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K&M 174 Accordion Stand

314.00 € K & M 174 Accordion stands,top half is with a pivoted design, horizontal and vertical adjustment, floor leveling screw, height: 730-1135 mm, bearing width: from 135 to 250mm, run length: 380-58... Loe edasi

K&M 28070 Hackbrett Stand

175.00 € K&M of 28070 hackbrett-stands, black, editions with felt undelays , in depth and inclination adjustable, foldable, Vertical adjustment from 700 to 1020 mm. depth from 445 to 665 mm. Weight: 7,2... Loe edasi

Salvi CR0001 Trolley for Harps

466.00 € Salvi CR0001 Trolley for harp transportation, two wheels.

Salvi CR0002 Six Wheels Trolley

497.00 € Salvi CR0002 Six Wheels Trolley, trolley for harp transportation, 6 wheels, dimensions: 33 x 55 x 106cm ( l x w x h ), dimensions of the instrument compartment: 15,5 x 43cm ( l x w ), weigth: 10,9kg.

Salvi Tripod Stand for Delta Harp

220.00 € Salvi Tripod Stand for Salvi Delta, extendible from approx. 60cm to 120cm, extendible metal tripod stand.

Salvi Wooden Saddle for Delta Harp

433.00 € Salvi Black Wooden Saddle for Delta Harp, approx. 60 x 40cm.

Thomann Chinese GuZheng Stand

53.24 € Thomann Chinese GuZheng Stand, two wooden stand with different sizes (boxwood). Stand 1: height 54,5cm, foot-width 29cm. Stand 2: height 58cm, foot-width 31,5cm. Color: brown.

Äolis Klangspiele Mandala Wooden Stand

56.87 € Äolis Klangspiele Mandala Wooden Stand, stand for Mandala harp.

Äolis Klangspiele Munkepunk Wooden Stand

59.29 € Äolis Klangspiele Munkepunk Wooden Stand, stand for Munkepunk dream harp.

Äolis Klangspiele Murmel Wooden Stand

56.87 € Äolis Klangspiele Murmel Wooden Stand, stand for Murmel children`s harp.

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