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Access Rack Mount Kit Ti2 Desktop

42.35 € Access rackmount kit for Virus TI2 Desktop

Akai EWM-1 Mouthpiece

24.19 € Akai EWM-1 Moutpiece for EWI-Series, Spare Part

Analogue Solutions Nyborg Rack Ears

59.29 € Analogue Solutions Nyborg Rack Ears, Rack mounting bracket (set) for 2x Nyborg 12 or 24; Material: aluminium; Set with 2 mounting brackets; Including screws

Analogue Solutions Nyborg Wood

78.66 € Analogue Solutions Nyborg Wood, Wooden side panels for Analogue Solutions Nyborg 12 and 24; Suitable for Analogue Solutions Nyborg 12 and 24; Set consisting of 2 wooden side panels

Analogue Solutions Telemark Rack Ears

47.19 € Analogue Solutions Telemark/Megacity Rack Ears, Rack Mounting Kit for Telemark Rack and Megacity, contains 2 Rack Ears

Analogue Solutions Telemark Wood Side Panels

71.39 € Analogue Solutions Telemark/Megacity Wood Side Panels, for Telemark Rack and Megacity, contains 2 Wood Side Panels

Aodyo Sylphyo Mouthpiece

22.99 € Aodyo Sylphyo Mouthpiece; for Sylphyo Wireless MIDI Controller, spare part

Behringer DeepMind 6-TB

71.39 € Behringer DeepMind 6-TB, transport bag for Deepmind 6, water resistant, rugged black multi-layer nylon outer material prevents ingress of dirt and dust, thick interior foam padding provides superio... Loe edasi

Bespoke Behringer Model-D Rack Ears

47.19 € Bespoke Behringer Model-D Rack Ears; 19" Rack Ears for Behringer Model-D; Powder-Coated metal; Made in UK; Weight: 450 g

Bespoke Behringer Neutron Rack Ears

47.19 € Bespoke Behringer Neutron Rack Ears; 19" Rack Ears for Behringer Neutron

Clavia Nord Half Moon Switch

173.00 € Clavia Nord Half Moon Switch, Half Moon Leslie Switch, offers 3 speed settings (slow - stop - fast); Compatible products: Nord C1 Combo Organ; Nord C2 Combo Organ; Nord C2D; Nord Electro 5D 61 &... Loe edasi

Clavia Nord Music Stand V2

83.50 € Clavia Nord Music Stand V2 - music stand for Nord C2 Combo O rgan, Nord C2D, Nord Electro 3 HP, Nord Electro 4 HP, Nord E lectro 5 HP, Nord Electro 6 HP; Nord Electro 6, Nord Piano 8 8, Nord Piano ... Loe edasi

Clavia Nord Pedal Key 27

1542.00 € Clavia Nord Pedal Key 27 - MIDI pedal board with 27x keys and integrated swell pedal. Range: C2 to D4, MIDI notes: 36 to 6, aluminium chassis. Weight: 15.5kg

CME Xcable

59.29 € CME Xcable; Breakout adapter cable for Xkey37 LE (item number: 434621); additional connectors for Xkey37 LE; 6.35mm jack connector for sustain pedal; 6.35mm jack connector for expression pedal; 5-p... Loe edasi


71.39 € CME XClip; Guitar end pin option for CME XKey Air; turns Xkey Air 25 or Xkey Air 37 into a Keytar; 2 aluminium bars (alternative lengths); 2 guitar end pins; easy mounting; optional standard guitar... Loe edasi

Crumar Half-Moon 3-way Rotary Switch

78.66 € Crumar "Half-Moon" switch fits Crumar Mojo, three positions "Slow" - "Stop" - "Fast", attached TRS jack cable, screws inculded

Crumar MOJO Editor

169.00 € Crumar MOJO Editor; for use with Crumar Mojo (requires Software VB3CE2 Version 2.21 (Mojo & Hamichord) and Firmware Version 2.5 for Mojo)

Dave Smith Instruments Rack-Kit Prophet 12 Module

70.18 € Dave Smith Instruments Rack-Kit for Prophet 12 Module, contains: 1 set of rack ears (left and right), 1 ventilated 1U rack panel, 4 black 8-32 1/4" undercut screws

Doepfer A-100 MVG

30.25 € Doepfer A-100 MVG; Accessory Set for Monster Cases; contains two straight connectors with 4 screws and 4 washers

Doepfer A-100Ad5

18.15 € Doepfer A-100AD5, + 5V Adapter for A-100 Systems

Doepfer Cable Set for DIY Synth Kit

24.20 € Doepfer Cable Set for DIY Synthesizer Kit, Cable set (two ribbon cables with 16 pins and five with 10 pins, each ~ 50 cm long, with assembled dual row female connectors on one side, the other side ... Loe edasi

Doepfer Connection cable PD/3

12.10 € Doepfer Connection cable PD/3, connection cable for bass pedal PD/3 (50cm, 16 pins), Spare Part

Doepfer CTM 64 Cable Set

24.20 € Doepfer CTM 64, Cable Set for Contact to Midi, Universal Midi-Out

Doepfer Dark Energy Glide Option

12.10 € Doepfer Glide Option Dark Energy, Option for Doepfer Dark Energy, Portamento-Effect

Doepfer DIY with Tempco

143.00 € Doepfer DIY with Tempco - synthesizer kit with Temperature Compensation (Tempco). Contains PC board only. Note: This kit is intended for experienced users only, definitely unsuitable for beginners!... Loe edasi

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