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Alfons Neumann Alphorn Stand Wood

193.00 € Alfons Neumann Alphorn Stand Wood, Alphorn Stand, For three-part instruments, Made of wood

BG France A43 Stand for Oboe

11.98 € BG France A43 Stand for Oboe, Stand for Oboe, Sophisticated design that allows the stand to be folded flat, Perfect for putting in the front pocket of your oboe case, Easy to set up and very stabl... Loe edasi

Care for Winds Stick French Horn

83.50 € Care for Winds Stick French Horn, Stick for French horn, Playing support for each horn player, Complete relief of the upper body, as the weight of the horn is passed to the thigh, A straight postu... Loe edasi

Gator Frameworks A-Frame Stand French Horn

27.71 € Gator Frameworks A-Frame Stand French Horn, Stand for French Horn, For french horn in standard size, Rubberised support, Foldable and adjustable, Non-slip rubber feet, Powder-coated steel construc... Loe edasi

Hercules Stands DS501B Peg Trumpet /Cornet

13.19 € Hercules Stands DS501B Peg for Trumpet/Cornett, Attachment, For trumpet or cornet stands, Due to the height adjustment lever, the cone can be adjusted to different bell sizes, The support surface ... Loe edasi

Hercules Stands DS503B Peg Soprano /Flugelhorn

13.19 € Hercules Stands DS503B Attachment Sopr./Flgh., Attachment, For soprano sax or flugelhorn, The height adjustment lever is used to adjust the cone to different bel sizes, The support surface is cove... Loe edasi

Hercules Stands DS504B Peg Piccolo Flute

11.98 € Hercules Stands DS504B Attachment PiccoloFlute, Attachment, For piccolo

Hercules Stands DS550B French Horn Stand

35.09 € Hercules Stands DS550B French Horn Stand, Stand, For French horn, Weight: 0.9 kg, Folded size: 280 x 95 mm

Hercules Stands DS551B Sousaphone Stand

103.00 € Hercules Stands DS551B Sousaphone Stand, Stand, For Sousaphone, Height: 1110 mm, Weight: 4.7 kg, Folded size: 860 x 240 mm

Hercules Stands DS602B Peg Flute /Clarinet

13.19 € Hercules Stands DS602B Attachment Flute/Clar., Cone, For clarinet and flute

Hercules Stands HCHA-100 Mute Holder

32.55 € Hercules Stands HCHA-100 Mute Holder, Mute Holder, Ring diameter: 1 x 47.5 mm, 2 x 63 mm and 1 x 74 mm, Dimensions folded: 100 x 250 mm, Load capacity: 5 kg, Fits almost all microphone stands and ... Loe edasi

K&M 11900

152.00 € K&M 11900, Acoustic Monitoring Screen, For wind instruments, Curved Plexiglas pane, double-sided use possible (concave, convex), Extendable tube combination, Ecrewable prism connection between... Loe edasi

K&M 14102

26.62 € K&M 14102, Carrying bag for various instrument stands, Suitable for K&M 15010, 15060, 14100 and 14110, Made of tear-resistant nylon fabric, Water repellent, With a zipper through the full-... Loe edasi

K&M 149/3 MKII Sousaphon Stand

151.00 € K&M 149/3 MKII Sousaphon Stand, Sousaphone Stand, Black, Small collapsible stand, Tiltable instrument holder, To protect the instrument, the instrument holders are covered with elastic rubber,... Loe edasi

K&M 14920 Tenor Horn Stand Set

120.00 € K&M 14920 Tenor Horn Stand Set@+*Bundle offer comprising*, K&M 14920 Tenorhorn Stand, Stand for Tenor Horn, Black steel stand for hanging up tenor horn, baritone, alto horn of oval or Engl... Loe edasi

K&M 14922

30.25 € K&M 14922, Carrying Bag for Tenor Horn Stand 14920, Tear-resistant nylon fabric, Water repellent, Zipper, 2 Carrying straps, Dimensions: 670 x 150 x 130 mm, Colour: Black

K&M 15233 English-Horn stand

19.36 € K&M 15233 English-Horn stand, English Horn Stand, 4-Leg construction made of sturdy zinc die-cast feet for optimum stability, The felt pad also protects the instrument from scratching, Assembl... Loe edasi

K&M 15910

26.62 € K&M 15910, Mute Holder, Flexible holder for 3 mutes for clamping to tripod tubes with a diameter of 7 - 30 mm, Diameter shock absorbers: 2 x 80 mm, 1 x 60 mm, Rubber coated, Optional 60 mm and... Loe edasi

K&M 15915 mute holder 60mm

8.35 € K&M 15915 mute holder 60mm, Mute holder, Suitable for mutes with 60 mm diameter, Suitable for K&M 15910 (Art. #362964#)

K&M 15915 mute holder 95mm

10.77 € K&M 15915, Mute Holder, Suitable for mutes with a diameter of 95 mm, Suitable for the K&M 15910 (Art.#362964#), Includes screw

K&M 15920

48.28 € K&M 15920, practical stand for up to 3 mutes of trumpet, cornet or horn, U-profile legs with cross braces, height: 610 - 940 mm, dimensions folded: 635 x 80 x 80 mm, colour black

K&M 17731 Englisch Horn Peg

15.13 € K&M 17731 Englisch Horn Peg, English Horn Peg, Plastic peg with felt ring to protect the instrument, With M5 threaded bolt, Weight: 0.1 kg, Colour: Black, Lower diameter: 3 cm, Upper diameter:... Loe edasi

K&M 17738 Oboe Peg

13.31 € K&M 17738 Oboe Peg, Oboe Peg, Black plastic peg, With M5-threaded bolt, Weight: 0.1 kg, Colour: Black

K&M 18020 Stand for Oboe

22.99 € K&M 18020 Stand for Oboe, Stand, For oboe, The world-renowned 4-foot base made of stable zinc die-cast feet guarantees the best stability now also as an oboe stand, For transport inside the in... Loe edasi

Millenium TF-1 Universal Stand

19.36 € Millenium TF-1 Universal Stand, Universal Stand, Dimensions when folded: 37 x 10 cm, Includes second rubber cover@+*Suitable for one of the following instruments:*@+@+, Trumpet, Cornet, Flugelhorn... Loe edasi

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