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Acus Stage Pre 3

538.00 € Acus Stage Pre 3, preamp for acoustic pa, guitar, vocals and other acoustic instruments, 3 separately adjustable channels, channel 1+2 with jack input, -10db switch, dain, high, mid high, mid low, ... Loe edasi

Acus Stage Pre 6

740.00 € Acus Stage Pre 6, preamp for acoustic pa, guitar, vocals and other acoustic instruments, 6 separately controlled channels, channel 1+4 with jack input, PRE/POST, -10dB switch, gain, high, mid high,... Loe edasi

Amt SS-11A

393.00 € Amt SS-11A 3-Channel Tubepreamp with 2x 12AX7, seprate EQ for Clean- and Overdrive-Channel, Gain-adjustable Lead-Boost, 2 Foot Switch for Crunch/Lead & Clean/Drive, 2 Outputs Amp Out and Cabine... Loe edasi


393.00 € AMT SS-11B - 3-channel valve preamp with 2x 12AX7 valves, separate EQ for clean and overdrive channels, adjustable gain, lead boost, 2x footswitches (crunch/lead & clean/drive), 2x outputs (amp... Loe edasi

aspen pittman designs DuoTonic

221.00 € aspen pittman designs DuoTonic guitar tone pedal, Tube-based preamp/overdrive/boost pedal. Designed to give cranked tube amp tones, pushed by an overdrive pedal. Two independant channels (tube and ... Loe edasi

Behringer V-AMP 3

126.00 € Behringer V-Amp 3 - 125 presets, 32 amp simulations, 15 speaker simulations, 16 effect combinations (including ping-pong delay, phaser, auto wah, rotary, tremolo, chorus, flanger), MIDI in/out, aux... Loe edasi

Behringer V-Amp3 Bundle

179.00 € Behringer V-Amp3 Bundle containing BEHRINGER V-AMP 3 (order code 231375), ROCKBAG RB 23020B FX PEDALBOARD BAG (order code 161686), THE SSSNAKE GKP6 (order code 157996)

Behringer V-Tone Guitar GDI21

38.72 € Behringer V-Tone Guitar GDI21, Analog guitar modeling preamp/stompbox with DI recording output, Authentic V-TONE modeling technology for 3 classic guitar amps, 3 gain modes and 3 mic placements for... Loe edasi

Boss GT-001

264.00 € Boss GT-001, desktop multieffect, Premium amp-models and effects from GT-100, COSM amp modelling and multi dimensional processing effects, flexible amp and effect routing with 2 signal channels, US... Loe edasi

Boss GT-100 Bundle

493.00 € Boss GT-100 Bundle containing BOSS GT-100 (order code 276485), HARLEY BENTON CASE GT-100 (order code 368200)

Boss JS-10 eBand

445.00 € Boss JS-10 JS-10 eBand, guitar and bass preamp, 2.1-chanel sound system with subwoofer, 2x jack inputs for guitar, bass and microphon, controls for input signal, master volume control, recording fu... Loe edasi

Boss ME-80

329.00 € Boss ME-80, e-guitar multieffect pedal, 8 effect sections, 9 amp models (latest COSM amp models taken from GT-100), phaser, tremolo, boost, delay, chorus, EQ, 3 different reverb modes, overdrive/di... Loe edasi

Boss ME-80 Bundle

346.00 € Boss ME-80 Bundle containing BOSS ME-80 (order code 331467), BOSS PSA 230S POWER SUPPLY (order code 102842)

Boss ME-80 Bundle

451.00 € Boss ME-80 Bundle containing BOSS ME-80 (order code 331467), THON CASE BOSS ME-80 (order code 336634)

Digitech RP 1000

329.00 € Digitech RP1000 Guitar Multi-FX/Modelling Preamp - FX switching system to control external FX units, phrase looper with up to 20sec recording time, expression pedal, integrated tuner, switchable FX... Loe edasi

Digitech RP 55

54.45 € Digitech RP55, E-Gitarren Multieffekt, 11 amp models, 5 cabinet models, 20 studio quality effects up to 8 at the same time, 30 high quality drum patterns, 40 user presets, 40 standard presets, chro... Loe edasi

Engl E530

601.00 € Engl E530 - 2-channel guitar preamp with clean channel (with 3-band EQ), lead channel (with 4-band EQ), stereo FX loop, stereo line out and frequency compensated stereo line out with level control.... Loe edasi

Engl E570

1594.00 € Engl E570 MIDI Tube Preamp - for guitar, 128x MIDI presets, 4x main sound channels, 2x sound modes per channel (modern and classic), stereo effects loop (serial).

Eventide ModFactor

485.00 € Eventide ModFactor, Modulation Effects Stompbox - 10 stereo/mono modulation effects, instant program change, controlled via MIDI or expression pedal, tap tempo and MIDI clock sync, 27x user presets... Loe edasi

Fishman Platinum Pro EQ

298.00 € Fishman Platinum Pro EQ, analog preamp for acoustic guitar & bass, class-A preamp, tone shaping: 5-band eq with sweepable mid, adjustable low-cut filter, feedback control: sweepable notch filte... Loe edasi

Fishman Tone AFX DEQ

328.00 € Fishman Tone AFX DEQ, acoustic guitar preamp, soft-knee compressor wiring; 4-band eq with: bass, mids, treble, high-pass filter; reverb (2x), delay (2x), chorus (2x), flanger & tremolo effects;... Loe edasi

Fryette Valvulator GP/DI

924.00 € Fryette Valvulator GP/DI Direct Recording Amplifier, tube preamp for electric guitar, all tube DI solution for live & recording, one Watt all-tube amplifier with integrated reactive load and sp... Loe edasi

HoTone A-Station

169.00 € HoTone A-Station, acoustic preamp, microphone & instrument Inputs, controls: Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, Notch, Notch Freq. & Mic Gain, switches: Phantom power, FX Loop GT/MIX/MIC, Power,... Loe edasi

Kemper Profiling Amp Head BK S Bundle

2365.00 € Kemper Profiling Amp Head BK Set Bundle containing KEMPER PROFILING AMP HEAD BK SET (order code 356925), THON AMP CASE KEMPER AMP & FOOT CTL (order code 366653), WIZOO PUBLISHING KEMPER PROFILE... Loe edasi

Kemper Profiling Amp Head BK S Bundle

2186.00 € Kemper Profiling Amp Head BK Set Bundle containing KEMPER PROFILING AMP HEAD BK SET (order code 356925), THOMANN USB STICK KEMPER (order code 314748), WIZOO PUBLISHING KEMPER PROFILER GUIDE (order ... Loe edasi

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