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Adam Hall SLED PS USB Power Adapter

7.02 € Adam Hall SLED PS USB, 5 Volt USB-DC powersupply suitable for all SLED lamps, 800 mA +/- 30 mH, DC connector


6.53 € Adam Hall SLED PS USB UK, 5 Volt USB-DC powersupply suitable for all SLED lamps, 800 mA +/- 30 mH, DC connector, Version for UK!

Ansmann Home Charger 254PD

42.35 € Ansmann Home Charger 254PD PowerDelivery (PD) charger 60W for the socket with a charging current of 5400 mA and a USB and Type-C (PD) port, the automatic control of output voltage and current prote... Loe edasi

Ansmann In-Car Charger 224

8.83 € Ansmann In-Car Charger 224, charger for the car with a charging current of 2400 mA and two USB ports, automatic control of output voltage and current protects the end device and the charger against... Loe edasi

Ansmann WiLine 10

29.41 € Ansmann WiLine 10, wireless charger, compatible with all inductive Qi-compatible smartphones and Qi receivers, USB to Type-C charging cable included, input 5-9V DC 2A, output 5-9V DC 1,2A, power su... Loe edasi

ART Power Supply for Tube MP

23.48 € ART Tube MP Power Supply; fits for Tube MP, Tube MP Studio V3, Tube MP Project Series, Tube MP Project Series USB; 9V AC / 1000 mA

Behringer PSU-HSB-All

16.58 € Behringer PSU-HSB-All universal power supply, output 9 V DC, 1,7 A, 100 - 240 V/50Hz AC, incl. all-country mains adapters, incl. 5 daisy-chain connectors

Behringer PSU10-EU DSP110 and FBQ100

14.16 € Behringer PSU10-EU Power Supply for DSP110 and FBQ100

Boss PSA 230S Power Supply

33.88 € Boss (Roland) PSA 230S, stabilized switch mode power supply, 9V DC, 500mA, polarity minus inside, 2.1/5.5mm connector (i nside/outside), 205 cm cable lenght, power LED, weight: 142 g

DiGiCo Digigrid MGO Power Supply

29.53 € DiGiCo Digigrid MGO Power Supply for Digigrid MGO Madi Optical; Spare Part

Digitech A PS 913 DC Power Supply UK

23.48 € A Digitech PS 913 power supply; UK; 9V AC / DC, 1300 mA, 2.1 mm x 5.5 mm plug, inside minus outside plus, UK version

DirectOut External PSU EXBOX Series

90.76 € DirectOut External PSU EXBOX Series, external powersupply, compatible to EXBOX.64, EXBOX.ADAT, EXBOX.AES, EXBOX.MIDICOM, EXBOX.BLDS, EXBOX.GPIO and all DC Versions from the MA2CHBOX Series, 12V, 2,... Loe edasi

Ferrofish Power Supply A32

45.98 € Ferrofish Power Supply; compatible with Ferrofish A32, A32 Dante, Pulse 16, Pulse 16 MX and Verto-Series, 12V / 3A; Spare Part

Fischer Amps DC-Power Supply

35.09 € FISCHER DC-power supply 9V, for In-Ear Monitor BP, with lockable plug, cable length: around 1,8 meters

Fun Generation USB Mix Power Supply

11.74 € Fun Generation ZEG-120V0500-A, power supply for USB Mix2 and Mix 3, 12V, AC, 500mA, mini jack.

Golden Age Project PSAC

117.00 € Golden Age Project PSAC, external power supply for up to 4 Golden Age Project half rack units that uses 24V AC / 500mA, Attention - mains power cable is not included!

Harley Benton PowerPlant ISO-Adapter 12

11.74 € Harley Benton PowerPlant ISO-Adapter 12, spare power supply for PowerPlant ISO-12 Pro,12V DC @ 3000 mA

iConnectivity Power Supply iConnectMIDI2+

35.09 € iConnectivity Power Supply iConnectMIDI2+; optional Power Su pply for iConnectivity iConnectMIDI2+, DC 6V 3A

IK Multimedia PSU 3A

55.66 € IK Multimedia PSU 3A; external original power supply for IK Multimedia iRig Pro I/O (item 406088); Apple MFi certified; enables charging iOS devices during operation with iRig Pro I/O; output: 5V D... Loe edasi

IK Multimedia PSU 9175

55.66 € IK Multimedia PSU 9175; external original power supply for IK Multimedia iAXE I/O, iRig Pro Duo und iRig Micro Amp; output: 9 V DC, 1,75 A

KapegoLED Power Supply HV DMX 24V/135W

88.34 € KapegoLED Power Supply HV DMX 12V/135W, Constant voltage 24V power supply with DMX controller, for RGB LED stripes, comb ines two devices in one and is therefore very space-saving, including a 2,0 ... Loe edasi

Ketron Midjay Power Supply

93.18 € Ketron Midjay Power Supply, output 5V, 4A, 20 W max., Pol. Plus innen, suitable for Midjay and Midjay plus, attention - no power-cable included

Ketron Midjpro/SD40/SD9 Power Supply

121.00 € Ketron Midjpro/SD40/SD9 Power Supply - suitable for Midjay and Midjay plus, 9V, 4,45 A, 40W max, polarity + inside, no power-cable included

LD Systems FX 300 PS

18.76 € LD Systems FX 300 PS; suitable power supply for LD Systems FX 300; input voltage: 100 - 240 V; output connectors: 2,1 x 5,5mm; output voltage: 9 V; output current max: 500 mA; weight: 0,06kg

Lindy Power Supply 5V DC2A

19.48 € Lindy Power Supply for Lindy 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub, Euro Power Supply 5V DC 2A, Cable Length approx. 1.5m

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