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ADJ Encore Burst 100IP

538.00 € ADJ Encore Burst 100IP; 125 Watt Warm White Outdoor LED Spotlight; powerful COB LED for a bright and flat illumination; Double hanger with quick lock for included omega bracket; magnetic holder for... Loe edasi

ADJ Encore Burst 200

740.00 € ADJ Encore Burst 200; is an IPX4 rated, high intensity dual lens audience blinder/strobe. It’s powered by two 110 W warm white (2700 K) CREE COB LEDs. The fixture is constructed with a rugged meta... Loe edasi

Cameo Matrix Panel 10 W RGB

579.00 € Cameo Matrix Panel 10 W RGB, 5 x 5 RGB LED matrix panel with single pixel control, for flicker-free light beams and exciting blinder, chase and strobe effects, with recessed bars on all sides, matr... Loe edasi

Cameo Matrix Panel 3 WW

435.00 € Cameo Matrix Panel 3 WW, 5 x 5 LED matrix panel with single pixel control for flicker-free light beams and exciting blin d, chase and strobe effects, recessed latches on all sides e nable connectin... Loe edasi

DTS Blinder 2000 Set 2x 650W

146.00 € DTS Blinder 2000 Set 2x 650W with lamp DWE 120V/650 Watt DTS BLINDER FLASH 2000 L (order code 158990), 2 pc. TUNGSRAM PAR36 650 W 120V DWE (order code 105378)

DTS Blinder Flash 2000 L

120.00 € DTS Blinder Flash 2000 L, for 2x PAR 36 DWE 120V/650W lamp. This heavy-duty casing can be fitted with 2 or 4 lamps (according to model), which when switched on simultaneously to temporarily blind t... Loe edasi

Eurolite Audience Blinder 2x100W

487.00 € Eurolite Audience Blinder 2x100W LED COB WW (3100 K); Compatible with Eurolite QuickDMX; Auto, master / slave and DMX mode (2, 4 or 6 channels); Power supply: 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz; Power consumpt... Loe edasi

Expolite TourBlinder 100 Single MK2

296.00 € Expolite TourBlinder 100 Single Head MKII DTR DMX, black, 1 x 120 W COB + 1 x 10 W Amber, 60 °; shows in an impressive way that LED blinders are no longer inferior to their conventional contempora... Loe edasi

Ignition 2bright Blind 3K IP

476.00 € Ignition 2bright Blind 3K LED IP Blinder; 200 watt IP65 LED IP65 2-light blinder; individually controllable LEDs; designed for touring; Quick-Lock bracket for vertical and horizontal positioning; L... Loe edasi

Ignition Xo8 LED FX Strobe IP65 800W

838.00 € Ignition Xo8 LED Fx Strobe IP65, 800 Watt high-power LED stroboscope for outdoor events, clubs and stages, built-in W-DMX module from Wireless Solution for wireless control via DMX, weatherproof ho... Loe edasi

Litecraft MarsX.1 250W RedShift LEDArray

799.00 € Litecraft MarsX.1 250W RedShift Array, hybrid LED stepped lens headlamp for a variety of lighting applications, is ideally suited as a front light and blind or as a decorative lighting device, opti... Loe edasi

Martin by Harman Rush Blinder 1 WW

1129.00 € Martin by Harman Rush Blinder 1 WW, 2 x 2 100 W LED Warm White Blinder, 19,000+ lumens output, Full pixel control of individual COBs, Unique frame offers grid installation, 70° beam angle, Electro... Loe edasi

Showtec Stage Blinder 2 DMX

169.00 € Showtec Stage Blinder 2 DMX, Stage Blinder 2 DMX. The Stage Blinder 2 DMX is an active version of the already popular Stage Blinder 2., It has a built-in 1 channel dimmer so that the Stage Blinder ... Loe edasi

Showtec Sunstrip Active MKII

318.00 € Showtec Sunstrip Active DMX MKII, The Sunstrip Active MKII i s the successor of the already popular Sunstrip Active. It i s equal to the Sunstrip Active however this version offers y ou some extra ... Loe edasi

Showtec Sunstrip LED

497.00 € Showtec Sunstrip LED; with Tungsten Simulation; Power Input: 110-240V 50Hz; Power Consumption: 120W; Fuse: T2AL/250V; Light Source: 10 x 14W (Warm / Cool white); Control: DMX, Manual, Auto, Master/... Loe edasi

Stairville LED Matrix Blinder 5x5 DMX

365.00 € Stairville LED Matrix Blinder 5x5 matrix LED DMX Blinder Stairville, audience blinder with LED matrix. The LED Matrix 5x5 DMX Blinder is the eye catcher in your show, on stage, in theater, even in ... Loe edasi

Varytec Starstrip 10 Active DMX

212.00 € Varytec Starstrip 10 Active DMX; Sunstrip with integrated dimmer and DMX control; for Blinder and effect applications; stable housing made of metal; ideal for touring applications; each lamp indivi... Loe edasi

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