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Doepfer A-101-3

318.00 € Doepfer A-101-3, Modular Phaser; 12 stage phase shifter with vactrols as phase shifting elements; Width: 30TE / 30HP / 152.0 mm; Depth: 65 mm (measured from the rear side of the f ront panel); Curr... Loe edasi

Doepfer A-125

102.00 € Doepfer A-125, Voltage Controlled Phaser VCP for Modularsystem A-100; voltage-controlled phase shifter; width: 8 HP; depth: 65mm; current: +20mA (+12V) / -10mA (-12V)

Doepfer A-137-2 VC Wave Multiplier II

95.60 € Doepfer A-137-2 VC Wave Multiplier II; generate four phase-shifted copies of Signal of the Input, Eurorack Format; Width: 14 TE; Depth 50mm; Current: +30ma (+12V) / -20mA (-12V)

Dreadbox Phaser

137.00 € Dreadbox Phaser, eurorack module; abyss analog phase shifter; 4-stage; 2 wave lfo; current draw: 15 ma (at +12 volts) / 12 ma (at -12 volts); connectors: 3,5 mm; eurorack (3u) form factor; handmade... Loe edasi

Pittsburgh Modular Phase Shifter

275.00 € Pittsburgh Modular Phase Shifter, 16-stage analog phaser; integrated modulation oscillator with individual outputs; width: 26 HP; depth: 35mm; current: +175mA (+12V) / -155mA (-12V)

Roland System-500 572

382.00 € Roland System-500 572 Phase Shifter + Delay + LFO, eurorackformat module, time-based, multi-effects module. includes a five-stage phase shifter, analog audio delay, a control voltage gate delay, an... Loe edasi

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