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ADJ Focus Spot 2X

700.00 € ADJ Focus Spot 2X is a 100W LED Moving Head with a 3W UV LED included for black lighting or additional color hues; Features: Motorized Focus; Manual Zoom knob on head: 16 ~ 19-degree beam angle; Fa... Loe edasi

ADJ Focus Spot 5Z

1182.00 € ADJ Focus Spot 5Z, 200 W LED Spot Moving Head with motorized Focus and Zoom, 2x 7 Colors + White, 6 rotatable and replaceable Gobos, Motorized Zoom 11 ° - 22 °, Motorized Focus, 2 Rotatable Prism... Loe edasi

ADJ Focus Spot 6Z

1748.00 € ADJ Focus Spot 6Z; 300 W LED moving head; equipped with motorized focus, zoom (9 - 28 degrees); two gobo wheels, each with 7 rotatable and interchangeable gobos; two color wheels, each with 7 color... Loe edasi

ADJ Focus Spot One

528.00 € ADJ Focus Spot One, Spot moving head with a 35 W cool white LED and a 3 W UV-LED, beam angle: 16 °, motorized focus, 3 f unction modes: sound activated, show mode and DMX mode, 4 in tegrated shows... Loe edasi

ADJ Pocket Pro

253.00 € ADJ Pocket Pro, small spot moving head with a 25 W LED, with "EZ Open cover" for quick and easy replacement of Gobos, manual focus, 7 colors + White, 7 replaceable static Gobos + open, includes set... Loe edasi

ADJ Vizi CMY 300 LED BeamWashSpot

2982.00 € ADJ Vizi CMY 300 LED Beam Wash Spot Moving Head, hybrid 300 Watt LED Moving Head with CMY color mixing and integrated WiFly wireless DMX for a variety of applications, professional workmanship and ... Loe edasi

ADJ Vizi Hybrid 16RX

2056.00 € ADJ Vizi Hybrid 16RX, Spot/Beam/Wash hybrid Moving Head fixture, the ADJ Vizi Hybrid 16RX features Prism Morphing, motorized zoom, motorized focus and Power Twist In/Out for daisy chaining the powe... Loe edasi

Cameo Auro Spot 200

785.00 € Cameo Auro Spot 200, Auro Spot 200, is an RDM enabled ultra bright moving head with 16-bit resolution, 630° pan and 235° tilt movement and high speed 3-phase motors. It is powered by a single 100... Loe edasi

Cameo Auro Spot Z300

1213.00 € Cameo Auro Spot Z300; LED Spot Moving Head with Zoom and 200 W LED; 10 ° - 25 ° zoom range; Extremely even light distribution without hotspot; Automatic position correction; Motorized Focus; 2 go... Loe edasi

Cameo NanoSpot 300

242.00 € Cameo NanoSpot 300, Cameo NanoSpot 300, Mini-moving-head with 1 x 30 W LED, 540 ° x 230 ° pan and tilt, 7 colors + White, 7 Gobos + open, 7 lightshow presets, Dimmer and strobe effects, 3 DMX mod... Loe edasi

Eurolite LED TMH-17 Spot Movinghead

193.00 € Eurolite LED TMH-17 Spot Movinghead, Moving-head-spot with 30 W COB-led, 7 dichroic colors plus white, rainbow effect with variable speed, Gobo wheel with seven static Gobos plus open, electronic d... Loe edasi

Eurolite LED TMH-41 Hypno Spot

324.00 € Eurolite LED TMH-41 Hypno Spot, LED Moving Head Spot with LED hypno rings, Spot effect with a white 30 W COB LED and 3 hypno rings with altogether 76 RGB SMD LEDs, Flicker-free projection, Color wh... Loe edasi

Eurolite LED TMH-60 MK2 Spot COB

349.00 € Eurolite LED TMH-60 MK2 Moving-Head Spot COB, Versatile LED-head spot with 60-W COB LED, 7 dichroic colours plus white, rainbow effect with variable speed in both directions, gobo wheel 1 with 6 ro... Loe edasi

Eurolite LED TMH-S200 Moving-Head Spot

857.00 € Eurolite LED TMH-S200 moving head spot; with color wheel, static & red. Gobo wheel, prism, frost, focus and zoom; LED: 1 x COB (chip-on-board) 200 W CW; TILT: 270 ° / 16Bit; PAN: 540 ° / 16Bi... Loe edasi

Eurolite LED TMH-S90 Moving-Head Spot

445.00 € Eurolite LED TMH-S90 moving head spot with color wheel, static and rotating gobo wheel, prism and focus; cool white 90 W COB LED; 540 ° PAN and 200 ° TILT; Auto, Music, Master / Slave and DMX mod... Loe edasi

Eurolite LED TMH-X12 Moving-Head Spot

616.00 € Eurolite LED TMH-X12 Moving-Head Spot, LED moving head spot with a white 120 W COB LED, color wheel with 8 dichroic color filters and white, rainbow effect with adjustable speed, gobo-wheel with 7 ... Loe edasi

Eurolite TMH-13 Moving-Head Spot

161.00 € Eurolite TMH-13 Moving-Head Spot Equipped with a CREE 10 W LED, Flicker-free projection, 9 or 11 DMX channels selectable, 7 brilliant, dichroic colors plus white, Rainbow effect with adjustable spe... Loe edasi

Futurelight DMH-160 MK2 LED Moving-Head

1182.00 € Futurelight DMH-160 MK2 LED moving head with 200 W COB LED; Beam angle: 11 °; Control: DMX 512 (14/16/23/25 channels); Control board with graphic LCD and membrane keyboard for setting all function... Loe edasi

Marq Lighting Gesture Spot 400

370.00 € Marq Lighting Gesture Spot 400, Spot Movinghead with a 75 W LED, 7 removable gobos + open with shake effect and rotation, 8 colors + white and split colors, rotable 3-facet prism, motorized focus, ... Loe edasi

Martin RUSH MH 5 Profile

1079.00 € Martin RUSH MH 5 Profile, Spot moving head with a white 75 W LED, gobo wheel with 7 rotatable gobos plus open, gobo wheel with 8 fixed gobos plus open, two color wheels with 7 colors plus open, 3-f... Loe edasi

Martin Rush MH 7 Hybrid

3702.00 € Martin Rush MH 7 Hybrid, Spot, beam and wash moving head with a 250 W Philips Platinum 11R lamp, motorized zoom, 2.5-24 ° beam angle in spot mode, 15-45 ° in the wash mode, eight rotating gobos, ... Loe edasi

Showtec Kanjo Spot 10

193.00 € The Showtec Kanjo Spot 10 compact and impressive moving head equipped with a 10W LED Lightsource. It has a color and gobo wheel and offers crisp gobos and vivid colors at an affordable price level.... Loe edasi

Showtec Kanjo Spot 60

242.00 € Showtec Kanjo Spot 60, ultra compact spot moving head with a 60 W LED, static gobo wheel and separate color wheel, contr ol modes: DMX, auto, master/slave-, music mode, manual focus , technical dat... Loe edasi

Showtec Phantom 100 Spot

789.00 € Showtec Phantom 100 Spot; 100 watt LED spot moving head; Gobo wheel with seven rotatable gobos and gobo shake effect, color wheel with eight colors + white, split colors, rainbow effect in both dir... Loe edasi

Showtec Phantom 130 Spot

779.00 € Showtec Phantom 130 Spot, LED spot moving head with extensiv e and professional equipment, two gobo wheels (1x with seven fixed gobos and 1x with seven rotatable gobos + gobo-shake effect), Color w... Loe edasi

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