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1010music MX4

124.00 € 1010music MX4; MIDI splitter; one MIDI source can be routed to up to four MIDI destinations at the same time; includes two adapters from mini jack to 5-pin DIN MIDI and two balanced mini jack cable... Loe edasi

Doepfer A-115

78.66 € Doepfer A-115 Audio Divider; Width: 8HP / 40.3 mm; Depth: 40 mm (measured from the rear side of the front panel); Curren t: +20mA (+12V) / -10mA (-12V)

Doepfer A-180-1 Multi-Connector

42.35 € Doepfer A-180-1 Multiple - multi-connector.; simple, passive Multipin, 8 inter-connected sockets, for "multiply" control voltages or Audio signals; eurorack format,Width: 4 TE; Depth: 10mm; Current... Loe edasi

Doepfer A-180-2 Multiples

42.35 € Doepfer A-180-2, Multi-Connector, eight inter-connected sockets, module come as two four-fold multiples; but can be modified as an eight-fold multiple (solder bridge on the pcb), Wide: 2TE

Doepfer A-180-2 Vintage Edition

47.19 € Doepfer A-180-2 Vintage Edition, Multi-Connector, eight inter-connected sockets - can be split into two groups of four by disconnecting an internal solder bridge, to patch more inputs or outputs in... Loe edasi

Doepfer A-180-3 Dual Buffered Multiple

59.29 € Doepfer A-180-3 Dual Buffered Multiples, dual buffered 1-in-3 multiple to copying/buffering of control and audio signals, Width: 4 TE / 4HP / 20.0 mm

Doepfer A-181 Multiples 2

54.45 € Doepfer A-181 Multiples 2, two multiples with one 1/4 jack socket and two 3.5mm jack sockets each, upper multiple is wired monophonic, lower is wired stereophonic.

Doepfer A-182

65.34 € Doepfer A-182, Switched Multiples, simple passive multi-connector, each socket with a three-position Switch (1,2,off); 8fold-multiple: all Switches on 1 or 2; two 4fold-multiples: four Switches on ... Loe edasi

Dreadbox Splitter Multiplier

35.09 € Dreadbox Splitter Multiplier, eurorack module; splitter/multiplier; single channel 1 to 8 splitter; 2 channel 1 to 5 and 1 to 2 splitter; 3 channel with all 2 to 1 splitter; connectors: 3,5 mm; eur... Loe edasi

Erica Synths Black 8-Multi V2

109.00 € Erica Synths Black 8-Multi V2; Active buffered multiple with signal status LEDs; for splitting CV, audio and/or clock signals without interference among output signals and loosing signal strength; ... Loe edasi

Industrial Music Electronics Multiple Miggs

59.29 € Industrial Music Electronics Multiple Miggs; Eurorack Module; passive utility; 1x Attenuator; 2x5 Multiple, normalled to 1x9; width: 4 HP; depth: 15 mm

Intellijel Designs Buff Mult

96.81 € Intellijel Designs Buff Mult; dual 1 x 3 buffered multiple module; output of the first multiple is normalized to the input of the second; width: 2 HP; depth: 39 mm; current: +4 mA (+12 V) / -17 mA ... Loe edasi

Intellijel Designs Buff Mult 1U

52.03 € Intellijel Designs Buff Mult 1U; buffered multiple; double 1 x 4 buffered multiple module; output of the first multiple is normalized to the input of the second; width: 14 HP; depth: 29 mm; current... Loe edasi

Intellijel Designs Mult

38.72 € Intellijel Designs Mult; 2x 4-way passive multiple; Width: 2 HP; Depth: 27 mm; Current consumption: +0 mA (+12 V) / -0 mA (-12 V)

Intellijel Designs Mult 1U

31.46 € Intellijel Designs Mult 1U; Dual 1x5 passive multiple; Width: 14 HP / HP; Power consumption: 0mA

Make Noise Mult

39.93 € Make Noise Mult; Passive Multiple Eurorack-Module; send a signal to multiple destinations; useable for combining clock, gate and pulse signals together to create interesting timing sources (Gate co... Loe edasi

Marienberg Devices Multiple 4/6/4

212.00 € Marienberg Devices Multiple 4/6/4, multi-connector, 2x4 and 1x6, connectors 6,3 mm monojack, dimensions: 22,25 x 50,8 x 31 mm, weight: 210 g, no power supply needed!

Xaoc Devices Warna II

120.00 € Xaoc Devices Warna II; Eurorack Module; universal utility mo dule to manage control voltages; contains two buffered mults , two inverters, and a summing mixer; 2 independent 1:4 buff ered multiples... Loe edasi

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