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Clavia Nord Music Stand V2

108.00 € Clavia Nord Music Stand V2, Sheet Music Stand, Dimensions: 700 x 250 mm@+*Suitable for:*@+@+, Nord Nord C2 Combo Organ, Nord C2D, Nord Electro 3 HP, Nord Electro 4 HP, Nord Electro 5 HP, Nord Elec... Loe edasi

Clavia Nord Pedal Key 27

2005.00 € Clavia Nord Pedal Key 27, MIDI Pedalboard, 27 keys (C2 to D4), Integrated expression pedal, Transmits on MIDI channel 3, Aluminium body, Weight: 15.5 kg

Clavia Nord Wood Music Stand

198.00 € Clavia Nord Wood Music Stand, Music Stand, Material: Wood, Dimensions (W x H): 700 x 250 mm@+*Compatible products:*@+@+, Nord C2 Combo Organ, Nord C2D, Nord Electro 3 HP, Nord Electro 4 HP, Nord E... Loe edasi

Dexibell DX MSK

89.55 € Dexibell DX MSK, Note stand, Material: Plexiglas, Suitable for Dexibell J7, L3, S9, S7 Pro and S7 Pro M

Hammond MR-5W

292.00 € Hammond MR-5W, Music Stand, In the original Hammond B-3 style, Solid wood, Self-setting and locking, without screws, Suitable for Hammond XB-2 / XK-2 / XK-3 / XK-3c / XK-5, Universally applicable ... Loe edasi

Hammond SKX Pro Music Rest

148.00 € Hammond SKX Pro Music Rest, Music Stand, Suitable for Hammond ST-SK PRO, ST-SK PRO-73 and ST-SKX PRO, Dimensions (L x W x H): 400 x 260 x 60 mm, Weight: 1.5 kg

Ketron Install.-Kit without HD/SSD

108.00 € Ketron Install.-Kit without HD/SSD, Installation Kit, For Ketron MidjPro and SD7/SD9/SD80/SD40 without HD/SSD, Full set with screws and washers, Incl. mounting plate

Ketron K 8 Midi-Pedal

433.00 € Ketron K 8 Midi-Pedal, MIDI Bass Pedal, With 13 Keys, Compatible with all keyboards and expanders with MIDI capabilities, Dimensions (W x D x H): 57 x 45.5 x 11 cm

Ketron Lounge/MidjPro/Midjay/SD40 Bag

78.66 € Ketron MidjPro/ Midjay Bag, Original Bag, For Ketron Lounge, MidjPro, Midjay, Midjay Plus und SD40

Ketron MidjPro, Midjay/Plus Case

131.00 € Ketron Midjay Case, Midjay Case, Original case for Midjay, Midjay plus, and Midj Pro

Ketron SD-40 Case

131.00 € Ketron SD-40 Case, Case, For Ketron SD-40

Ketron SD-40 Stand

131.00 € Ketron SD-40 Stand, Stand, Suitable for Ketron SD-40

Ketron SD-90 Stand

131.00 € Ketron SD-90 Stand, Stand, For Ketron SD-90, Dimensions bracket: 420 x 215 mm

Ketron SD-90/EVENT-X Bag

90.76 € SD-90/EVENT-X Bag, Transport Bag, For Ketron SD-90, Inner dimensions: 480 x 270 x 120 mm

Korg EC-5 Remote Cable

41.14 € Korg EC-5 Remote Cable, Remote Cable, For Multi-switch EC-5

Korg Pitchbend for PA3x/PA4x

45.98 € Korg Pitchbend for PA4X; PA3X, Joystick*Suitable for:*@+@+, Korg EK-50, EK-50L, i3 (new), KingKorg, Krome, Krome EX, Kronos 2, Kronos LS, M-50, microStation, Nautilus, PA-1000, PA-300, PA-3x, PA-4... Loe edasi

Kurzweil KMR-2

108.00 € Kurzweil KMR-2, Music Stand, For Kurzweil Artis series

M-Live B.Beat Hard Case

91.97 € M-Live B.Beat Hard Case, Case, For M-Live B.Beat (art. #550932#), With 2 latches, Material: Polypropylene, Dimensions (W x D x H): 375 x 320 x 110 mm, Weight: 1.25 kg, Colour: Black, Incl. foam in... Loe edasi

M-Live B.Beat Holder

70.18 € M-Live B.Beat Holder, Holder, For M-Live B.Beat (art. #550932#), Can be attached to vertical or horizontal stands and struts with a maximum diameter of 35 mm, Weight: 0.7 kg, Colour: Black

M-Live B.Beat Light Case

56.87 € M-Live B.Beat Light Case, Transport Case, Suitable for M-Live B.Beat, Material: Polypropylene, With cut foam insert for best protection, Dimensions (W x D x H): 345 x 245 x 65 mm, Weight: 0.5 kg, ... Loe edasi

M-Live M-Pen 2

68.97 € M-Live M-Pen 2, WiFi Adapter, Enables connection between smartphones/tablets and Divo or B.Beat via WiFi

M-Live Merish Hard Case

81.08 € M-Live Merish Hard Case, Hard Case, For Merish 5 and Merish 5+, Polypropylene case with two latches and provision for a padlock (lock not included), External dimensions (W x D x H): 434 x 377 x 11... Loe edasi

M-Live Merish Stand

87.13 € M-Live Merish Stand, Stand, For Merish 5 and Merish 5+, Minimum height: 70 cm, Maximum height: 110 cm, Inclination: 45°, Height of the holder: 25 cm, Width of the holder: 20 cm, Opening of the ... Loe edasi

Millenium Tyros Device Holder

53.24 € " Millenium Tyros Device Holder, Device Holder for Tyros 2/3/4/5, Made from sandblasted aluminium, Hand-milled, This holder enables all possible adapters and mounts with 3/8"" screws to be fixed di... Loe edasi

Millenium Tyros Device Holder Goose Set

116.00 € " Millenium Tyros Device Holder Goose Set@+*Bundle offer comprising*, K&M 227 Black, Gooseneck, Colour: Black, One side with 3/8"" inner thread, Other side with 3/8"" outer thread, Length: 500 ... Loe edasi

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