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Acus Stage Pre 3

538.00 € Acus Stage Pre 3, preamp for acoustic pa, guitar, vocals and other acoustic instruments, 3 separately adjustable channels, channel 1+2 with jack input, -10db switch, dain, high, mid high, mid low, ... Loe edasi

Acus Stage Pre 6

740.00 € Acus Stage Pre 6, preamp for acoustic pa, guitar, vocals and other acoustic instruments, 6 separately controlled channels, channel 1+4 with jack input, PRE/POST, -10dB switch, gain, high, mid high,... Loe edasi

Amt SS-11A

393.00 € Amt SS-11A 3-Channel Tubepreamp with 2x 12AX7, seprate EQ for Clean- and Overdrive-Channel, Gain-adjustable Lead-Boost, 2 Foot Switch for Crunch/Lead & Clean/Drive, 2 Outputs Amp Out and Cabine... Loe edasi


393.00 € AMT SS-11B - 3-channel valve preamp with 2x 12AX7 valves, separate EQ for clean and overdrive channels, adjustable gain, lead boost, 2x footswitches (crunch/lead & clean/drive), 2x outputs (amp... Loe edasi

aspen pittman designs DuoTonic

221.00 € aspen pittman designs DuoTonic guitar tone pedal, Tube-based preamp/overdrive/boost pedal. Designed to give cranked tube amp tones, pushed by an overdrive pedal. Two independant channels (tube and ... Loe edasi

Behringer V-AMP 3

126.00 € Behringer V-Amp 3 - 125 presets, 32 amp simulations, 15 speaker simulations, 16 effect combinations (including ping-pong delay, phaser, auto wah, rotary, tremolo, chorus, flanger), MIDI in/out, aux... Loe edasi

Behringer V-Amp3 Bundle

179.00 € Behringer V-Amp3 Bundle containing BEHRINGER V-AMP 3 (order code 231375), ROCKBAG RB 23020B FX PEDALBOARD BAG (order code 161686), THE SSSNAKE GKP6 (order code 157996)

Behringer V-Tone Guitar GDI21

38.72 € Behringer V-Tone Guitar GDI21, Analog guitar modeling preamp/stompbox with DI recording output, Authentic V-TONE modeling technology for 3 classic guitar amps, 3 gain modes and 3 mic placements for... Loe edasi

Boss GT-001

264.00 € Boss GT-001, desktop multieffect, Premium amp-models and effects from GT-100, COSM amp modelling and multi dimensional processing effects, flexible amp and effect routing with 2 signal channels, US... Loe edasi

Boss GT-100 Bundle

493.00 € Boss GT-100 Bundle containing BOSS GT-100 (order code 276485), HARLEY BENTON CASE GT-100 (order code 368200)

Boss JS-10 eBand

445.00 € Boss JS-10 JS-10 eBand, guitar and bass preamp, 2.1-chanel sound system with subwoofer, 2x jack inputs for guitar, bass and microphon, controls for input signal, master volume control, recording fu... Loe edasi

Boss ME-80

329.00 € Boss ME-80, e-guitar multieffect pedal, 8 effect sections, 9 amp models (latest COSM amp models taken from GT-100), phaser, tremolo, boost, delay, chorus, EQ, 3 different reverb modes, overdrive/di... Loe edasi

Boss ME-80 Bundle

346.00 € Boss ME-80 Bundle containing BOSS ME-80 (order code 331467), BOSS PSA 230S POWER SUPPLY (order code 102842)

Boss ME-80 Bundle

451.00 € Boss ME-80 Bundle containing BOSS ME-80 (order code 331467), THON CASE BOSS ME-80 (order code 336634)

Digitech GSP1101

389.00 € Digitech GSP1101 Guitar Effects Modelling System - 1U 19" rack, over 120 amp, cabinet, pre-amp and effects models including vintage stompboxes and pickup modelling. Stereo effects loop, 40 tone and... Loe edasi

Digitech GSP1101 Bundle

690.00 € Digitech GSP1101 Bundle containing DIGITECH GSP1101 (order code 112361), DIGITECH CONTROL 2 (order code 205163), THON CASE DIGITECH CONTROL 2 (order code 213797)

Digitech RP 1000

329.00 € Digitech RP1000 Guitar Multi-FX/Modelling Preamp - FX switching system to control external FX units, phrase looper with up to 20sec recording time, expression pedal, integrated tuner, switchable FX... Loe edasi

Digitech RP 55

54.45 € Digitech RP55, E-Gitarren Multieffekt, 11 amp models, 5 cabinet models, 20 studio quality effects up to 8 at the same time, 30 high quality drum patterns, 40 user presets, 40 standard presets, chro... Loe edasi

Engl E530

601.00 € Engl E530 - 2-channel guitar preamp with clean channel (with 3-band EQ), lead channel (with 4-band EQ), stereo FX loop, stereo line out and frequency compensated stereo line out with level control.... Loe edasi

Engl E570

1594.00 € Engl E570 MIDI Tube Preamp - for guitar, 128x MIDI presets, 4x main sound channels, 2x sound modes per channel (modern and classic), stereo effects loop (serial).

Eventide ModFactor

507.00 € Eventide ModFactor, Modulation Effects Stompbox - 10 stereo/mono modulation effects, instant program change, controlled via MIDI or expression pedal, tap tempo and MIDI clock sync, 27x user presets... Loe edasi

Fishman Platinum Pro EQ

298.00 € Fishman Platinum Pro EQ, analog preamp for acoustic guitar & bass, class-A preamp, tone shaping: 5-band eq with sweepable mid, adjustable low-cut filter, feedback control: sweepable notch filte... Loe edasi

Fishman Tone AFX DEQ

328.00 € Fishman Tone AFX DEQ, acoustic guitar preamp, soft-knee compressor wiring; 4-band eq with: bass, mids, treble, high-pass filter; reverb (2x), delay (2x), chorus (2x), flanger & tremolo effects;... Loe edasi

Fryette Valvulator GP/DI

924.00 € Fryette Valvulator GP/DI Direct Recording Amplifier, tube preamp for electric guitar, all tube DI solution for live & recording, one Watt all-tube amplifier with integrated reactive load and sp... Loe edasi

HoTone A-Station

173.00 € HoTone A-Station, acoustic preamp, microphone & instrument Inputs, controls: Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, Notch, Notch Freq. & Mic Gain, switches: Phantom power, FX Loop GT/MIX/MIC, Power,... Loe edasi

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