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Dixon Multiclamp

43.06 € Dixon Multiclamp, All-purpose clamp / axial rotatable, For attaching to drum stands, Stepless adjustment in angle and inclination, For pipe diameters from 12 to 26 mm

Dixon PAKL174-SP Multi Clamp rot.

41.83 € Dixon PAKL174-SP Multi Clamp rot., Multi-clamp, Rotatable, For connecting two pipes, Two toothed joints for adjusting the tube angles within a plane, Hinged joint for adjusting the planes at 90 an... Loe edasi

Dixon PAKL264-SP Multiclamp Perc.

27.07 € Dixon PAKL264-SP Multiclamp Perc., Multi-clamp, Thick-thin, For connecting a pipe with a support arm or L-Rod

Dixon PAKL265-SP Multiklammer Perc.

20.79 € Dixon PAKL265-SP Multiklammer Perc., Multi-clamp, For connecting two L-Rods or holding arms with 12.5 mm diameter

DW PDP Quick Grip Clamp

31.99 € DW PDP Quick Grip Clamp, Quick grip clamp, Rod holder for 10.5 - 12.7 mm diameter, Includes memory lock

DW SMMG1 Multi Clamp Mega-Clamp

88.58 € DW SMMG1 Multi Clamp Mega-Clamp, Multi-clamp, 2-Way clip, With 2 memory locks

DW SMMG3 Multi Clamp

60.28 € " DW SMMG3 Multi Clamp, Multi-Clamp, For 1/2"" or 7/16"" pipe diameter, Includes memory lock"

Gibraltar SC-4425G Clamp

36.91 € Gibraltar SC-4425G Clamp, Multi-Clamp, Two clamps for cymbal arms or tom holder

Gibraltar SC-4429 3-way Multi Clamp

56.59 € Gibraltar SC-4429 3-way Multi Clamp, Multi-clamp model SC-4429, 3-Fold model, For screwing on hardware stand

Gibraltar SC-DPLAC Twin L-Arm & Clamp

49.21 € Gibraltar SC-DPLAC Twin L-Arm & Clamp, Twin L- arm clamp, With two 9.5 mm rods of different lengths, Adjustable in angle, To attach to cymbal stands

Gibraltar SC-EXDGC Dual Grabber Clamp

72.58 € Gibraltar SC-EXDGC Dual Grabber Clamp, Holding clamp, For mounting percussion or multipads to a stand, Two 360° rotatable clamps at the ends for flexible adjustment options, 15 cm long intermed... Loe edasi

Gibraltar SC-PUGC 2-way Grabber Clamp

50.44 € Gibraltar SC-PUGC 2-way Grabber Clamp, Multi-clamp, Fully Flexible multi-clamp in the Pearl style, 360° Adjustable brackets on each side

Gibraltar SC-UGC Multi Clamp Universal

51.67 € Gibraltar SC-UGC Multi Clamp Universal, Universal multi-clamp, 360° rotatable clamps

Mapex MC910 Multi Clamp

30.76 € Mapex MC910 Multi Clamp, Multiclamp, Slides horizontally

Mapex MC910EB Multi Clamp Black

34.45 € Mapex MC910EB Multi Clamp Black, Easy multi-clamp, Horizontally movable, Colour: Black

Meinl Bass Drum Microphone Clamp

57.82 € Meinl Bass Drum Microphone Clamp, Microphone clamp for kick drum, Chrome-plated steel, U-shaped rod with thread, Standard kick drum clamp, Adjustable distance from microphone to kick drum

Meinl Double Extension Arm

94.73 € Meinl Double Extension Arm, Extension Arm, With 2 multi clamps at the end, Clamps each 360° adjustable, Extendable in length from 30 - 40 cm, Memory lock, Suitable e.g. for cymbal holders, tom ... Loe edasi

Millenium DA-131 3-Way Multi Holder

29.53 € Millenium DA-131 3-Way Multi Holder, Percussion holder, 3-Way multi percussion holder for attaching to drum stand, 3 Mounting options, Multi-clamp for tom percussion or cymbal arms, Colour: Chrome

Millenium MC900 Multi Clamp

19.68 € Millenium MC900 Multi Clamp, Multi-Clamp, Suitable for tube diameters from 11 to 28 mm, Heavy design

Pearl ADP-20

44.29 € Pearl ADP-20, Adapter Multi Clamp, For attaching tom arms or cymbal arms on the stand

Pearl ADP-30 3-Hole Adapter

97.19 € " Pearl ADP-30 3-Hole Adapter, 3-Way Adapter (Variable), 3 Adjustable clamps (3/8 ""-1 1/4"") with quick release buckle, Ultragrip wing nuts, Suitable for 3/8"" - 1 1/4"""

Pearl AX-25L Multi Clamp

94.73 € Pearl AX-25L Multi Clamp, Multi-Clamp, Long midsection, Bidirectional rotating bracket, Quick lock system, Rotatable in either direction, Distance between the two brackets (centre - centre): 17 cm

Pearl AX-28 Multi Clamp

77.51 € " Pearl AX-28 Multi Clamp, Multi Clamp, For attaching tom arms or cymbal arms to a stand, 1 Side, 360 ​​degrees rotatable, Adjustable size from 5/8"" to 1 1/8"" diameter"

Pearl DCA-180 L-Arm & Floortom Clamp

44.29 € Pearl DCA-180 L-Arm & Floortom Clamp, L- arm & floortom clamp, For grooved arms between 8 - 12 mm, E.g. for floortom legs or cymbal arms

Sonor MH-AC Multiclamp Adjustable

47.98 € Sonor MH-AC Multiclamp Adjustable, Adjustable multi-clamp, 360° Rotatable, Includes RPS rubber protection inserts for better protection of the drum hardware, Ergonomically shaped thumbscrews, E... Loe edasi

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