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K&K Pure Preamp

144.00 € K&K Pure Preamp, Preamp for acoustic instruments, Specially designed for acoustic guitars, but also very well suited for many other acoustic instruments, Excellently suited in combination with... Loe edasi

K&K Pure XLR Preamp

223.00 € K&K Pure XLR Preamp, Preamp, Same sound behavior as the Pure Preamp, With additional DI balanced XLR output and phase inversion switch, Adjustable input volume, Wide frequency range, Bass, mid... Loe edasi

K&K Quantum Blender

420.00 € " K&K Quantum Blender, 2-channel preamp / mixer, For the combination of a piezo pickup with a microphone, with a magnetic pickup or with another piezoceramic pickup, Channel 1 can optionally be... Loe edasi

Schatten Design MicroPre Preamp One Channel

47.98 € Schatten Design MicroPre Preamp One Channel, PCB Preamp, Single channel JFET board preamplifier, Input impedance: up to 10 MOhm, Output impedance: less than 3.5 KOhm, Operating time with 9V alkali... Loe edasi

TAP 9V Power Supply

15.87 € TAP 9V Power Supply, AC adapter, For all tap preamps and effects units, Power supply with stabilized output at 9 volts and constant current of 400 mA

TAP Pre-B Preamplifier

66.43 € TAP Pre-B Preamplifier, Preamp, Dynamic, small preamplifier, Suitable for all pickups and transducers, Low impedance output, Suitable for all amplifier and console inputs, With volume and bass / t... Loe edasi

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