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Beat Bars EX3 Expression Pedal

202.00 € Beat Bars EX3 Expression Pedal; USB/MIDI expression pedal; USB Plug&Play; Midi configuration tool for macOS, Windows, Linux; Midi Out 5 pole DIN; toggle switch for choosing between USB and MIDI... Loe edasi

Behringer FCV100 V2

47.19 € Behringer FCV 100 V2 Pedal for Volume and Modulation Control - switchable polarity, 2x Output, dimensions 113 x 117 x 248 mm, weight 1,15 kg, attention: pedal works only with 9V batterie or 12V DC ... Loe edasi

Boss EV-30

131.00 € Boss EV-30 Dual Expression Pedal - works with 6,3 mm TRS expression inputs on stompbox pedals, multi-effects, keyboards, MIDI controllers, and more, polarity switch provides compatibility with most... Loe edasi

Boss FV-30L

131.00 € Boss FV-30L - volume pedal with low impedance and stereo In-/Output for effect pedals and keyboards, aluminum housing, dimensions in mm (WxDxH): 80 x 192 x 58, weight: 840 g

Boss FV-500-L

142.00 € Boss FV-500-L Stereo Volume Pedal - aluminium housing, low impedance, front mounted input and output jacks, expression pedal jack (volume and expression pedal), minimum volume control. Suitable for... Loe edasi

Boss FV-50L

108.00 € Boss FV-50L Volume Foot Pedal; Stereo; Dimensions: (W x D x H): 86 x 200 x 54 mm, (3,4" x 7,9" x 2,1"); Weight: 400 g (0,88 lbs)

Crumar EXP-10 Expression Pedal

163.00 € Crumar EXP-10 Long throw expression pedal; material: sturdy plastic on a metal base and rubber feet; 10 kOhm potentiometer; detachable connection cable 6.3 mm jack TRS

Crumar EXP-15-MS Expression Pedal

193.00 € Crumar EXP-15-MS Long throw expression pedal with side switches EXP2, fits Crumar Mojo and Mojo XT (not compatible with Mojo61 and Mojo Classic), integrated switches allows to control rotary speed,... Loe edasi

Crumar EXP-20-MS Expression Pedal

193.00 € Crumar EXP-20-MS Long throw expression with side switches; for the Crumar Mojo 61 and Mojo Classic (not compatible with Mojo and MojoXT); 10 Kohm potentiometer; integrated switches allows to contro... Loe edasi

Doepfer FP 5

94.39 € Doepfer FP5 - foot controller (LMK2/4/A-177).

Dunlop Volume Pedal GCB80

163.00 € Dunlop GCB80 - professional volume pedal, passive, no spring (pedal stays in position).

Fatar VP-25

59.29 € Fatar (Studiologic) VP-25 volume pedal,cord lenght 2m with 6,3mm stereo jack

Hammond EXP100F

318.00 € Hammond EXP100F, footpedal with footswitch, Connection: 8-Pin DIN for XE-1 and XK-3

Hammond EXP20

137.00 € Hammond EXP20, Expression Pedal for Hammond SK1, SK2, XK1 & XM2

Hammond EXP50J

190.00 € Hammond EXP50J, Expression Pedal for SK1, SK2, XK-1, XM-2 and XK-3c, can be unplugged in J-Version at the Pedal

Ketron Volume Pedal

59.29 € Ketron Volume Pedal #9PE010, expression pedal for MS Series / X -Series / SD Series and XD Series, new Model

Ketron Volume Pedal Deluxe

95.60 € Ketron VP Volume Pedal Deluxe #9PE006 for MS serie / X -serie / SD serie and XD serie, new modell

Korg EXP2

78.66 € Korg EXP2 - expression and volume pedal for Korg keyboards and synths, includes cable.

Korg XVP-20

183.00 € Korg XVP-20 expression/volume pedal - rubberized surface, individual adjustment of pedal mechanism and volume, stereo in and out connection, material aluminum, dimensions 90 x 268 x 62 mm, weight 1... Loe edasi

Kurzweil CC-1

93.18 € Kurzweil CC-1 Continuous Control Pedal with single 1/4", stereo (TRS) connector

Lead Foot LFV-2

26.62 € Lead Foot LFV-2 keyboard volume pedal - stereo inputs/outputs. Dimensions HxDxW 7 x 9 x 20.5cm

M-Audio EX-P Expression Pedal

18.15 € M-Audio EX-P, switchable expression pedal. Cable length: 1.8m

Moog EP-3

83.50 € Moog Moogerfooger EP-3 - expression pedal with external output and level control which adjusts the range of the pedal effect (sweep the full or limited spectrum). Weight: 2.55lbs.

Nektar NX-P

26.62 € Nektar NX-P; universal expression pedal; works in conjunction with all standard keyboards; switchable polarity; range control; weight: 0.5 kg

Roland EV 5

83.50 € Roland EV 5 expression pedal, minimum volume knob, cable lenght 2m with 1/4" stereo plug, dimensions B x H x T in mm: 86 x 54 x 200, weight: 400g

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