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1010music toolbox

640.00 € 1010music toolbox; sequencer and function generator for Eurorack systems; four gate sequencers and four polyphonic note sequencers each with 1-32 steps; step length: 1/64 note up to 1 note per 8 ba... Loe edasi

Befaco Muxlicer

253.00 € Befaco Muxlicer; Eurorack module; signal processor with bidirectional switch and gate-generator; consists of the three sections Step-Controller, Gate-Generator and Analog-Switch; Muxlicer can be us... Loe edasi

Doepfer A-155

318.00 € Doepfer A-155, Analog/Trigger-Sequenzer for A-100 modular system; two rows of 8 steps switches;eurorack format; optional expander module available (item number: 192018); Width: 50 TE; Depth: 40mm; ... Loe edasi

Doepfer A-155 Vintage Edition

365.00 € Doepfer A-155 Vintage Edition;black Front Panel; Doepfer A-155 - analog/trigger sequencer for A-100 modular system.; two rows of 8 steps switches; eurorack format; Width: 50 TE; Depth: 40mm; Curren... Loe edasi

Doepfer A-157 Trigger Sequencer Subsys

518.00 € Doepfer A-157 Trigger Sequencer Subsystem 1-2-3, contains: A-157-1 Trigger Matrix (8x16) + A-157-2 Output Module and A-157-3 Input Module, generate up to eight trigger signals controlled by a 8x16 ... Loe edasi

EMW 8 Step Trigger Sequencer

131.00 € EMW 8 Step Trigger Sequencer, 8-Step trigger sequencer; 8 different sequences; 8 trigger outputs; "Beat-1" trigger output; Eurorack (3U) form factor; 8 HP width; Clock, reset, and hold CV inputs; P... Loe edasi

EMW Sequential Voltage

142.00 € EMW Sequential Voltage, Modulation mini-sequencer for control voltages; Eurorack (3U) form factor; 10 HP width; 8 Channels; 2 voltage outputs; Reset input; 0-10 volts output range; Power consumptio... Loe edasi

Endorphin.es Ground Control

590.00 € Endorphin.es Ground Control; Eurorack module; performance sequencer; 24-pads keyboard for realtime programming; USB-B port and MIDI in/out for using external MIDI devices and DAW integration; 3 mel... Loe edasi

Erica Synths Drum Sequencer

700.00 € Erica Synths Drum Sequencer; Eurorack Module; X0X Style Sequencer for Drums and Basslines; 16 Trigger-Channels; 12 Tracks with Accent-Outputs; CV- and Gate-Track; max. Pattern-Length: 64 Steps; two... Loe edasi

Erica Synths Pico SEQ

167.00 € Erica Synths Pico SEQ; 16 step CV and Gate sequencer; 16 patterns can be saved; 9 different scales; adjustable gate length for each step; playback mode: forward, backward, ping-pong, ping-pong with... Loe edasi

Erica Synths Pico SEQ2

103.00 € Erica Synths Pico SEQ2; Eurorack Module; analog 4-step sequencer; number of steps switchable to 2, 3 or 4 steps; CV range: 0V to +6V; clock input; CV output; power consumption: 16mA (+12V) / 12mA (... Loe edasi

Frap Tools USTA

789.00 € Frap Tools USTA; Eurorack module; 4-track Stepsequencer; each track provides 2 control voltages and 2 gates; independently adjustable time ratio/duration for each step in relation to the main clock... Loe edasi

Intellijel Designs Metropolis

640.00 € Intellijel Designs Metropolis; 8 step pitch and gate sequencer; pitch, pulse count, gate mode and skip/slide are available per step; skip/slide: single click activates TB303-like slide (constant sl... Loe edasi

Intellijel Designs Steppy

275.00 € Intellijel Designs Steppy; Eurorack Module; 4 track gate and trigger sequencer; pattern lenght 1-64 steps; adjustable gate lenght; clock divider; swing; delay; adjustable step probability; track sh... Loe edasi

Intellijel Designs Steppy 1U

253.00 € Intellijel Designs Steppy 1U; 4 track gate and trigger sequencer; pattern lenght 1-64 steps; adjustable gate lenght; clock divider; swing; delay; adjustable step probability; track shift; all param... Loe edasi

Make Noise Rene

590.00 € Make Noise René; Eurorack-Module; 3D Cartesian Music Sequenc er; 3 individual controllable channels;, X- and Y-axis for n otes/gates and Z-axis with 64 stored states; patterns can be altered and m... Loe edasi

Malekko Varigate 4+

296.00 € Malekko Varigate 4+; Eurorack Module; 4 channel gate sequencer; 4 channels with a maximum lenght of 8 steps can be configured for 4x Gates, 4x CV (quantized or unquantized) or 2x Gate + 2x CV; Glid... Loe edasi

Malekko Varigate 8+

524.00 € Malekko Varigate 8+; Eurorack Module; 8 channel gate sequencer; 8 gate channels with a maximum lenght of 16 steps and 2 quantized CV channels; CV channels can be independent or linked to any gate c... Loe edasi

Malekko Voltage Block

382.00 € Malekko Voltage Block; Eurorack Module; 8 channel CV sequencer; up to 16 steps per channel for recording CV sequences; realtime recording via 8 sliders; Cv voltages can be quantised to note scales;... Loe edasi

Mutable Instruments Grids

212.00 € Mutable Instruments Grids; Eurorack Module; topographic Drum Sequencer; 3-channel trigger/drum sequencer which chooses p attern from a X/Y-map; pattern selection and navigation via X & Y contro... Loe edasi

Tiptop Audio Circadian Rhythm

620.00 € Tiptop Audio Circadian Rhythm; performance sequencer; 8-channel sequencer with 8 gate outputs and multi colour LED´s; up to 512 steps; 24 ppq resolution for detailed programming; trigger delay per... Loe edasi

Tiptop Audio Z8000

403.00 € Tiptop Audio Z8000; matrix sequencer; simultaneous poly-rhythmic modulation of up to 10 CV parameters; 16 knobs for editing the sequences; each knob can affect all 10 CV outputs; four horizontal 4 ... Loe edasi

Tiptop Audio Trigger Riot

507.00 € Tiptop Audio Trigger Riot; trigger sequencer and clock generator; eight channels arranged in four rows and four columns; in matrix mode the rows and columns interact with each other; independent mo... Loe edasi

vpme.de Euclidean Circles V2

286.00 € vpme.de Euclidean Circles V2; Eurorack-Module; euclidean trigger sequencer; 6 channels, each with up to 16 steps pattern lenght; pattern chains of up to 3 channels for 48 steps maximum pattern leng... Loe edasi

Xaoc Devices Tirana II

212.00 € Xaoc Devices Tirana II; Eurorack Module; Micro-Sequencer / A rpeggiator; four CV/gate steps; Per-step repetition or ratch eting; Per-step gate muting; accepts clock rates up to 320 H z; on-board cl... Loe edasi

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