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ADJ Focus Flex L19

2982.00 € ADJ Focus Flex L19, Moving Head, 19x 40 Watt 4 in 1 RGBL with colour calibrated LEDs, Creates wash, beam and pixel effects, Virtual CMY mode, Variable colour temperature 2700 K - 10,000 K, Indepen... Loe edasi

ADJ Focus Flex L7

1706.00 € ADJ Focus Flex L7, Moving Head, 7x 40-watts 4-in-1 RGBL with colour-calibrated LEDs, Creates wash, beam and pixel effects, Virtual CMY mode, Variable colour temperature 2700 K - 10,000 K, Independ... Loe edasi

ADJ Vizi Beam 12RX

1696.00 € ADJ Vizi Beam 12RX, Beam moving head with 260 W discharge lamp, Creates a sharp and assertive beam, Equipped with: Motorised focus (16 bit), Frost filter, Qualitative glass lens, Linear rotating 6... Loe edasi


1079.00 € ADJ Vizi Beam RXONE, 1R Beam Moving Head, 2 DMX modes: 15 or 17 DMX channels, Beam angle: 3 °, Automatic XY repositioning, 14 colours white as well as split colours, 14 static, fixed gobos spot... Loe edasi

Behringer Moving Head MH363

259.00 € Behringer Moving Head MH363, LED Moving Head, Light source: 36x single 3 W LEDs - 8x red, 10x yellow, 10x blue, 8x white, Beam angle: 6°, Control mode: DMX (9/13 channels), Master-Slave, Music ... Loe edasi

Cameo MOVO BEAM 100

487.00 € Cameo MOVO BEAM 100, Beam Moving Head Beam with LED Ring & Endless Rotation, Ultrahelle 60 W Osram RGBW LED for rich base colours, Differentiated pastel tones and natural white gradations, Ind... Loe edasi

Cameo NanoBeam 600

281.00 € Cameo NanoBeam 600, RGBW Beam Moving Head, Mini moving head with 17,500 lx illuminance @ 3 m, 60 W RGBW LED for a rich output in any colour range, 540° Pan and 270° tilt movement, Precise be... Loe edasi

Eurolite LED TMH-51 Hypno Beam

238.00 € Eurolite LED TMH-51 Hypno Beam, Mini-Beam With 60 W COB LED, RGBW colour mixing and hypnoring with 4 segments and a total of 12 RGB SMD LEDs, LED hypno ring with an infinitely variable RGB colour ... Loe edasi

Eurolite LED TMH-B60 Moving-Head Beam

264.00 € Eurolite LED TMH-B60 Moving-Head Beam, Moving-Head Beam with 60 W COB LED in RGBW, Electronic dimmer, Moving macros can be called up via DMX, Strobe effects with variable speed, 1 x LED 60 W COB (... Loe edasi

Eurolite LED TMH-B90 Moving-Head Beam

487.00 € Eurolite LED TMH-B90 Moving-Head Beam, LED Moving Head Beam, With colour wheel, static gobo wheel, prism and focus, Cool white 90 W COB LED, 16-Bit resolution 540° PAN and 200° TILT, Auto, m... Loe edasi

Eurolite LEDTMH-H240 Beam/Wash/Flower

740.00 € Eurolite LEDTMH-H240 Beam/Wash/Flower, Hybrid-Moving-Head, With RGBW LEDs, zoom, macros, patterns and colour temperature presets, 3-in-1 Moving head - beam, wash and flower effect in one device, E... Loe edasi

Eurolite TMH XB-280 Moving-Head-Beam

867.00 € Eurolite TMH XB-280 Moving-Head-Beam, Moving-Head-Beam, Bright, narrow beam with OSD 10 280W discharge lamp, colour wheel, gobos and prisms, Beam angle: 2°, Positioning: 540° PAN and 270°... Loe edasi

Fun Generation Mr. Beam 120 W

596.00 € Fun Generation Mr. Beam 120 W, LED Lighting System, Bar with four individually controllable beam moving heads, 4x 30W RGBW LED, Extremely sharp beams with highly focused 4° beam angle, With the... Loe edasi

Fun Generation PicoBeam 30 Quad LED

183.00 € Fun Generation PicoBeam 30 Quad LED, LED Beam Moving Head, Ideal for bands, mobile DJs, entertainers, mobile stages, artists, clubs, bars, discos and much more, Inversion mode on pan and tilt axis... Loe edasi

Fun Generation PicoBeam 60 COB RGBW

242.00 € Fun Generation PicoBeam 60 COB RGBW, Beam Moving Head with RGBW COB, Fluid fast and slow pan and tilt movements, Powerful 4-in-1 COB LED, Electronic dimmer and shutter 0 - 25 Hz, Light source: 1x ... Loe edasi

Fun Generation PicoBlade FX 4x10W RGBW

202.00 € Fun Generation PicoBlade FX 4x10W RGBW, Moving head effects, Generates 4 razor-sharp beams with split-colour effect, Continuous zoom in and out effects, Impressive effects in combination with fog ... Loe edasi

Futurelight DMB-100 LED Moving-Head

1538.00 € Futurelight DMB-100 LED Moving-Head, LED Moving Head, PRO beam moving head with 1x 100 W COB LED, 1° Beam angle, Gobo and colour wheel, 2 Prisms and QuickDMX socket, Variable PWM frequency, Bid... Loe edasi

Futurelight IP PLB-420 Moving-Head Beam

3393.00 € Futurelight IP PLB-420 Moving Head Beam; Weatherproof beam moving head (IP65) with 420 W discharge lamp & CRMX radio receiver; Light source: USHIO NSL 420S discharge lamp (2000 hours) already ... Loe edasi

Ignition Gawan 200

1439.00 € Ignition Gawan 200; 80W beam moving head, extremely compact design, large 145mm front lens and a beam angle of only 1.7° make Gawan 200 the device for small stages and little space. The use of ... Loe edasi

Ignition Gawan 200 2in1 Tourpack

3033.00 € Ignition Gawan 200 2in1 Tourpack, Moving Heads Set, Consists of 2x Ignition Gawan 200 (Art.#554506#) in matching case, 80 W Beam Moving Head, Extremely compact design, The large 145 mm front lens ... Loe edasi

JB-Lighting Sparx12 RGBW

7199.00 € JB-Lighting Sparx12 RGBW, Moving Head, Washbeam effect with single pixel control and TwinZoom (2.2° - 60°), 19x 40W RGBW LEDs, Flicker-free operation including camera mode: 100, 120 and 600 ... Loe edasi

Martin by Harman Mac Encore Performance WRM SiP

14398.00 € Martin by Harman Mac Encore Performance WRM SiP, LED Moving Head, Pure white LED engine with 3000 K, Uniform light cone without colour temperature fluctuations when zooming and dimming, Flicker-fr... Loe edasi

Stairville B1R Beam Moving Head

720.00 € Stairville B1R Beam Moving Head, Beam Moving Head, Powerful 100 Watt HRI Beam Moving Head with professional features, Extremely sharp and narrow beam, which can also compete on larger stages, Illu... Loe edasi

Stairville B2R Beam Moving Head HRI

640.00 € Stairville B2R Beam Moving Head HRI, Beam Moving Head 2R, Powerful beam moving head with professional features, Extremely sharp and narrow beam, which can make its presence known on larger stages,... Loe edasi

Stairville BS-280 BeamSpot Tourpack 2in1

3599.00 € Stairville BS-280 BeamSpot Tourpack 2in1, Moving head set@+*Complete tour pack consists of:*@+, 2 BeamSpot Moving Heads, Multifunctional moving head of the professional class, Can be used as a bea... Loe edasi

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