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Eurolite LED TMH-46 Moving-Head Wash

128.00 € Eurolite LED TMH-46 Moving-Head Wash, Compact moving washlig ht with 6in1 LEDs, Only 1.5 kg total weight, Auto, Music, Ma ster / Slave and DMX modes 16 or 18 DMX channels selectable, Flicker-free p... Loe edasi

Eurolite LED TMH-X4 Zoom Wash

488.00 € Eurolite LED TMH-X4 Zoom Wash Moving Head; 19 x 15 W RGBW LEDs (4in1); three separately controllable LED segments; 540 ° PAN and 270 ° TILT; DMX (16 or 24 channels) auto and music mode; Motorized... Loe edasi

Eurolite TMH-X5 Moving-Head Wash Zoom

885.00 € Eurolite LED TMH-X5 Moving-Head Wash Zoom; Washlight with 19 x 12 W COB LEDs, RGBW color mixing and large zoom range; divided into 3 segments; DMX control 20 or 28 channels; Motorized zoom with 1-2... Loe edasi

Eurolite TMH-X7 Moving-Head Wash Zoom

538.00 € Eurolite LED TMH-X7 Moving-Head Wash Zoom, Equipped with seven 25 W LEDs in the colors red, green, blue, amber, white, lemon and UV, Motorized zoom with 3-34° beam angle, Fan-cooled, Switch-mode p... Loe edasi

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