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Behringer FCB1010

182.00 € Behringer FCB-1010 Baseboard, MIDI Foot Switch, 2 Expression pedals and MIDI Merge function, 10 Banks of 10 presets - freely editable (with presets for Behringer amps), Controller number and range... Loe edasi

Darkglass Midi Footswitch

224.00 € Darkglass Midi Footswitch, Foot-switchable modes, 5 Keys, Quick to set up with ready-to-use templates for Darkglass products, Easily configurable via the Darkglass Suite, Flexible power supply eit... Loe edasi

Diezel Columbus

442.00 € " Diezel Columbus, MIDI Footboard, 10 Rugged foot switches for program changes, 2 Switch for bank up/ down, Large blue-backlit LED display, Diezel Herbert connection with regular XLR cable, Also su... Loe edasi

Engl Z12

206.00 € Engl Z12, Robust MIDI Footswitch, In metal housing, Power supply via external power supply or via MIDI Switcher Z-11 or MIDI Interface Z-7, 12 Buttons, Power supply optional, Weight: 2.8 kg

Engl Z9 MIDI Foot Controller

214.00 € Engl Z9 MIDI Foot Controller, Midi Foot Controller, Metal housing, 6 Buttons, Bank A/B, 2 Operating modes: MIDI (optional power supply required), S.A.C. (only with stereo jack, no power adapter re... Loe edasi

G-LAB MIDI 2x Looper

144.00 € G-LAB MIDI 2x Looper, MIDI Footswitch, 2 Looper switch, 2 Bypass loops switch, MIDI thru, On / Off switch, Power and active loops, 9V DC power supply available as an option (Art.#409939#)

Harley Benton MP-500 Interface/Foot Control

223.00 € Harley Benton MP-500 Interface/Foot Control, USB Audio Interface with MIDI Foot Controller, Turns an iPhone, iPad or computer into a powerful guitar amp and effects device, and controls your favor... Loe edasi

Hotone Ampero Control

144.00 € HoTone Ampero Control, Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar, Compact, robust and programmable Bluetooth MIDI controller, Supports standard MIDI, USB MIDI and Bluetooth MIDI input/output/pass-through, ... Loe edasi

Keith McMillen 12 Step 2

431.00 € Keith McMillen 12 Step 2, USB Foot Controller, Chromatic 13-key keyboard layout, Up to 5-voice chord playable with one key, Polyphonic aftertouch, Pitch bending, Display with backlight, 3.5 mm TRS... Loe edasi

Roland FC-300

455.00 € " Roland FC-300, MIDI Footswitch, 2 Expression pedals and 2 control pedals, Illuminated display for patch names (2 lines / 16 characters), An additional 3 expression pedals or 6 footswitches can be... Loe edasi

Roland FC-300 Bundle

517.00 € " Roland FC-300 Bundle@+*Bundle offer comprising*, Roland FC-300, MIDI Footswitch, 2 Expression pedals and 2 control pedals, Illuminated display for patch names (2 lines / 16 characters), An additi... Loe edasi

Singular Sound Midi Maestro GE Controller

399.00 € Singular Sound Midi Maestro GE Controller, MIDI Foot-Controller, Gold Edition with quiet, gold-coloured footswitches, Presets for commonly used devices, 6 Customisable, high visibility screens for... Loe edasi

Tech 21 MIDI Mongoose

220.00 € Tech 21 MIDI Mongoose, MIDI Bar, New version of the popular MIDI Moose, Offers additional features despite its compact size, In addition to a 7-pin connection for an external phantom power, two in... Loe edasi

Tech 21 SansAmp MIDI Mouse

186.00 € " Tech 21 SansAmp MIDI Mouse, MIDI Switch@+The MIDI mouse from TECH-21 is quickly explained. A small Midi switcher in pocket format. On the front, there is an Up/Down button, an Activ/Search button... Loe edasi

Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro

558.00 € " Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro, Ground Control, One of the most flexible and well-equipped MIDI footswitches on the market, Compatible to all MIDI-controlled devices, Stable sheet steel housing, F... Loe edasi

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