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2box 12" Protection List

8.35 € 2box 12" Protection List, made of rubber, for 2Box 12" hi-hat cymbal pads

2box 14" Protection List

8.35 € 2box 14" Protection List, made of rubber, for 2Box 14" crash and ride cymbal pads

2box Rubber Ring for Trigger Pads

2.34 € 2box Rubberring for 2Box DrumIt Five snare and tompads,

Alesis E-Drum Multicore

71.39 € Alesis E-Drum Multicore, suitable for Alesis Alesis Command Kit, Crimson Mesh Kit, Forge Kit, Crimson II Mesh Kit, DM10 MKII Studio 

ATV Electrorganic aFrame Powerbank

47.19 € ATV Electrorganic aFrame power bank, mobile 4600 mAh lithium ion accumulator for ATV aFrame, can be used with aFrame up to 15 hours, including hook-and-loop tape and cable,

Meinl MPMGR Merger

59.29 € Meinl MPMGR Merger, merges multiple inputs to one output signal, 6 inputs for 6,3mm jack, 3,5mm AUX-input, XLR/jack combi-output,

Millenium HD-100 Rubber Spare Head

3.53 € Millenium Rubber replacement surface for HD-100 tom pad

Millenium HD-120 Multicore

24.08 € Millenium HD-120 Multicore, suitable for Millenium HD-120

Millenium MPS-150 Multicore

24.20 € Millenium MPS-150 Multicore for Millenium MPS-150 E-Drum Set

Millenium MPS-450 Cable Loom

30.25 € Millenium MPS-450 Cable Loom for Millenium MPS-450 drum module

Millenium MPS-500/750 Multicore

30.25 € Millenium MPS-500/750 Multicore for Millenium MPS-500 & MPS-750 E-Drum Set.

Millenium MPS-600 Multicore

53.24 € Millenium Multicore (Cabelset) for MPS-600-El.Drum Pads

Millenium MPS-850 Cable Loom

30.25 € Millenium MPS-850 Cable Loom for Millenium MPS-850 drum module, 25 pin to 7x stereo 1/4" and 2x mono 1/4 jack,

Roland CYM-10 Cymbal Part Set

11.98 € Roland CYM-10 Cymbal Part Set, this package includes three essential components; Stopper, Felt Washer, and Wing Nut. Compatible with all Roland CY cymbals

Roland FD-8 Hi-Hat Control. Actuator

26.50 € Roland FD-8 Hi-Hat Controller Actuator, C6200053R1, Fits FD-6, 7 & 8, HD-1, TD-1.

Roland Motion Sensor for VH-11

119.00 € Roland Motion Sensor, spare bottom part for Roland VH11 hi-hat pad

Roland TD-1 Multicore

58.08 € Roland TD-1 Multicore, only for the Roland TD-1K und TD-1KV E-Drum Set,

Roland TD-1DMK Multicore

78.66 € Roland TD-1DMK/TD-07K Multicore, only for Roland TD-1DMK and TD-07K E-Drum Set,

Roland V-Drum Cable 2m

10.77 € Roland V-Drum Cable 2m, 2m stereo cable to connect e-drum pads to any drum module, 1/4" male jack to 1/4" angled male jack

Roland V-Drum Cable 3,5m

11.98 € Roland V-Drum Cable 3,5m, stereo cable to connect e-drum pads to any drum module, 1/4" male jack to 1/4" angled male jack

Roland V-Drum Multicore

59.29 € Roland V-Drum Multicore, only for Roland TD-9/TD-11/TD-15/TD-17/TD-25/TD-27 E-Drum Sets,

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