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1010music synthbox

670.00 € 1010music synthbox; four voice polyphonic synth for Eurorack system; 8 wavetable oscillators (2 per voice); 4 waveform oscillators (1 per voice); 2 envelopes, 2 LFOs and 1 stepsequencer per voice; ... Loe edasi

Analogue Solutions Treadstone Module

424.00 € Analogue Solutions Treadstone Module; synthesizer voice for the Eurorack; 3U Eurorack module; high quality 16bit D/A converter for MIDI-CV; very stable MIDI to CV; stable analog oscillator; analog ... Loe edasi

Behringer Model D

329.00 € Behringer Model D; traditional analog desktop synthesizer ; analog signal path (VCO-Mixer-VCF-VCA); 3x VCO with 5 waveforms;, 24dB Ladder filter with resonance; hi-pass/low-pass mode; analog LFO wi... Loe edasi

Behringer NEUTRON

329.00 € Behringer NEUTRON; semi modular desktop synthesizer; analog signal path; 2 VCOs based on CEM3340 chips; seamless blending between 5 waveforms;, paraphonic mode; multimode VCF with resonance; 2 anal... Loe edasi

Dreadbox Lil´ Erebus

244.00 € Dreadbox Lil´ Erebus; Eurorack Synthesizer Voice; analog paraphonic voice architecture; 2x VCO (1x Saw wave, 1x Pulse wave); 2-pole lowpass filter with resonance control; 3 segment ADS envelope ge... Loe edasi

Erica Synths Bassline

382.00 € Erica Synths Bassline; Eurorack Module; analogue synth voice for bass and lead sounds; VCO with three waveforms (Sawtooth, Square, Triangle); Suboscillator; Erica Synths Acidbox-Filter (lowpass / b... Loe edasi

Expert Sleepers General CV

318.00 € Expert Sleepers General CV; Eurorack-Module; combination of a GM Synthesizer, a multi-channel CV-to-MIDI converter and a host processor capable of generating MIDI Data either in response to control... Loe edasi


424.00 € Make Noise tELHARMONIC; Eurorack-Module; Multi-Voice, Multi-Algorithm synthesizer coded by Tom Erbe: 3 Voice Additive Harmonic synthesis inspired by Thaddeus Cahill's Telharmonium from 1897, Noise ... Loe edasi

Moog Mother-32

616.00 € Moog Mother-32, semi-modular analog Desktop Synthesizer, voltage controlled 32-step sequencer with 64 sequence locations, Low Pass & High Pass Moog Ladder Filter (20Hz-20kHz) with voltage contr... Loe edasi

Mutable Instruments Elements

518.00 € Mutable Instruments Elements; Eurorack Module; Physical Mode ling Synthesize Voice; Elements uses three mixable noise gen erators (bowed instruments, stringed instruments and percuss ive impulses) ... Loe edasi

Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms SV-1

680.00 € Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms SV-1, analog modular synthesizer, complete dual oscillator synthesizer in eurorack format, pre-patched under the hood, patch cables are not necessary to get started, 53... Loe edasi

Radikal Technologies Delta CEP A

934.00 € Radikal Technologies Delta CEP A; Eurorack module; paraphonic synthesizer voice; digital Swarm oscillator with up to 8 detunable oscillator clones; seamless blending between waveforms; TLM modulati... Loe edasi

Roland System-500 510

476.00 € Roland System-500 510; Eurorack module; analog synthesizer voice with VCO, VCF and VCA based on the Roland System-100m; VCO with waveform-outputs for triangle, sawtooth and square-wave (with pulse-... Loe edasi

Studio Electronics ToneStar 2600

569.00 € Studio Electronics ToneStar 2600; Eurorack Synthesizer; inspired by the ARP 2600; der ToneStar Sustain-Control replicates the behavior of the 2600 and Odyssey; 26 Knobs and Potentiometers; 7 Switch... Loe edasi

Studio Electronics ToneStar 8106

579.00 € Studio Electronics ToneStar 8106; Eurorack Synthesizer; inspired by the ARP 2600 with Roland Style Filter; the ToneStar Sustain-Control replicates the behavior of the 2600 and Odyssey; 26 Knobs and... Loe edasi

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