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Guntram Wolf - Basson S 2000 Plus

Guntram Wolf - Basson S 2000 Plus
Hind: 9381.00  
Tootekood: 455710
Tarneaeg: 1-3 nädalat (Eeldatav saabumine 30.09 - 04.10.19)
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Guntram Wolf Bassoon S 2000 Plus, from long-seasoned sycamore maple from slowly growing layers, with the S 2000 plus models exclusively specially selected woods are used, these give the instrument its individual sound characteristic, by a special dip treatment of the wood the vibration behavior was additionally improved, wings and first boot hole are poured out, the surface is finished with a resistant silk matt finish, the complete mechanism is equipped with a protected, wear-resistant bearing system (LC-bearing system) instead of the conventional, vulnerable pointed screw bearing (permanently rattle-free and no adjustment necessary), the axes and springs are made of stainless steel, 3D - adjustable piano lid (adaptable to all manufacturers' S-bows), left hand: tone holes 1, 2, 3 with glasses for cis / dis-trill, e / fis-trill, high-e-flap, real hand: cis-trill, Tonloch 4, Tonloch 5 with spectacle ring for Ho ch-g, front b-pusher, g-flap, 7 castors (es, cis, front fis, f, ace, rear fis, piano pushers), helpful adjustment screws for low-D and for high-g-goggles, acoustic bass D-enhancement, weight: ca. 3,0 kg, incl. Bag, 2 S-bows (nickel silver, high gloss silvered length 2 and 3) and accessories

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