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Doepfer A-114

95.60 € Doepfer A-114 Dual Ringmodulator; Width: 4HP / 20.0 mm; Dept h: 40 mm (measured from the rear side of the front panel); C urrent: +40mA (+12V) / -30mA (-12V)

Doepfer A-114 Vintage Edition

95.60 € Doepfer A-114 Vintage Edition, Dual Ringmodulator, black Fro nt Panel; Width: 4HP / 20.0 mm; Depth: 40 mm (measured from the rear side of the front panel); Current: +40mA (+12V) / - 30mA (-12V)

Doepfer A-134-1 Vc Pan MKII

103.00 € Doepfer A-134-1 MKII VC PAN Voltage Controlled Panning; voltage controlled universal panning and/or crossfader module; can be used for control voltages as well as audio signals; width: 8 HP; depth:... Loe edasi

Doepfer A-134-2 Dual Vc Crossfader

83.50 € Doepfer A-134-2 Dual VC Crossfader; suitable for voltage-controlled cross-fading of audio and CV signals; width: 4 HP; depth: 45mm; current: +20mA (+12V) / -10mA (-12V)

Doepfer A-138D

83.50 € Doepfer A-138D - crossfader/FX insert; can be used as crossfader for two signals or as insert for external effects, Eurorack Format; Width: 8 TE; Depth: 40mm, Current: +20mA (+12V) / -20mA (-12V)

Doepfer A-144

79.87 € Doepfer A-144 Morphing Controller; generates control voltages that are mainly used for morphing signals; used primarily in combination with mixer module A-135 (item number: 319143); width: 8 HP; de... Loe edasi

Doepfer A-184-2

99.23 € Doepfer A-184-2; Triangle-to-Sine Waveshaper / Voltage Controlled Crossfader; Eurorack Module; combination of two functions: Triangle-to-Sine Waveshaper and Voltage Controlled Crossfader; width: 4 ... Loe edasi

EMW Ring Modulator

108.00 € EMW Ring Modulator; Eurorack module; classic ring modulator; analog design; Carrier and Modulation level controls; width: 6 HP; depth: 50 mm; current: +20 mA (+12 V) / -9 mA (-12 V)

Erica Synths Black XFade

183.00 € Erica Synths Black XFade; manual or CV controlled crossfading between two audio or CV signals; 2 inputs with amplifiers and attenuators; Audio/CV mode switch; Crossfade status indication LEDs; Powe... Loe edasi

Erica Synths Fusion Ringmodulator V2

275.00 € Erica Synths Fusion Ringmodulator V2; classic design ring modulator with germanium diode ring + vacuum tube to boost and shape audio and carrier signals; Colour switch to select between brighter an... Loe edasi

Intellijel Designs uMod II

169.00 € Intellijel Designs uMod II; ring modulator; double linear VCA-based ring modulator; four analog logic outputs: SUM - adds X and Y, DIFF - subtracts Y from X, MIN - analog logic equivalent to'AND', ... Loe edasi

Mutable Instruments Warps

253.00 € Mutable Instruments Warps; Meta-Modulator; Internal processing: 32-bit floating point, 576kHz (32kHz for vocoder); Open-source hardware and firmware; Easy firmware updates through an audio interfac... Loe edasi

Studio Electronics Sci Fi

307.00 € Studio Electronics Sci Fi, three modules in one: ring modulator, noise generator, sample & hold, controls: Ring Modulation, Lfo Frequency, White, Pink, Range, Lag, connectors: Ringmodulator X I... Loe edasi

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