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Guntram Wolf - Basson S 2000

Guntram Wolf - Basson S 2000
Hind: 6840.00  
Tootekood: 455708
Tarneaeg: Ei ole saadaval
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Guntram Wolf Bassoon S 2000, from long-seasoned sycamore maple from slow-growing layers, wooden body is made using various CNC machines for the highest possible fit and repeat accuracy, wing and the first boot hole are completely poured out and thus completely moisture resistant, wooden surface is a robust all finger holes are equipped with protruding sleeves made of natural rubber, leaf springs, axles and pointed screws are made of stainless steel for maximum longevity and value retention, 3D-adjustable piano mechanics (adaptable to S-bows of all manufacturers), left hand: tone holes 1, 2, 3 with glasses for cis / dis-trill, e / fis-trill, little finger left hand: low-es and cis with castors, left thumb: high-d, c and a-grinding flap, cis-flap, piano-flap, Low-D, C (with additional plate), H and B, right-hand: cis-trill-flap, tone-hole 4, tone-hole 5 with brill en-ring for high-g, g-flap, pinkie right-hand: F, Ace, Fis, each with castors, low-D and high-g-gland adjustment screws, left thumb flaps and B and E flaps for right thumb are ergonomically designed, all flaps are high-gloss silver plated, weight: ca. 2,9 kg, incl. bag, S-bow (nickel silver, high gloss silver plated) and accessories

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