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ADJ Focus Spot THREE Z

838.00 € ADJ Focus Spot THREE Z, moving head with a 100W cold white LED, motorized zoom and focus, beam angle: 15 ° -20 °, music mod, Auto, DMX mode ( 18 or 21 DMX channels ), Electronic Dimming 0-100 %, ... Loe edasi

ADJ Focus Spot TWO

538.00 € ADJ Focus Spot TWO, Moving head with additional 3 W UV LED, Technical data: Light source: 1 x 75W Cold white LED + 1 x 3 W UV-LED, beam angle: 17 °, motorized focus, 8 colors + white, 6 rotating g... Loe edasi

ADJ Pocket Pro Pearl

361.00 € ADJ Pocket Pro Pearl, small spot moving head with a 25 W LED, with "EZ Open cover" for quick and easy replacement of Gobos, manual focus, 7 colors + White, 7 replaceable static Gobos + open, includ... Loe edasi

Cameo Auro Spot 100

726.00 € Cameo Auro Spot 100 is an RDM enabled moving head, 16-bit resolution, 630° pan and 235° tilt movement and 3-phase motors. single 60 watt LED, 8 colours + white and split colours, Dispersion: (man... Loe edasi

Cameo Auro Spot 200

799.00 € Cameo Auro Spot 200, Auro Spot 200, is an RDM enabled ultra bright moving head with 16-bit resolution, 630° pan and 235° tilt movement and high speed 3-phase motors. It is powered by a single 100... Loe edasi

Cameo Auro Spot 300

1028.00 € Cameo Auro Spot 300, LED spot moving head with a 180 W LED, RDM enabled, Motor focus, Automated positioning correction, Battery powered display for offline configuration, 8 intense colors, white an... Loe edasi

Eurolite LED TMH-17 Spot Movinghead

212.00 € Eurolite LED TMH-17 Spot Movinghead, Moving-head-spot with 30 W COB-led, 7 dichroic colors plus white, rainbow effect with variable speed, Gobo wheel with seven static Gobos plus open, electronic d... Loe edasi

Eurolite LED TMH-41 Hypno Spot

403.00 € Eurolite LED TMH-41 Hypno Spot, LED Moving Head Spot with LED hypno rings, Spot effect with a white 30 W COB LED and 3 hypno rings with altogether 76 RGB SMD LEDs, Flicker-free projection, Color wh... Loe edasi

Eurolite LED TMH-60 MK2 Spot COB

349.00 € Eurolite LED TMH-60 MK2 Moving-Head Spot COB, Versatile LED-head spot with 60-W COB LED, 7 dichroic colours plus white, rainbow effect with variable speed in both directions, gobo wheel 1 with 6 ro... Loe edasi

Eurolite TMH-13 Moving-Head Spot

175.00 € Eurolite TMH-13 Moving-Head Spot Equipped with a CREE 10 W LED, Flicker-free projection, 9 or 11 DMX channels selectable, 7 brilliant, dichroic colors plus white, Rainbow effect with adjustable spe... Loe edasi

Marq Lighting Gesture Spot 400

537.00 € Marq Lighting Gesture Spot 400, Spot Movinghead with a 75 W LED, 7 removable gobos + open with shake effect and rotation, 8 colors + white and split colors, rotable 3-facet prism, motorized focus, ... Loe edasi

Martin RUSH MH 5 Profile

1027.00 € Martin RUSH MH 5 Profile, Spot moving head with a white 75 W LED, gobo wheel with 7 rotatable gobos plus open, gobo wheel with 8 fixed gobos plus open, two color wheels with 7 colors plus open, 3-f... Loe edasi

Showtec Infinity iS-200

2210.00 € Showtec Infinity iS-200, Infinity iS-200., The iS-200 is the big brother of the iS-100. It is equipped with a powerful 200W LED engine and a special optical lens offering a bright and solid beam., ... Loe edasi

Showtec Kanjo Spot 10

179.00 € The Showtec Kanjo Spot 10 compact and impressive moving head equipped with a 10W LED Lightsource. It has a color and gobo wheel and offers crisp gobos and vivid colors at an affordable price level.... Loe edasi

Showtec Kanjo Spot 60

242.00 € Showtec Kanjo Spot 60, ultra compact spot moving head with a 60 W LED, static gobo wheel and separate color wheel, contr ol modes: DMX, auto, master/slave-, music mode, manual focus , technical dat... Loe edasi

Showtec Phantom 130 Spot

769.00 € Showtec Phantom 130 Spot, LED spot moving head with extensive and professional equipment, two gobo wheels (1x with seven fixed gobos and 1x with seven rotatable gobos + gobo-shake effect), Color wh... Loe edasi

Showtec Phantom 65 LED Spot

503.00 € Showtec Phantom 65 LED Spot, Spot movinghead with a 65 W white LED, Successor to the Phantom 50 led spot, Color wheel with 8 colors + white, Splitcolours, Rainbow effect, Gobo wheel with 7 rotating... Loe edasi

Showtec Phantom R3 Hybrid

1151.00 € Showtec Phantom R3 Hybrid, Spot and beam moving head, color wheel for both saturated and pastel colors, motorized focus, zoom, one rotating and one static gobo wheel, circular and linearly overlapp... Loe edasi

Showtec Shark Combi Spot One

365.00 € Showtec Shark Combi Spot One, Moving head for spot and wash application, compact housing, Saves space in the rig, produces an 11 ° spot and a wash with 25°, By combining two devices this moving h... Loe edasi

Showtec Shark Spot One

378.00 € Showtec Shark Spot One, Spot moving head with 60W LED and professional features, high light output with small dimensions and low power consumption, motorized focus, three facet prisms, bi-rotating ... Loe edasi

Stairville 6x MH-X 20 Bundle

1624.00 € Stairville 6x MH-X20 + Case Bundle containing 6 pc. STAIRVILLE MH-X20 MICRO LED SPOT MOVING H (order code 299888), THON CASE 6X STAIRVILLE MH-X20 (order code 320815), 2 pc. VARYTEC MAINS SUPPLY IEC... Loe edasi

Stairville 8x MH-X 20 Bundle

2046.00 € Stairville 8x MH-X20 + Case Bundle containing 8 pc. STAIRVILLE MH-X20 MICRO LED SPOT MOVING H (order code 299888), THON CASE 8X STAIRVILLE MH-X20 (order code 320821)

Stairville BSW-100 LED BeamSpotWash

981.00 € Stairville BSW-100 LED BeamSpotWash, compact and multifuncti onal LED moving head, the greatest possible flexibility due to the complete coverage of all applications of a current m oving head, from... Loe edasi

Stairville MH-x200 Pro Spot Moving Head

739.00 € Stairville MH-x200 Pro LED Spot Moving Head, professional Sp ot moving head with an extremely high output. The MH-X200 co mbines all the advantages of LED technology in a tour reliab le moving head... Loe edasi

Stairville MH-x30 LED Spot Moving Bundle

934.00 € Stairville MH-x30 LED Spot Moving Head Bundle containing 2 pc. STAIRVILLE MH-X30 LED SPOT MOVING HEAD (order code 398853), THON CASE 2X STAIRVILLE MH-X30 SPOT (order code 413728), 2 pc. DOUGHTY T58... Loe edasi

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