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Art of Music Pin Drumset

18.03 € Art of Music Pin Drumset. High-quality drum- sticker in gold plated/rhodiniert (silver plated). dimensions circa: length 16mm, width 15mm

Rockys Belt Buckle Drumset

15.67 € Rockys Belt Buckle with Drumset, hard metal, Size 87 mm x 90 mm, suitable for all Rockys leather belt

Rockys Drum Tuning Key Wings

15.67 € Rockys Drum Tuning Key Wings, Drum Tuning Key, This practical jewelry pendant can also as a tuning key used for drums, design from both sides, including waxed fabric strap 80 cm length what is adju... Loe edasi

Rockys Necklace Drum Tuning Key

48.28 € Rockys Necklace: Drum Tuning Key with Leather Chain, Drum Tuning Key Wings with 70cm long leather chain, 6 mm thick black leather, end caps are made of stainless steel with stainless steel ring for... Loe edasi

Rockys Necklace with Drum Sticks

36.18 € Rockys Pendant with chain, drumsticks and chain made of 925 silver, size of the sticks 38 mm length with loop, silver necklace in 45 cm length, 1.4 mm width, with gift box

Rockys Pendant Drum Set

18.03 € Rockys Pendant Drum Set: Pendant Drumset, silver plated, rhodanized, partly gold plated, Very fine workmanship, Dimension: ca. 25 mm length-21 mm

Rockys Pendant Drum Sticks Large

12.04 € Rockys Pendant Drum Sticks Large: Length: 64 mm, 4 mm big Sticks, silver-plated

Rockys Pendant Drum Sticks Small

9.62 € Rockys Pendant Drum Sticks Small: High Quality, Pendant Drum Sticks, Silver Plated, Dimension: ca. 40 x 5 mm, 2 gram

Rockys Pendant Snare Drum

24.08 € Rockys Pendant Snare Drum, Pendant Snare Drum silver plated and black rhodanized, Very fine workmanship, High Quality and Design, Dimension :ca. 30 x 9,6 mm, Necklace: Item number: 317000 and 317005

Rockys Pin Drum Set

18.03 € Rockys Pin Drum Set: silver plated, rhodanized, partly gold plated, Very fine workmanship, Dimension: ca. 25 mm length-21 mm

Rockys Ring Drum Design 62

35.09 € Rockys Ring Drum Design 62, Ring with Drum Design, Ring design throughout running around with drum sets, material: Stainless steel, Inner diameter 19,7mm, width inside cambered 13 mm (rounded) for ... Loe edasi

Rockys Stud Earrings Drum Set Silver

18.03 € Rockys Stud Earrings Drum Set Silver, 925 silver, rhodium-plated, bass drum with black fur, size 9, 5 mm x 8 mm, with gift box

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