 and Tubemeister 36, 128 programs, tap delay, stomp box mode, 2 ports for expression pedal or 1-way switch, incl. 9 meter midicabel.

Ibanez IFS2G Footswitch

35.09 € Ibanez IFS2G Footswitch Original Footswitch for TSA15H Top Teil, 2Button for Tubescreamer Bypass and 6 dB Boost

Laney FS-1 Mini Footswitch

31.46 € Laney FS-1 Mini Footswitch, single button footswitch,. re-designed Laney FS1 footswitch offering the same functionality as the original model but with a much smaller footprintand an LED status ligh... Loe edasi

Laney FS2 Mini Footswitch

36.30 € FS2 Mini 2-Way Footswitch, small footprint, LED status lights, connections: input (1/4" TRS jack) - PSU input (5.5 x 2.1 mm barrel connector - center negative - only for LEDs), current draw: 40 mA,... Loe edasi

Laney FS4

71.39 € Laney FS4, 4-way footswitch plus 5m cable and sticker set (for use with Ironheart & Nexus)

Lead Foot FS-1

11.98 € Lead Foot FS-1 - single foot switch, no LED, cable length: app. 3,5 mtrs

Lead Foot FS-2

15.61 € Lead Foot FS-2 - double foot switch. Cable length: 3.5mtrs.

Line6 FBV Express MKII

95.60 € Line6 FBV Express MK II - original pedalboard for Vetta/HD147/XT Series / Flextone III / Spider IV/III / X3 Amplifi Series, incl. RJ-45 cable

Line6 FBV2

39.93 € Line6 FBV2 - footswitch for Spider II, Spider III, Spider IV, Flextone III, Vetta, Vetta II, HD147, Duoverb, POD XT/XT Pro and POD II 2006. Scroll through channels A,B,C, & D, self-powered thou... Loe edasi

Line6 FBV3

242.00 € Line6 FBV3, 13 footswitches with LED rings, LED display, volume/wah-pedal, tap switch for adjusting delay time, built-in chromatic tuner, sturdy housing, kompatibel mit Firehawk 1500, POD HD Pro, P... Loe edasi

Line6 Helix Control

350.00 € Line6 Helix Control, Floor-Based Controller for Helix Rack Guitar Processor, Sturdy metal chassis cuts weight and takes up less floor space, Touch-sensitive footswitches with LED rings & custom... Loe edasi

Mesa Boogie Cable FS 7,5

79.87 € Mesa Boogie Cable for FS 7,5, 8-pin cable for footswitch, 25 ft (7,5 m)

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