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Alexander Pedals Colour Theory Step Sequencer

246.00 € Alexander Pedals Colour Theory, effects pedal, programmable 8 step sequencer with a powerful effects processor, selectable parameters for each step, 4 presets (up to 16 with external MIDI controlle... Loe edasi

Alexander Pedals Syntax Error S&H/Samp. Crusher

232.00 € Alexander Pedals Syntax Error, effects pedal, sample & hold LFO and sample crusher, 4 effect modes (Stretch, Cube, Ring, Freq), 4 presets (up to 16 with external MIDI controller), controls: sam... Loe edasi

Amptweaker Curveball Junior

286.00 € Amptweaker Curveball Junior - Mini 3-Band EQ / Boost, EQ / boost effects pedal, active 3-band EQ, 2 function footswitch - press for EQ - hold for Boost mode, works great with guitar, bass, acoustic... Loe edasi

Amptweaker DepthFinder

149.00 € Amptweaker DepthFinder Resonance/Presence EQ; EQ effects pedal, active 2-band boost-only EQ; for more resonant low end and extreme high end; high input impedance for use in front of amps; always-on... Loe edasi

Amptweaker PressuRizer Compressor

318.00 € Amptweaker PressuRizer - Compressor / Boost, compressor / boost effects pedal, compressor/sustainer circuit with built-in output FET limiter/booster, parallel studio-grade compression, 2 function f... Loe edasi

Amptweaker SwirlPool

435.00 € Amptweaker SwirlPool - 2-Speed Tremolo & Vibe, tremolo / vibrato effects pedal, analog operation, based on synchronized amp tremolos and vibratos, 2 integrated effects loops, LED lit knobs (whe... Loe edasi

AMT Pangaea CP-100

221.00 € AMT Pangaea CP-100 cabinet emulator and 5-band equalizer, load up to 100 IRs (impulse responses) into the internal memory (via usb), no special software needed - the CP-100 is recognized as a norma... Loe edasi


318.00 € AMT SS-20 Pedal - 3-channel valve preamp with 1x solid state 12AX7 valve, separate EQ for clean and overdrive channels, adjustable gain, 2x outputs (amp out and cabinet simulation out), includes 12... Loe edasi

Artec Noise Gate

47.19 € Artec Noise Gate Pedal - noise gate/compressor/limiter with control for sensitivity and output, powered via 9V battery or external power supply (not included), heavy-duty metal enclosure. Dimension... Loe edasi

Beetronics Swarm - Fuzz Harmonizer

329.00 € Beetronics Swarm - Fuzz Harmonizer; Effekt Pedal; Analogue controllable fuzz level on the input signal (worker); 9 selectable harmonic voices (species); available harmonic voices: Large second, maj... Loe edasi

Behringer CL9 Compressor Limiter

25.41 € Behringer CL9 Compressor/Limiter - controls: sustain, level, attack time. Powered by 9V battery or power supply (Thomann NT AC/PSA, not included, order code: 409939).

Behringer CS400

25.41 € Behringer CS400, e-guitar effect, compressor/sustainer, 1x level control, 1x tone control, 1x attack control, 1x sustain control, blue status LED, powered with 9V battery or optionale power supply ... Loe edasi

Behringer TM300 Tube Amp Modeler

25.41 € Behringer TM300 Tube Amp Modeler Effectpedal, Authentic modeling technology for 3 classic guitar amps, 3 gain modes and 3 mic placements for a total of 27 configurations, control for Level-Low-High... Loe edasi

Behringer UO300

25.41 € Behringer UO300, e-guitar effect, ultra octaver, high/mid/lo switchable, 1x direct control, 1x Oct1-control, 1x Oct2-control, red status LED, powered with 9V battery or optionale power supply (not ... Loe edasi

Behringer UT300

25.41 € Behringer UT300, stompbox, tremolo, rate control, wave contorl, depth control, on/off/battery status LED, runs with 9V battery or DC power supply (both optional)

Behringer UV300 Ultra Vibrato

25.41 € Behringer UV300 Ultra Vibrato - controls: depth, rate, rise, mode. Powered by 9V battery or optional power supply (Thomann NT AC/PSA, order code: 409939).

Boss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator

154.00 € Boss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator, effects pedal, simulates the typical sound of an acoustic guitar, four simulation modes are available: Standard, Jumbo, Enhanced and Piezo, built-in reverb, optimized ... Loe edasi

Boss CE-2w

208.00 € Boss CE-2w, floor effect unit, Waza Craft series, chorus and vibrato effects of the legenday CE-1 und CE-2 pedals in stereo quality, controls for rate and depth, 3 modes (standard, CE-1 chorus, CE-... Loe edasi

Boss CP-1X Compressor

169.00 € Boss CP-1X Compressor, effects pedal, multiband compressor, advanced dynamics control that never colors or muddies your tone thanks to Boss’s MDP technology, controls: Level, Attack, Ratio & S... Loe edasi

Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer

108.00 € Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer pedal, compresses louder signals while boosting lower signals, providing smooth sustain without degrading the original sound quality, controls: Level, Tone, Attack &... Loe edasi

Boss LS-2

119.00 € Boss LS-2 Line Selector (Floor-Unit), the easy way to switch settings among several effects or amplifiers, or route input and output signals, when used with an AC adaptor, the LS-2 can supply power... Loe edasi

Boss MO-2 Multi Overtone

152.00 € Boss MO-2 Multi Overtone, e-guitar effect, overtone generator, adds synthetic overtones to the guitar signal, MDP-technology, Custom-DSP-Chip, high dynamic range, 3 different sound modes, mono inpu... Loe edasi

Boss OC-3

141.00 € BOSS OC-3 Super Octave guitar/bass FX pedal - 3 modes: drive mode (adds distortion), OC-2 mode (1-2 octaves), polyphonic mode (can also process chords), dedicated guitar & bass inputs, automati... Loe edasi

Boss RC-3 Bundle

163.00 € Boss RC-3 Bundle containing BOSS RC-3 LOOP STATION (order code 259315), THOMANN NT 0910 AC/PSA (order code 409939)

Boss RC-3 Loop Station

156.00 € Boss RC-3 Loop Station, massive internal memory with up to three hours of stereo recording time, 99 onboard memories for storing loops, USB 2.0 port allows you to connect to a PC and import/export ... Loe edasi

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