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ADJ Color Strand LED

286.00 € ADJ Color Strand LED, 10m strand party LED kit with 20 x 6W LED Bulbs changes RGB+WW colors and includes a wireless RF remote to change colors, 20 replaceable bulbs included, Each bulb is 3W RGB + ... Loe edasi

Eurolite Complete UV Set 60cm 18W Slim

28.44 € Eurolite Complete UV Set 60cm 18W Slim, UV Set. Complete fixture 60cm 18W Slim UV & white. UV-tube with casing and power plug, Minimal housing, Integrated starter, Delivery includes installed U... Loe edasi

Eurolite Fire Bowl FL-300

66.43 € Eurolite Fire Bowl FL-300 30cm Hanging - deco fire light, for hanging from the ceiling, 3x halogen lamps, 30cm fame height, 3x MR11 20W lamps, 230V. Dimensions: 36 x 14cm

Eurolite LED Umbrella 140

538.00 € Eurolite LED Umbrella 140, Extraordinary RGB eye-catcher, DMX-controllable lighting effect umbrella with 114 SMD RGB LEDs, distributed in 7 segments, Segments can be controlled individually via DMX... Loe edasi

Showtec UV400 Gun Blacklight

141.00 € Showtec UV400 - 400W gun blacklight with E40 socket. Dimensions: 355 x 355 x 305mm. Weight: 9kg, delivered without bulb, Bulb order code: 170689

Stairville LED UV-Cannon 50 W COB

193.00 € Stairville LED UV-Cannon 50 W COB. The replacement for 400 watt UV cannons - with the strong 50 watt COB LED it can replace conventional UV fluters without problems. The full luminosity is availabl... Loe edasi

Varytec UV Light LB-400 Blacklight

115.00 € Varytec UV Light LB-400 - 400W flood blacklight with E40 socket. Dimensions: 500 x 270 x 150mm. Weight: 9kg. Bulb not included - order separately (order code: 170689).

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