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Ultimate Add On Clamp CMP-485

35.09 € Ultimate Add On Clamp CMP-485 - CMP-485 Clamp for Apex and AX-48 pro stand compatible: TBR-130 and TBR 180 holder

Ultimate AX 48 Leg Long

7.14 € Ultimate AX-48 Leg, Rear long leg for the Apex AX 48 stand, easily attatched by clicking into the foot/base plate, fitted with a rubber foot, colour Black

Ultimate AX-48 Cable Clip

5.05 € K&M 11541 cable clip for Apex black

Ultimate AX-48 Carrying Handle

16.82 € Ultimate Carrying handle for Apex/ AX-48 keybaord stand

Ultimate AX-48 Front Stabilizer

9.56 € Ultimate AX-48/ Apex Front Stabilizer for keyboard stand AX-48-B / AX-48-S / AX-48-BP ( AFL-480 )

Ultimate AX-48 Pro Bag

39.93 € Ultimate AX-48 Pro Bag for APEX AX-48 Pro keyboard stand, holds one APEX AX-48 Pro Keyboard Stand plus boom arm, L x B x H in cm 137 - 21 - 21, Colour: Black

Ultimate AX-48 Pro Mic Boom

42.35 € Ultimate AX-48 Pro Mic Boom - microphone boom with adapter for AX-48 Pro and Ultimate AMP-150, Length 480 x 880 mm. Colour: Black

Ultimate AX-48 Pro Threaded Adapter

25.41 € Ultimate AX-48 Pro Threaded Adapter - fits to Ultimate AX-48 Pro stand, mit 5/8" thread

Ultimate Bag-90

38.72 € Ultimate Bag 90 - zippered bag for TS-100B, TS-90B, TS-80B/TS-80S, and TS-70B, two carrying hand grips, dimensions: 267mm x 1257mm, colour: Black

Ultimate Bag-99

47.19 € Ultimate Bag 99 - padded and zippered bag for Apex AX-48 and Deltex DX-48 keyboard stand, also holds one TS-99 or TS-88 Speaker Stand. Dimensions: 267mm x 1537mm. Colour: Black

Ultimate TBR-130

39.93 € Ultimate TBR-130 Keyboard Stand Arm - pair, adds extra layer to Apex stand. Length: 330mm. Colour: Black

Ultimate TBR-180

43.56 € Ultimate TBR-180 - additional arms for Apex stand, extra long (457mm). Colour: Black

Ultimate Ulti-Boom Pro TB

39.93 € Ultimate Ulti-Boom Pro TB Microphone Boom Arm - telescopic, heavy counterweight, one hand adjustment of grade and turning, anodized aluminum, length: 508 - 889 mm, weight 0,9 kg

Ultimate VSIQ-200B

95.60 € Ultimate VSIQ-200B - Professional Second Tier for V-Stand Pro

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