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Peter Hess Zen Bell

71.39 € Peter Hess ph-Zenglocke, Peter Hess products® Zen Bell, The closed shape and high weight of our newly developed Zen Bell makes for a concentrated and long lasting sound., The bell is especially su... Loe edasi

Peter Hess Zen Zimbeln, large

120.00 € Peter Hess TCZ 90, ZEN Cymbals, big, A special development originated from many years of experience with sound massage, Area of use: Third Eye, crown chakra. Especially clear and long sound. Ø 9 c... Loe edasi

Thomann Tibetan Brass Bell 13,5cm

35.09 € Thomann Tibetan Bell, made of brass, high 13,5cm, bell diameter 7,5cm

Thomann Tibetan Brass Bell 21cm

59.29 € Thomann Tibetan Bell, made of brass, high 21cm, bell diameter 11cm

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