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K&K PowerMix Pure Mini Upgrade

296.00 € K&K PowerMix Pure Mini Upgrade from Pure Mini / 12-string, comes with installation kit, manual, onboard preamp and FanTaStick pickup.

K&K Pre-Phase Preamp

119.00 € K&K Pre-Phase Preamp, the Pre-Phase Preamp is a miniature, onboard preamp that provides volume control and a phase switch for Pure pickups. It provides truly astonishing sound quality in an ext... Loe edasi

K&K Preamp Power Supply

38.72 € K&K Preamp Power Supply, for 100 - 220 Volt supply voltage with 50 or 60hz AC, save batteries plus get better performance out of your preamp's circuit, this power supply provides 10.5 volts, wh... Loe edasi

K&K Pure Preamp

131.00 € K&K Pure Preamp, featuring +/-20 db bass, mid, and treble controls plus an internal gain trimmer, this belt clip unit has been specifically designed for the frequencies of the acoustic guitar b... Loe edasi

K&K Pure XLR Preamp

202.00 € K&K Pure XLR Preamp, the Pure XLR preamp has the same great sound and low noise circuitry as the Pure Preamp with the addition of a DI balanced XLR output and a phase switch, adjustable input g... Loe edasi

K&K Quantum Blender

382.00 € K&K Quantum Blender, two-channel preamp/mixer that provides all the control and features you could ever want to combine a piezo transducer with a microphone, magnetic pickup, or another piezo p... Loe edasi

K&K Quantum Blender Power Supply

36.18 € K&K Quantum Blender replacement power supply, 12V DC 2170mA, + inside, ø5,5 / 2,1mm

Schatten Design MicroPre Preamp One Channel

45.98 € Schatten Design MicroPre Platine Preamp One Channel, Specifications: single channel Jfet preamp, input - single channel in, output - single channel out, input impedance - up to 10 MOhm, output impe... Loe edasi

TAP 9V Power Supply

18.03 € TAP 9V Power Supply, fits all Tap preamps and effects, with stabilized output at 9 volts, and constand current of 400 mA.

TAP Bouzouki Reverb

152.00 € TAP Bouzouki Reverb, digital reverb for bouzouki and all kinds of similar acoustic folkinstruments, Level: controls the output level of the reverb effect, Tone: controls the amount of high and low ... Loe edasi

TAP Octave for Clarinet & Violin

163.00 € TAP Octave for Clarinet & Violin, this system is a low-noise type octaver that can produce notes one octave lower, and more octaves higher than a direct clarinet/violin sound. Moreover, this pr... Loe edasi

TAP Pre-B Preamplifier

71.39 € TAP Pre-B Preamplifier, dynamic small size pre-amp of extremely low noise, low impedance output matches all amplifiers and consoles inputs, input can receive any pickup or transducer, with volume a... Loe edasi

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