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Alfred Music Publishing Garantiert Ukulele Lernen

22.93 € Alfred Music Publishing GmbH, Garantiert Ukulele Lernen for KInder, School for Ukulele for Children from 6 Years ! by Tom Bold, Incl. MP3-CD with over 60 children songs, For C-and D-Tuning, German ... Loe edasi

AMA Verlag Das Ukulelenbuch

24.14 € AMA Verlag Das Ukulelenbuch, By Andreas David: Method for Ukulele, For beginners and newcomers, GCEA-tuning, Each three major and minor chords in the key of C to be able to play many,many songs, Ti... Loe edasi

AMA Verlag Das Ukulelenbuch 2nd Level

24.14 € AMA Verlag Das Ukulelenbuch 2nd Level, By Andreas David: Sequel to the beginners' method for ukulele (#368626), Before you can use this book you need to know the chords C,F,G7,Am,Dm,and Em, GCEA-tu... Loe edasi

Bosworth Nur für Anfänger Ukulele

12.04 € Bosworth Nur für Anfänger Ukulele. Learn step by step playing ukulele, with CD; tuning in G- C- E- A; in German

Centerstream QuickStart:Fingerstyle Ukulele

21.66 € Centerstream QuickStart:Fingerstyle Ukulele, QuickStart:Fingerstyle Ukulele, by Kevin Rones, Combining picking patterns, chord strumming & melody lines for interesting and fun arrangements, fin... Loe edasi

Edition Dux Course Of Instruction Ukulele

9.68 € Edition Dux Course Of Instruction Ukulele, Course Of Instruction For Ukulele, By Fred Artmeier: An approach and introduction with songs from all over the world, Contents: Description, Tuning, How T... Loe edasi

Hage Musikverlag Let's Play Ukulele

32.55 € Hage Musikverlag Let's Play Ukulele: Method and songbook for ukulele, in GCEA tuning, for absolute beginners, 20 Pop and Rock classics in progressive level of difficulty, short learning units betwe... Loe edasi

Hal Leonard Intros, Endings & Turnarounds

20.21 € Hal Leonard Intros, Endings & Turnarounds For Ukulele, by Lil' Rev, Great songs have four things in common: a strong intro, a powerful ending, a melodic sound or catchy riff, and memorable lyri... Loe edasi

Hal Leonard Jazzing Up The Ukulele

25.29 € Hal Leonard Jazzing Up The Ukulele How To Do Jazz Chord Substitution For Accompaniment And Soloing, by Fred Sokolow, Jazzing Up The Ukulele by Fred Sokolow is a method book/CD for Uke players who w... Loe edasi

Hal Leonard Shimabukuro Teaches Ukulele

28.44 € Hal Leonard Jake Shimabukuro Teaches Ukulele. In this unique book with online video, Jake Shimabukuro will get you started on playing the ukulele. The book includes full transcriptions of every exa... Loe edasi

Hal Leonard Ukulele Scale Finder

9.56 € Hal Leonard Ukulele Scale Finder, Ukulele Scale Finder, Learn to play scales on the ukulele with this comprehensive yet easy-to-use book. The Ukulele Scale Finder contains over 1,300 scale diagrams... Loe edasi

Helbling Verlag Uku & Lele

30.13 € Helbling Verlag Uku & Lele Spielend Ukulele lernen, Learn to play Ukulele, for children by Michael Fromm. Ukulele easily by Color play the concept based on Boomwhacker colors gives children age... Loe edasi

Koala Music Publications Ukulele für Kinder

15.61 € Koala Music Publications Ukulele für Kinder, Ukulele for Childrens, by Peter Gelling, Sorgfältig aufgebaute schrittweise Anleitung for Kinder, Enthält beliebte Kinderlieder in einer Vielzahl von... Loe edasi

Music Sales Starting Ukulele

10.29 € Music Sales Starting Ukulele.The number one method for young ukulele players., Starting Ukulele has been created with young players in mind., All tunes have fantastic professionally recorded CD bac... Loe edasi

PPV Medien Ukulele Fitness

30.19 € PPV Medien Ukulele Fitness. Ukulele Fitness Your individual training plan for quick success, by Iso Herquist. This book is challenging, but too heavy for anyone. 5 to 10 minutes are sufficient dail... Loe edasi

PPV Medien Ukulele lernen - schnell

15.61 € PPV Medien Ukulele lernen - schnell & einfach. Learning Ukulele - fast & easy songbook with DVD. Play without previous knowledge! Included in the songbook: Chords and lyrics of the songs on... Loe edasi

Schell Music Handbuch Ukulelen-Bass

30.19 € Schell Music, Handbuch Ukulelen-Bass, Handbuch Für Den Ukulelen-Bass, By Liselotte Schell and Martin Schröder: Compendium for Bass Ukulele, Contents: Der Ukulelen-Bass, Das Stimmen, Haltung des I... Loe edasi

Schuh Verlag Die Ukulelenschule für Kinder

15.49 € Schuh Verlag A School to learn the Ukulele for children: by Martin Rube; in German language, For tuning G-C-E-A

Streetlife Music Ukulele spielen macht Spaß

3.65 € Streetlife Music Ukulele spielen macht Spaß, Ukulele spielen macht Spaß, Learn to play Ukulele, School with favorite Songs, Songs: Drei Chinesen mit dem Double Bass, What Shall We Do With The Dru... Loe edasi

Voggenreiter Ukulele Der Komplettkurs

24.14 € Voggenreiter Ukulele Der Komplettkurs, By Phil Capone: Method for ukulele in C-tuning (G-C-E-A-), Contents: Tuning, Accompaniments, Chord playing, The most important scales, Up to the complete Blue... Loe edasi

Voggenreiter Ukulele Total Kids

27.77 € Voggenreiter Ukulele Total Kids: Method for ukulele for children, Games for movement and rhythm,songs and exercises, Accompanying songs,playing the melody and basic knowledge in musical theory, For... Loe edasi

Wiley Publishing Ukulele For Dummies

28.44 € Wiley Publishing Ukulele For Dummies, by Alistair Wood: method for ukulele in GCEA-tuning, from chords and strumming patterns to guidance on finger picking, everything you need to know to pick up a... Loe edasi

Wiley-Vch Ukulele für Dummies

24.14 € Wiley-Vch Ukulele für Dummies, by Alistair Wood, Der Autor zeigt ihnen wie sie auch ohne Vorkenntnisse schnell Erfolge hören können,gibt aber auch fortgeschrittenen Spielern zahlreiche Tipps zur... Loe edasi

Wiley-Vch Übungsbuch Ukulele f.Dummies

24.19 € Wiley-Vch Übungsbuch Ukulele für Dummies, by Brett McQueen, Hunderte von abwechslungsreichen Übungen in verschiedenen Tonarten,Geschwindigkeiten und Stilrichtungen-von Aufwärm-und Fingerübunge... Loe edasi

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