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Äolis Klangspiele Mandala Wooden Stand

60.28 € Äolis Klangspiele Mandala Wooden Stand, Mandala Wooden Stand, Stand for Mandal harp

K&M 115/15 Music Holder Hackbrett

41.83 € K&M 115/15 Music Holder Hackbrett, Music Stand for Dulcimer (K&M 28070), With great support angle, Bolted onto dulcimer stand, Foldable, Weight: 0.95 kg, NA: 490 x 240 mm, Black

K&M 174 Accordion Stand

367.00 € K&M 174 Accordion Stand, Accordion Stand, Swiveling upper section, Horizontal and vertical adjustment, Floor leveling screw, Height: From 730 to 1135 mm, Support width: From 135 to 250 mm, Sup... Loe edasi

K&M Hammered Dulcimer Stand

178.00 € K&M 28070, Dulcimer Stand, Supports covered with felt, Adjustable in depth and inclination (up to 45°), Height adjustment from 700 - 1050 mm, Support depth from 445 - 665 mm, Foldable, Weig... Loe edasi

Salvi CR0001 Trolley for Harps

546.00 € Salvi CR0001 Trolley for Harps, Trolley, For transporting harps, Two wheels

Salvi CR0002 Six Wheels Trolley

641.00 € Salvi CR0002 Six Wheels Trolley, Trolley for transporting harps, Dimensions for instrument holder (L x W): 15.5 x 43 cm, 6 wheels, Dimensions (L x W x H): 33 x 55 x 106 cm, Weight: 10.9 kg

Salvi Tripod Stand for Delta Harp

206.00 € Salvi Tripod Stand for Delta Harp, Tripod stand for Salvi Delta harp, Extendable from approx. 60 - 120cm, Material: Metal

Scala Vilagio Sonata Instrument Stand

176.00 € Scala Vilagio Sonata Instrument Stand, Stand, For the Sonata table harp, Stable adjustable metal stand with wood covering

String Swing CC01D Dulcimer Wall Hanger OAK

24.48 € String Swing CC01D Dulcimer Wall Hanger OAK, Wall Hanger for Dulcimer, Mounting plate made of oak wood, For easy access and presentation of the instrument, Incl. mounting material, Made in USA@+@+... Loe edasi

Suzuki A-Shaped Stands for Koto

333.00 € Suzuki A-Shaped Stands for Koto, Stands for Koto, 2 Stands, Suitable for Koto Ryogi and Koto Shaku

Suzuki Shamisen Stand

72.58 € Suzuki Shamisen Stand, Stand for Shamisen, Foldable stand for shamisen, Height adjustable, Foldable feet

Suzuki Stand for Koto Ryuogi

280.00 € Suzuki Stand for Koto Ryuogi, Stand, For Koto Ryuogi, Stand made of laminated wood

Suzuki Standard Stand for Koto

60.28 € Suzuki Standard Stand for Koto, for playing the Koto in a sitting position, 1 piece.

Thomann Chinese GuZheng Stand

60.28 € Thomann Chinese GuZheng Stand, GuZheng stand, Consisting of two separate wooden stands of different sizes (boxwood), Stand 1: Height 54,5 cm, foot width 29 cm, Stand 2: Height 58 cm, foot width 31... Loe edasi

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