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Adam Hall SLED PS USB Power Adapter

7.14 € Adam Hall SLED PS USB, 5 Volt USB-DC powersupply suitable for all SLED lamps, 800 mA +/- 30 mH, DC connector

Ansmann Home Charger 254PD

43.44 € Ansmann Home Charger 254PD PowerDelivery (PD) charger 60W for the socket with a charging current of 5400 mA and a USB and Type-C (PD) port, the automatic control of output voltage and current prote... Loe edasi

Ansmann In-Car Charger 224

9.08 € Ansmann In-Car Charger 224, charger for the car with a charging current of 2400 mA and two USB ports, automatic control of output voltage and current protects the end device and the charger against... Loe edasi

Ansmann WiLine 10

30.13 € Ansmann WiLine 10, wireless charger, compatible with all inductive Qi-compatible smartphones and Qi receivers, USB to Type-C charging cable included, input 5-9V DC 2A, output 5-9V DC 1,2A, power su... Loe edasi

ART Power Supply for Tube MP

24.08 € ART Tube MP Power Supply; fits for Tube MP, Tube MP Studio V3, Tube MP Project Series, Tube MP Project Series USB; 9V AC / 1000 mA

Behringer PSU-HSB-All

16.94 € Behringer PSU-HSB-All universal power supply, output 9 V DC, 1,7 A, 100 - 240 V/50Hz AC, incl. all-country mains adapters, incl. 5 daisy-chain connectors

Behringer PSU10-EU DSP110 and FBQ100

14.52 € Behringer PSU10-EU Power Supply for DSP110 and FBQ100

Boss PSA 230S Power Supply

35.09 € Boss (Roland) PSA 230S, stabilized switch mode power supply, 9V DC, 500mA, polarity minus inside, 2.1/5.5mm connector (i nside/outside), 205 cm cable lenght, power LED, weight: 142 g

DiGiCo Digigrid MGO Power Supply

30.25 € DiGiCo Digigrid MGO Power Supply for Digigrid MGO Madi Optical; Spare Part

Digitech A PS 913 DC Power Supply UK

24.08 € A Digitech PS 913 power supply; UK; 9V AC / DC, 1300 mA, 2.1 mm x 5.5 mm plug, inside minus outside plus, UK version

DirectOut External PSU EXBOX Series

93.60 € DirectOut External PSU EXBOX Series, external powersupply, compatible to EXBOX.64, EXBOX.ADAT, E XBOX.AES, E XBOX.MIDICOM, E XBOX.BLDS, EXBOX.GPIO and all DC Versions from the MA2CHBOX Series, 12V,... Loe edasi

Fischer Amps DC-Power Supply

36.18 € FISCHER DC-power supply 9V, for In-Ear Monitor BP, with lockable plug, cable length: around 1,8 meters

Fun Generation USB Mix Power Supply

11.98 € Fun Generation ZEG-120V0500-A, power supply for USB Mix2 and Mix 3, 12V, AC, 500mA, mini jack.

Golden Age Project PSAC

120.00 € Golden Age Project PSAC, external power supply for up to 4 Golden Age Project half rack units that uses 24V AC / 500mA, Attention - mains power cable is not included!

iConnectivity Power Supply iConnectAUDIO2+

42.35 € iConnectivity Power Supply iConnectAUDIO2+; optional Power Supply for iConnectivity iConnectAUDIO2+ (also for mio4 and mio10), DC 9V/18W

iConnectivity Power Supply iConnectMIDI2+

36.18 € iConnectivity Power Supply iConnectMIDI2+; optional Power Su pply for iConnectivity iConnectMIDI2+, DC 6V 3A

IK Multimedia PSU 3A

56.87 € IK Multimedia PSU 3A; external original power supply for IK Multimedia iRig Pro I/O (item 406088); Apple MFi certified; enables charging iOS devices during operation with iRig Pro I/O; output: 5V D... Loe edasi

IK Multimedia PSU 9175

56.87 € IK Multimedia PSU 9175; external original power supply for IK Multimedia iAXE I/O, iRig Pro Duo und iRig Micro Amp; output: 9 V DC, 1,75 A

KapegoLED Power Supply HV DMX 24V/135W

90.76 € KapegoLED Power Supply HV DMX 12V/135W, Constant voltage 24V power supply with DMX controller, for RGB LED stripes, comb ines two devices in one and is therefore very space-saving, including a 2,0 ... Loe edasi

Ketron Midjay Power Supply

99.23 € Ketron Midjay Power Supply, output 5V, 4A, 20 W max., Pol. Plus innen, suitable for Midjay and Midjay plus, attention - no power-cable included

Ketron Midjpro/SD40/SD9 Power Supply

124.00 € Ketron Midjpro/SD40/SD9 Power Supply - suitable for Midjay and Midjay plus, 9V, 4,45 A, 40W max, polarity + inside, no power-cable included

LD Systems FX 300 PS

19.24 € LD Systems FX 300 PS; suitable power supply for LD Systems FX 300; input voltage: 100 - 240 V; output connectors: 2,1 x 5,5mm; output voltage: 9 V; output current max: 500 mA; weight: 0,06kg

Lindy Power Supply 5V DC2A

19.97 € Lindy Power Supply for Lindy 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub, Euro Power Supply 5V DC 2A, Cable Length approx. 1.5m

MeanWell HDR-60-12 Power Supply 4,5A

41.14 € MeanWell powersupply HDR-60-12, 12Volt,DC 4,5 Ampere, overheat protect and shortcutprotect

MeanWell HDR-60-24 Power Supply

41.14 € MeanWell powersupply HDR-60-24, 24Volt,DC 2,5 Ampere, overheat protect and shortcutprotect

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